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  1. _Montagne

    Shell Visual Issue

    I don't think it has anything to do with graphic settings
  2. _Montagne

    Shell Visual Issue

    The game feel pretty uncomfortable to play now with this shell bug that I keep getting but I've got no clue how to get the original shells back. All of this happens when NVIDIA Geforce Experience locates the wows folder and changes some of the graphical features in game, and also changing the shells for an unknown reason. I've reinstalled the game, even though I uninstalled GeForce experience and I have no mods installed, so does anyone know any fixes? (Also I didn't know where to post this)
  3. _Montagne

    Adrediline Rush

    Simple quick question, but does this skill take into account, aircraft losses? Is it viable.
  4. _Montagne

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    Soviet tier X cruiser Smolensk will be available for coal; American tier X destroyer Somers will be available for steel; European tier IX destroyer Friesland will be available for free XP. There's our answer
  5. _Montagne

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    It should be 750k xp or cheaper in coal and steal compared to tier 10. If its one mil then that's too much for a dd. For it to be one mil it must have a very strong point where it shines above other dd. Unlike the underwhelming neutrashimy.
  6. _Montagne

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    Is anyone hyped for the friesland? Will it be worth, say 750k free xp? How well will it be compared to other dd in the current meta? I haven't heard about any changes to this ship since it was teased. So any information please share.
  7. _Montagne

    Odd Shells / Tracers

    It does
  8. _Montagne

    Odd Shells / Tracers

    You getting the map ocean and having no enemies or allies must be common for you then?
  9. _Montagne

    Odd Shells / Tracers

  10. _Montagne

    Odd Shells / Tracers

    My shells and tracers have gone ugly after I used nvdia experience. I reinstalled the game, didn't work. Happens on every ship.
  11. To start things off, I'm wondering how am I supposed to support my team if there are two AA cruisers next to the cap. On the screenshot provided I drew a circle to indicate where a Des Moines and Salem were positioned. My first thought was to support the dd going into the cap, at the start I did that and gave them fighters, they helped a bit until the division pushed up to the point so my fighters would get shot down instantly. So if I wanted to at least harm these two, torpedo planes will be useless because of the island blocking the torpedo path, meaning it was down to Rockets and Bombs. I decided against this because the rockets will depend on rng so much that it felt like it will be a waste of my time, besides, I wouldn't have gotten close to them due to how rocket planes line up their attack while getting bombarded with flak. Bombers might have done something but they also depend on RNG so me doing that would end up in me doing about 3k - 6k damage. These two were immortal in my eyes. To sum up things, I am wondering how was I supposed to change the outcome of the battle? P.S - Audacious is a questionable cv to play...
  12. _Montagne

    Cant pen a Musashi with 305?

    Ok, I was 7.5 ish km away from a full broadside Musashi when I was in Alaska and I got shatters. So after looking at penetration figures after the battle I should have penetrated to his citadel but I just got shatters? Can anyone help, I'm really confused.
  13. _Montagne

    Panama Canal Port

    Want it? Possible Premium Port or standard?
  14. _Montagne


    Someone please tell me how to stop disconnecting from battles, its really starting to anger me. I've been disconnected twice in one battle. Appreciated
  15. Or does wg just hate dd