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  1. Nottler

    1300 games - Am I the only one growing tired of this game?

    Right now tired of the high tier gameplay. BB camping in the back, DDs camping in smokes, launching torps, CV's awefully unbalanced and cruisers are cannon fodder for everything... Mid-tier is a lot of fun though, but from T8 onwards it get's really boring because of the different gameplay.
  2. Nottler

    IJN vs. US TB damage

    From the attacking PoV: I need to group up 2 to 6 attack planes an US CV needs only 2 fighter squads to shoot down most of my planes my planes need to travel twice as far b/c the enemy is on the other side of the map most of the time (dont think me a border hugging CV) So, if the US CV defends, time is on his side From the defending PoV: Lol... don't even get me started... US CV will just send his fighters up front to keep my fighters busy while his attack planes drop their loads.If I want at least some of my fighters to stay alive I have to 2-on-1 his fighter planes (and still lose all of 'em most of the time). Else he will pick apart one squad after the other and I will quickly run out of fighters IJN pushes planes out way faster than US, that is correct. But travel times and fighter power are usually to the advantage of US CV's.
  3. I agree. In the end it is more rewarding in a way that have to think about how you approach. Yet it easily understandable that most people think it sucks b/c they prefer the easy way.
  4. Nottler

    IJN vs. US TB damage

    Yeah this one kinda appealed to me yesterday while checking the stats of these ships. Knowing that there are no TB's around has a great impact on ship positioning. Good thing you mentioned it though. . Interesting information. I use to hunt DD's and CA's whenever viable (or if enemy AA is grouped up to much). Never thought about or got any experience on how US CV's fare with that. I really hope that the IJN spread will be narrowed again a bit. I cannot believe my eyes sometimes when a BB almost fits through 2 broadsided torps... Oh... I would love to see that carrier :3
  5. Fought a Taiho vs. Taiho todays and he managed to barrage down all 3 of my TB squadrons with 2 (out of 3) fighter squads... Wasnt paying attention for a second b/cI had to re-route my auto-sail, followed by a huge "LOL" from the enemy captain and me realizing that all my TB's had been pulverized... So barrage has it's uses in specific cases... But in general fighters planes are send up front to keep each other busy while the bombers squads pass by, waving at each other... However: After 4.1. IJN is a lot less fun than before. Though, thinking about it for a minute, it's just not that roflstomping as it was before. Pre 4.1. 3 - 5 kills were avage. Now you really have to work for 3 or more kills. Still viable, but not as much fun.
  6. Nottler

    IJN vs. US TB damage

    After having a (more) difficult time playing IJN CV after 4.1 and thinking of switching to other classes or US CV-line twice a day, I wanted to check out some stat differences between the 2 T10 CV's (playing a Hakuryo myself since today). One thing regarding the Torpedo Bombers got my attention: I actually thought IJN TB deal more max. damage per torp. But the stats mention US TB's dealing 1,3k more. (8.5k IJN vs. 9.8k US). Considering the squadron size and spread i calculated and average of 40k dmg with US TB's (4 out of 6 drops hit) vs. 16k - 24k dmg with IJN TBs (2 - 3 out of 4 hits). Possible setups are up to 3 IJN squadrons vs. 2 US squadron, so theoretical dmg is ~60k IJN vs. 80k US. Now, taking into consideration that US fighters are completely roflstomping anything right now, I feel like IJN CV's are way underpowered compared to US CVs. Or: Am I missing something here? My general consent is that if I run against a Midway and he runs 3 fighter sqd. and/or is at least a half decent captain (fought a couple of brain afk captains today) me and my Haku always funked...
  7. Nottler

