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  1. piotrintes

    Dynamic weather not working

    I know there is a "dynamic weather system" in the game (mensioned in trailers etc) problem is that it is changing weather to clear all the time. This happend meny times that we have started battle in not-clear weather but any storm/rain lasted about a minute and was changed to clear weather. I have been playing from first days of this game and never happend to have battle in rain or thunder. I guess this is not how this was intended (entire weather is basically non-existent) so I report this as bug and hope you will fix it soon.
  2. piotrintes

    Blinking objects in menu + crashes

    Wellcome. I would like to raport two errors I have encountered in game. 1.) After update (I do not know which one, because I havn't playd long time) all objects in port are moving rapidly from it's positions with evry camera move. After each move all screen is blinking because of jumping objects like ship parts, landskape, other boats etc. It didn't happend in first open beta, so it seems to be relativly new problem. Inside of battle there is almost gone, but still in some moments I can still see something blinking, or shaking. 2.) Second problem seems to be something with memory I think. After first battle if I do not reload game it crashes almost evry time during second one. If not second one than in the beginning of third one. I can't see error message, because it is below hanged game screen which is still in fulscreen. Alt+tab doesn't shows it, so only methood is to run task manager with alt+ctrl+del and stop game process. Restarting game after evry battle is a "little" problem. I have 4 GB of RAM, so this shouldn't be lack of memory.
  3. piotrintes

    Locked ship

    Wellcome. I wish to report a terrible bug which prevents me from use one of my ships. A little time after loading into battle game has crashed. Of course after restart ship has been locked, because it was in battle. Problem is, that game is not unlocking it since more than hour (one battle takes about 20 minutes, so I'm sure that this battle has been ended), so my ship has been locked permanently. I hope you can do anything to unlock this ship or just remove it from slot. Edit: After second restert of the game ship has been unlocked. So problem is solved.