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  1. protos_archon

    Intergalactic Games: Torpedo Beat

    usles *edited*, fix the [edited]game and then work to do all this *edited* WG, feell the *edited* Edited: Insults and swearing. Arty_McFly
  2. what was the point of all that work hours spent a crap when you can always go to shop and get them??? why dont you put atlist 50% of them for coal?
  3. protos_archon

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    dont get it why shoud a prem ship be worst then a tech ship? i am payng afterall reall money for it i dont say it supose to be op but atlist as good a tech one. the game in the end is not made only a type of peple who has nothing better to do all day then playng the game, i have full time job and i got cuple of hours per day to play why should i compete against better ships then my prem????
  4. protos_archon

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    it is need it becouse... if i put my plane up and shoot i will get spoted at 26 km , at close range you get citadell by DDS with 100mm guns, to be honest i dont care i made a good colection of ships, and if i want to play for a OP ship there is allweys the Stalingrad, oh By the way MrConway, when do we get the to have more ships for coal? i got allmoust 1.000.000 in standby nothing to buy with, and moust of it i payd good money. thanks
  5. protos_archon

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    m8 it is usless trust me
  6. protos_archon

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    yes pucess that usless shipp, no guns no armor no AA and, not to mention, is broken you have the option for gun fire control sistem and when you put the spoter plane up, you cant see to max range, exp, you got 22.1 kmwith the plane up is 26 km you only see the enamy ships up to 24 km but you get spoted from 26 km blody [edited] WG stupid noobs
  7. protos_archon

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    The biggest crap WG pull out after battleship Prints E F, thanks WG for this cheap ship i spent 140 euro for a t7 cruiser actualy a t7 is better
  8. protos_archon

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    better turn back from where we left and remuve the cariers for good. you will have 100% happy costumers
  9. it will be fun to see 300/400 cv s in Q for the next week or so
  10. protos_archon

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    wath about the doubloons credits signals and camo i lost douring server crush will allso be compensate it?