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  1. The space camos would be available till the next update, yet WG removed the possibility to buy them in the premium ship one day before the new update, was that intended or was there a shorter duration on them being sold compared to the ones sold ingame by doubloons? I still wanted to buy the Hellcarrier one (dont have it yet), as I just didnt had the money until yesterday for it...
  2. Lunegx

    Space Battles

    So how long do we have to buy these space camos for tier 10's? How long at the very minimum before a next patch removes the opportunity. I am asking as the most cost effective way for me is to only buy them for tier 10's that do not have any premium camos yet, and since i generally buy them for all my tier 10's, that will only be for ships im currently still grinding, so I would like to know how much time I have to grind the respective lines to tier 10 (my burnout rate vs the chance of getting a nifty looking camo) Also is there any chance or thoughts about having an additional, even if minor, bonus on the space camouflage, in comparison to the standard premium tier 10 camo's that makes spending the extra 3000 (or if im crazy enough 8000 untop of having a 5000 one already) slightly more worth it. Like a 10% Free Experience gain or something.
  3. So... i just hop on ts and see? Did that once and not much happended xD
  4. Lunegx

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Ah dang, I totally missed this. But also since forum participation is an something that is looked at I guess that leave me out there for now. Coming from some games where the forums are very toxic places. I generally do not participate a lot on the forums (rather spend that time playing), there is also plenty enough of heightend and often heated dicussions during matches. I also dont wanna rush a proper application, with literally being hours away from the deadline. I guess I will try on a next round.
  5. Lunegx

    NoZoupforYou's Missouri Review

    The credit increase gain is from it being a premium right? Or a camo? As both camoflages have the same bonus, (100% xp gain), but no other bonusses, There is also no post-repair reduction cost, is that intended?