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  1. Seinta

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I knew I did pretty well for the bottom tier, but I guess I outdid myself.
  2. Seinta

    CV Rework Suck

    CVs are not gunboats where you can just turn the guns and fire immediately, you have to think a bit, plan and execute the attack. I saw a lot of rushed attacks that would explain your problem with accuracy. Did you by any chance free XP your way to tier 10 or if you had them already you decided to jump into tier 10 before even learning how to play the reworked CVs?
  3. Seinta

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    I like them. They suck when bottom tier and are borderline OP when top tier, mid-tier seems pretty good. They definitely feel like part of a team now as opposed to a deciding factor. I agree with this.
  4. Seinta

    Midway Torpedo Bombers - wtf Wargaming?

    I was able to land 2 out of 2 stock bombs from Lexi on a DD because RNG said so, skill has f*** all to do with avoiding bombs.
  5. Seinta

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    Scenario PvP looks pretty cool.
  6. Seinta

    460 MM "AA gun"

    Perfect! It can work as an Easter Eggs tho.
  7. Seinta

    New Flooding System for next update

    How is this a nerf? Flooding was long overdue for rebalancing. Now it's no longer going to be a death sentence unless you spec for survivability. I'm taking a guess but, I'm pretty sure most of the DD damage comes from the torpedoes.
  8. Seinta

    Brief review of ranked.

    What's wrong with taking a heal? From my experience, it's the best buff to get.
  9. Seinta

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My most amazing loss to date. Not even mad about it.
  10. Seinta

    Ranked boats

    So this is where all the DDs from Random went.
  11. Seinta

    Seattle range 18km?

    The shells are pretty floaty and it takes ages for them to land but if you can lead very well, I guess you can make them work at those ranges.
  12. Seinta

    Seattle range 18km?

    The mod extends the current range of the ship, meaning it will compensate for the stock range and later you will get 18km once you upgrade.
  13. Seinta

    Super Container

    I got 2 SCs a week ago, a couple of days apart from Resource containers(only one I've taken since introduction) with Zulu flags and Victor Lima(or something just as useless, I can't even remember).
  14. Seinta

    [edited] MECHANICS

    Fix your captain and your playstyle.