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  1. Logging into the game, for me, seems to take a minute or longer since Xmas. Even on safe mode. It used to take about 20 seconds on a slow day. First match of the day also seems to be more prone to disconnection. I’ve given my rig a bit longer to start up and I’m checking for any other stuff like automatic updates, or downloads - nope. Internet’s working ok. System’s got plenty of resources to spare. Have to see if anything changes on the next update.
  2. Fodder1978

    Suggestions thread

    Please consider night fighting missions. This could change gameplay considerably dependent on just how dark it is - moonlight, cloud cover making visual spotting range much shorter. Certain things might make spotting distances longer, including muzzle flashes, navigation lights, fires, explosions. Ways to spot opposing vessels could include radar, hydro, and searchlights. Ideally you could use searchlights to sweep for targets within range then lock-on to acquired targets. The downside being that using them makes you visible too. So using them means you have to commit and really mean it. There’s a possibility of getting radar contacts before being in visual range, this might need a “blip” on map - say, a generic red ship sprite on the detected location, indicating contact size and heading - until it becomes visible. This might permit ships to sneak up before lighting them up and opening fire, or - as the Japanese excelled at - sending a spread of torpedoes unseen. Effects: Reduces island camping. CVs and subs become spotters more than first strikers. Forces BBs to get closer. Short-range engagements, fast and brutal. Tactical, suspenseful gameplay. Radar usage becomes crucial - have to choose the right time v carefully. Classic scenarios: Savo Island, Battle of the North Cape, Battle of Matapan.
  3. Fodder1978

    Would moving Icebergs add an interesting variable?

    Love the idea of destructible or movable terrain - but still reckon Night Fighting ought to be reconsidered as well. It’d be mean to fight at night WITH moving icebergs. It happened in reality, sometimes... even heavy fog conditions would be a start.
  4. Fodder1978

    Single use code

    22NY8-TT3WA-ZFEKM Another for somebody to try.
  5. Fodder1978

    Are the sinking animations broken?

    I’ve seen a few ship deaths where they’ve almost jumped clear out of the water like some demented Mario sprite!!! Granted that a shockwave or detonation can make a ship “jump” somewhat in the water, but THAT much? And some ships destroyed in shallow water have been subject to disappearing, it’s probably a default “time-out” to remove wreckage from the map. It’d be more interesting in this case for the smouldering wreckage to stay put?
  6. Fodder1978

    What new tech tree lines would you like to see in 2022?

    Royal Navy Battlecruisers, a whole line including the proposed HMS Hood refit (see Drachinifel’s video). The Italians still don’t have their DD line. And while we’re at it, although this thread is about tech tree lines... next Guadalcanal anniversary can WG do the USS Washington with “Ching” Lee as a special Commander focussed on gunnery. Such an obvious, wasted opportunity... and it’s real not paper.
  7. Fodder1978

    New Codes

    Seems to work! Thanks for sharing! :)
  8. Fodder1978

    British Pacific Fleet

    Absolutely. Let’s have a playable AMC Rawalpindi charging the Scharnhorst... At least it actually happened.
  9. Fodder1978

    British battlecruisers

    I’m wondering if we will get an Admiral Class tech line ship, or possibly another premium version of the Hood as she was intended to be refitted (see Drachinifel’s video on that for pictures). There’s also the probability of the Renown in her 1940s rebuilt form.
  10. Fodder1978

    HMS Dido

    Probably “Lubey-Lou” if you’re old enough...
  11. Fodder1978

    The sate of Co Ops today.

    Best answer for solo co-op players, certainly - but does WG even have the server capacity to do this? - they’d need to increase the number of matches playable at once by a factor of nine to accommodate this scenario. if server capacity is no object, then it’s the best solution. I had a co-op match with only three human players the other evening. It was bloody lovely - as Major Leroy said, “Boys - let’s do some shootin’!!!”.
  12. Fodder1978

    The sate of Co Ops today.

    There’s a couple of things co-op could do. 1) Assymetric battle as suggested. This could be with a larger bot team eg 12 bots vs 9 humans, enough to pose an actual threat. 2) A melee with 100% ships of the same category, and FF switched back on. This would be diabolical! DDs would no longer be just torpedo spamming everything and could no longer just yolo. CVs would be hilarious as it would become 100% air vs air. BBs would have to duke it out. It’d be amusing at least to see how 2) would pan out...
  13. Fodder1978

    The sate of Co Ops today.

    Normally you’ll see a pair of opposing bot Destroyers charging straight into each other. On the plus side, that’s a bit less torpedo spam... (I almost said “a pair of opposing DDs smashing into each other”, but figured it’s not that kind of website...)
  14. Fodder1978

    How did you discovered this game?

    It was a PC Gamer article, printed shortly after the game finished its beta and officially launched. So long ago that it was still just the US and Japan available. There was a sign-up code with Tachibana thrown in for free, if I remember rightly. Maybe 8-9 premiums were on sale and that was the lot, back then. A chance to play dreadnoughts - admittedly it wasn’t the Grand Fleet’s ships like the Dreadnaught, Orion, Warspite or Repulse, but I figured why not take a look - the Royal Navy must turn up eventually. Got the Warspite and Hood early days. (Lol joke’s on me for the Repulse, though - six years after launch for one of the most handsome ships ever launched)
  15. Fodder1978

    Update 0.10.9 - Personal Challenges

    It seems I’ve forgotten because I’ve been on premium account - the base xp is on the greyed out, left side panel for non premium, hence it was lower. Oops...