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  1. _Montagne

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    Soviet tier X cruiser Smolensk will be available for coal; American tier X destroyer Somers will be available for steel; European tier IX destroyer Friesland will be available for free XP. There's our answer
  2. _Montagne

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    It should be 750k xp or cheaper in coal and steal compared to tier 10. If its one mil then that's too much for a dd. For it to be one mil it must have a very strong point where it shines above other dd. Unlike the underwhelming neutrashimy.
  3. _Montagne

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    Is anyone hyped for the friesland? Will it be worth, say 750k free xp? How well will it be compared to other dd in the current meta? I haven't heard about any changes to this ship since it was teased. So any information please share.