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  1. xeransa

    Raptor Rescue teams be like...

    The southern CV has a giant Idiot magnet attached to it....
  2. xeransa

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    Tried a full secondaries build on the Barracuda including manual fire control and the guns did 80k damage plus 70k damage from fires. Can be a bit risky staying surfaced a lot but just keep dodging and pray
  3. xeransa

    Updated operations

    I take it this is the new hard mode we are testing for Naria? Wow it's tough 4 games 3 losses and a 0 star win going to need a well organised clan to do this, when do we get the normal mode back in the rotation?
  4. xeransa


    It's a fairly straightforward mission is you have a few competent players in your team. You know it's not going to go well if the following happens: 1 You have a CV & DD in your team or 2 DDs, usually lose 90% of the time. 2. Your BBs hide at the back behind all the transport ships. 3. You lose 3 ships before you even get to the enemy base. To win reliably you need your BBs out in front supported by the cruisers to focus your AA on the planes and remove those torp ships asap. One frustrating aspect of the game is so many ships in such a small area, always seem to be running in to each other.
  5. Yeah I got them as well, well chuffed. I quit playing random a few months back but I still play the odd scenario game now and again.
  6. xeransa

    New Operation

    Well the AI CV is now spawning, managed to get a 5 star win. Decent operation can we have one for tier 8 now please
  7. xeransa

    [Operation] Killer Whale

    Surprised to see no mention of the Nurnberg, fastest firing light cruiser with great AP shells, true it's annoying having most guns at the rear of the ship but it's an amazing ship for operations.
  8. xeransa

    Duca D'Aosta in shop 50% off

    Couldn't resist at this price and the Italian line will appear at some point so it's a good way to prep some captains.
  9. xeransa

    Blyskawica summer sale tomorrow 09/07/17

    Fair point I'll save my cash for something else.
  10. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/steamy-sails/ May be tempted with this one, is she worth it?
  11. xeransa

    [Operation] Aegis

    The 3 BBs are still there if you have a real potato team, I was in my Gnevny and by the time we got to the convoy there was only me and a CV left, I know wut?, I wasn't able to take out all the escort ships fast enough and the 3 BBs spawned including the Amagi.
  12. xeransa

    New PVE Operations

    Well if you think this operation is tough I found the next one, Aegis. to be the hardest of them all when I played on the test server, it was the only one I didn't get 5 stars on. Saying that they did make it a touch easier as they reduced the last wave from 3 Atagos+3 lower tiers to only 1 and filled in the rest with lower tier IJN cruisers. Clevelands will be amazing for this as at one point 3 CVs spawn and fill the skies with planes. Killer whale the week after is the most fun attacking a base and the last one Raptor rescue I found to be the easiest due to the mobile heal. I agree with what others said I'd rather see them change on a daily basis than weekly.
  13. xeransa

    PVE Scenarios (S1): Which ships for which missions?

  14. xeransa

    De Grasse in premium shop

    Statwise it's very similar to the Budyonny which is what intrigues me and with all these new operations this would be a great ship for them.