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  1. WhiskeyWolf

    I just reset my first tech tree, and plan to reset them all.

    Umm, I think I had been had by WG, because I thought I would get 10000 research points as soon as I reset the branch, but as it turned out I reset 3 of them I was still sitting on only 10000 for my premiums.
  2. WhiskeyWolf

    When is enough types of currencies enough?

    There are easier ways to get money from us for premium ships. Like selling them for real cash and then moving them to doubloons after a year.
  3. I mean there are: - credits - doubloons - €€€ - coal - steal - clan tokens - ranked tokens - every new dozen event currencies (at this point I'm thinking the devs are expanding all their creativity on coming up with new event currencies) - free exp (if you can buy a premium ship for it, it is a currency) - research points (this will also allow you to buy ships) When will this stop? Because I'm starting to feel like a medieval money changer here. What is worse yet is I'm hoarding all of them because at some point a ship may come out I really want (TX IJN DD for example) and I have no bloody idea for what type of a currency will I be able to buy it, so I'm not spending any of it.
  4. WhiskeyWolf

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    Normally I don't play ranked beyond R10 anymore, but Missouri is really OP-ing it this season. Will probably play until the MM catches up to me.
  5. WhiskeyWolf

    Absolute pay2win/grind2win BULLCRAP

    If pointless events that have nothing to do with naval history wasn't any indication... WG doesn't have a bloody idea into which direction to take this game.
  6. WhiskeyWolf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Same here, I get at least one every day.
  7. WhiskeyWolf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Since the introduction of the Mods in the SC I managed to get 5 SCs... all of them had mods in inside. Boner killer per supreme.
  8. WhiskeyWolf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    3 SCs in the last 2 weeks, all crappy modules.
  9. WhiskeyWolf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    And blemish my beautiful, pure IJN port? Heresy.
  10. WhiskeyWolf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    In my third SC yesterday I got this... Today I sold it, just as I did with Arkansas Beta, because USN BBs piss me off.
  11. I didn't have this much fun since Fiat Ducato crashed into the palm tree.

  12. Bruce, stop being a Tsundere and replay to Masaru, because as we all know getting ignored is the worst thing that can happen to a Modder.

  13. < HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PEROSN? Bruce was recently seen on a certain Razor channel before abandoning all his buddies without a word. If you managed to find him please return him to me, thanks. (Tip: a cute loli should work as a bail on him)

  14. Bruce seriously needs to buy himself something better than that toaster he's playing on...

    1. Devantejah


      Nah, the premium content is more useful.