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    Tier IX DD Friesland = 1,000,000 FreeXP

    The hazemeyer>hollandse signaal electronics and radars made this ship and guns. They still make the best naval radars in the world with insane ballistic missile defense on the modernday dutch destroyers.
  2. MotorboatingAngelaMerkel

    Dutch Navy - koninklijke marine

    That 1 million free xp cost though,.
  3. MotorboatingAngelaMerkel

    Dutch Navy - koninklijke marine

    Dutch gamers spend insane amount of money, their market is big with not a lot of people. So wargaming needs to advertise in the netherlands grab some 30s and 40s something dutchies and rake in the money. Dutch gaming spending with 17m people is like half brazil a third of russia....wargaming would be fools to not try and get them aboard.
  4. From a time when the Dutch still had a navy :*( De Ruyter on the left Karel Doorman cv in the middle and Zeven provinciën on the right.
  5. MotorboatingAngelaMerkel

    “Play with Friends” Referral Program: New Rewards

    lol 1k coal...is this some kind of early april fools joke?