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  1. WhiskeyWolf

    Why would anyone pay for Camos now?

    Can someone tell me why I cannot sell Special Camo?
  2. WhiskeyWolf

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    So I did the campaign and unlocked the captain... but he never showed up in my USN reserve. I feel cheated.
  3. WhiskeyWolf

    Important message for the community

    I will now compress all the previous posts in a single word - "Liars!" (and it's the cold, honest truth). There, my job here is done.
  4. Look at this guy, he is actually wasting his keyboard thinking WG cares what he has to say.
  5. While I de-installed WoWs a few days back since I don't want to stomach the addition of subs, I wanted to say this - WG won't re-balance the Zao, but they will BALANCE the crap out of your (and mine) Missouri.
  6. So the bottom-line is this. The CVs are are not fun to play, or play against for that matter. And WG won't change that because they already changed it once and they can't admit failure.
  7. Okay, I will try to explain this in the most boneheaded manner that I can so even a BB-primary like yourself can understand it. Simplicity of mechanic does not equal simplicity of gameplay.
  8. iChase is more wrong than he is right. WG prefers simplicity... until it doesn't fit their agenda. You only need to look at the roles the DDs are saddled with, and once the subs are implemented those roles will increase further. Flamu is absolutely right about the preferential treatment the post-rework CVs are getting. Have people already forgotten how WG continued nerfing the pre-rework CVs to the ground? I didn't. But once the rework hit the CVs suddenly became WGs favourite and most treasured offspring... which till then was neglected and looked at with contempt.
  9. WhiskeyWolf

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    Be me. Happy that you can finally finish the 'Shipbuilding' collection. Spend 20k coal and instead of the promised super container I get a santa gift box. Open box and get a Makarov. Surprised I didn't delete it right away. I wish I was joking. Can I report it as a bug?
  10. WhiskeyWolf

    is shikishma 51cm nippon boomsticks...too loud?

    While I understand that's this is a bug... it's still so FREAKING AWESOME! When I first heard it I was like - "It's like the thunder of God". If WG left it like that I would get Shiki just for that boom, as it's majestic as all hell.
  11. WhiskeyWolf

    Ranked Battle 1v1 (hopeless)

    This is so pathetic words fail me.
  12. My worst enemies turned out to be half-competent Biscos, or competent BBs in general... none of the Trips were an issue as they always attempted to close the range, which was exactly what I wanted. Encountered 5 CVs, won 3 of those matches.
  13. WhiskeyWolf

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    Finished. Wew, that was fun, please more of that. Love my Atago. To summarize, 48 battle, from those 12 lost. What I was wrong about was the fact Trip would be my worst enemy when in reality Bisco cleaned my clock at least three times. A Trip instinctively wants to close, a Bisco with its sonar can and will keep you at range, the more open a map the worse your chances. I think I encountered CVs 5 times - 2 loses, 3 wins (always just barely). Fear those with the 'radio location' skill, in 90% cases they will mean business (including me). Encountered a few DDs, only lost to one who pulled on me a super rush (mostly thanks to his radio location and correctly predicting my actions).