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  1. _Montagne

    Khabarovsk Torpedo Poll

    Does Khaba need an upgrade? Is Khaba fine as it is? How do u see Khaba currently?
  2. _Montagne

    Struggling with Daring?

    I know it sounds like im boasting a lot about win rate but im trying to play daring like Z52 and Gearing. I have a 70% ish win rate in Z52 with over 100 games. In Z52 I go around and contest caps and that's pretty much all I do until I get the cap (Unless there's radar) I wont care much about dealing damage just getting the caps. And yes Z52 - 5.9km hydro and Daring is only 3km When ever I play daring I go in to contest caps and I watch out for radar, if there is radar then ill have to leave the cap and doing so I eat every penetration so I don't have much health. Luckily Daring has a heal but its a small but kinda effective heal. And I don't know if its just me but all of a sudden I'm just getting focused whenever I'm spotted and ive barely been focused this much in any other dd.
  3. _Montagne

    Struggling with Daring?

  4. _Montagne

    Struggling with Daring?

    I was expecting to do well once I got Daring since I've got 70+ winrate In Jutland but apparently not. About 30 games in Daring and I'm constantly losing battles. Here's a few replays I picked out at random 20181025_160932_PBSD110-Daring_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay 20181025_103518_PBSD110-Daring_15_NE_north.wowsreplay 20181025_090744_PBSD110-Daring_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay 20181024_115950_PBSD110-Daring_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay 20181024_083349_PBSD110-Daring_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  5. _Montagne

    Shooting myself

    Happens at the end of the battle.. 20181019_175309_PFSC110-Henri-IV_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  6. _Montagne

    RN DD Captain Builds

    Whats the most useful captain build to use on Daring/Jutland? Do I use IFHE? Do I make a gunboat? Do I make a torpedo boat? What points should I pick?
  7. _Montagne

    Shooting myself

    So at the end of a match in Henri, I activated reload booster to kill last reining dd. but then one of my turrets was disabled, so I repaired it then another turret was then disabled when I shot? What? xd
  8. _Montagne

    Alaska release date

    Anyone know any dates or updates Alaska will be released to the public? I have 750k free xp now and was saving for Alaska but now I have all this free xp I'm tempted to use it.
  9. _Montagne

    So i cant get Flint after another hard grind.

    I was planning on getting Flint, 1 or 2 weeks after the ranked season ended. Not until next ranked or clan wars....
  10. 11,600 - 25% will = 8700 steel. The steel I have in my account now is 7050. And war gaming are no longer giving out flint or blacks to people who should've earned them. It generally feels like I've been done over, and I'm extremely unhappy that after 100+ battles of grinding in ranked, my goal was to get flint and I cant receive it. AFTER steel was introduced few months later WG said they will no longer hand out a free flint or black for those people who put effort into there games. I brought black way before they announced this. If they announced it sooner I would have waited. And now here comes the aggressive community...
  11. _Montagne

    So how do i get Flint?

    I don't exactly know how its going to work but am I going to grind to rank 1 for nothing?
  12. _Montagne

    Rank 1 Rewards

    The Steel and Coal resources where not introduced until after the last rank season
  13. _Montagne

    Rank 1 Rewards

    So this ranked season, I should be getting flint so I don't know the process before this update. But now WG don't give you the ships but instead gives you a coupon? Is this a special coupon that makes it free to buy? or do you still have to use steel for it? And why 2 weeks after, is It that hard to program "give rank 1 players coupon"?
  14. _Montagne

    Should 7.8 even be called an update?

    [These will be my opinions on the game currently] To clarify what new things will be added in 7.8; Port New Commanders Few Signals Camos for certain ships Consumable Small UI improvement Stalingrad? Last week we got barely anything as well. A new event, few special camos if you own certain tier 10, and a circle on a minimap. Like come on WG, I have waited 4 weeks and now another 4 weeks for barley anything that will change the gameplay of the game. I appreciate what is being added but it just doesn't feel like an update, instead a patch. WG specifically said that they will increase the time of updates from 3 weeks to 4 to get more things into the game (cannot remember what was exactly said). After they said this the following updates had me excited for what was too come. When I saw the last update developer bulletin I was like. " Wow ok so is this it for this update or will they add more information later?" If the next few updates after 7.8 are huge (such as a rework to cv gameplay) then I will understand why the current updates have so little features.
  15. _Montagne

    USS Black Camoflague

    Why cant the USS BLACK I repeat BLACK have a choice of camos between white and black? I was expecting to change the colour of the camo because of the ability to change camo colour on usn ships.