    Question about AA active Skills since 0.4.0

    Pre 0.4.0 I have never played IJN cruisers but I got US cruisers to Tier 8 and was really fond with the AA active (which started with T6 then,I know). And regarding the scout plane: Never really liked it. I found it useless the way it was, so the Attack Plane might be a good replacement. But, if I could choose between the Fighter Plane and the AA toggle from 0.3.x, I would go with the latter. Do I maybe get the AA active in addition to the fighter plane (on T6 or higher)? Or is the Fighter Plane the only AA toggle I'm stucked with now?
  8. Hi folks, was the AA active skill which cruisers had pre 0.4.0. completely removed and replaced with the Fighter Plane active? Have been playing cruiser line again after the OBT wipe and made it to Omaha and Furutaka so far. The Fighter Plane is nice, but I liked the active AA from 0.3.x more. Any chance I will see it again on high tier cruisers or are we stuck with these planes now? Could not read it out of the patchnotes. Thanks in advance for answering this.
  9. Nottler

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    About the sound effects: In the last couple of days I found it really attractive to play with the music off and just listen to the environmental sounds. Water, those diesel engines <(*^.^*)>, Planes and even the guns (my own and those of ships around me) create a really lovely flair.
  10. Nottler

    Scout planes - Still garbage

    Thought about it for a while already and I also agree that it would be nice if the scout could be send off to scout a specific and controllable degree anywhere around the ship. Maybe not a full 180°, but at least 90° and more (120° then ) The distance of the plane is fine as it is, but it feels really useless when it scounts behind you when all enemy ships are obiously in front of you.
  11. Nottler

    CV Bombing.

    Playing IJN CV's with Bombers only I always ask for CA cover for the first couple of minutes. Meaning until I can see where the enemy CV's first run goes. The AA toggle of CA's is enough to render most enemy TB runs unsuccessful. After approx. 4 minutes I thank the CA and leave him off to the party. Most of the time I get at least one to cover me. If not, well funk... I try to get into CA range myself or be able to dogde most of the torpedos. Happens rather rarely that I get completely wrecked on the first run. Playing CA as my 2nd favorite class I do it vice versa.
  12. Nottler

    Ego issues of great players same as in WOT

    Welcome to the Internet...
  13. Nottler

    OMG - WTF have they just done to CV..unbelievable

    I must say I don't find these changes so "OMFG" like most people here appently do. Yes, they suck, primarily because it was so easy to one-shot BBs before the patch. But overall it is still manageable and damage is still ok. I even manage to hit DD's regularly. I feel like only few people really pay attention to TB's and therefore my IJN CV damage output feels reasonable. What bothers me way more is the CV Tier imbalance (getting reckt by higher Tier Fighter Planes) and the AA of some cruisers and even BBs to the fact that I'm almost scared of Baltimores (which manage to kill like 3 of 4 attacking squadrons). Couple of times I had 2-tier higher BBs (and even CVs) whose AA alone (and without any further CA support) really wrecked my planes, which I found both confusing and irritating.
  14. Nottler

    IJN Carriers - fantastic

    I agree with this. Ryujo is hell of fun
  15. Nottler

    Some questions regarding the carriers

    Regarding #2) As ppl said it really depends. Depending on the map I either rush for the first DD thats tries to sneak up through islands (I love how curse me because I sunk them 2 minutes after the game started ) or I take on the first BB (maybe CA) that comes in my sight (trying to focus the higher tier ones. 3 groups of torp bombers really wreak havoc). Sometimes, when I know that people tend to go either left or right, leaving the middle relatively unprotected, I gather all my squads and rush through the middle to the enemy CV. But that happenes rather rarely. Things get especially complicated when you got enemy fighters. If it is only one, you can still group up and rush through as fighters concentrate on one squad per attack. If you got 2 or 3 fighters against you, either split up and lure them away or stick to your cruisers and wait for an opening. Since the Ryujo I get 3 kills per round pretty often. I really like its style. And one additional advice regarding positioning: As was mentionend, always (!) stick to your fleet. Don't stay in a corner of the map. On some maps I like to position my carrier behind an island with a mountain on it in the middle of a map. Being safe from enemy gunfire at first it really speeds up the dmg you bring to the battlefield, as you safe a lot of travel time to your aircraft. You still need to watch out for enemy aircrafts, though.