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  1. cyclops1941


    premium is just what the name says - PREMIUM: a sum added to an ordinary price or charge. relating to or denoting a commodity of superior quality and therefore a higher price. so it's for those who want the extra xp and profit. however, if you play above average, you can be profitable even at high tiers without. not with the new system. last night i "managed" to lose the game 40k in my tier 9 roon, while receiving around 3k damage and doing some 40k. just because my top 3 battleships in team were retarded and lost us the game, doesn't mean the rest have to pay the penalty. fix this or many of us WILL quit the game. we are already fed up with insufferable noobs, unbalanced ships and technical problems destroying the gameplay. we are not going to stand losing money for being decent.
  2. cyclops1941

    Stuttering since update

    the game has been stuttering for many players since the launch. i suppose the reasons behind are client-side - it's simply unoptimized. 1 CPU core is running at 100%, others are basically idling, while GPU utilization is below 50%. also much is server-side - wows is not running in a cloud environment so it can't scale the needed resources well or apply fixes easily. basically, it's 10 year old technology and devs don't care about it, just adding useless features and fixes that actually worsen the gameplay.
  3. cyclops1941

    General Feedback

    basically, you made the game even more RNG-based, FPS-dropping, unbalanced crap. and the change in economy results in even worse high tier gameplay and enjoyment. i applaud the brain or brains behind the idea. give him a promotion and send him or them to a year of vacation time so everyone gets a rest from anymore bright ideas.
  4. cyclops1941

    Finding it hard to enjoy BB anymore

    errr, i wasn't referring to torps being the problem, but destroyers. and not in smoke. i've had them at 5-6km invisible. that's [edited]. and it's not a question of HE or AP, it's just the difficulty to hit (which is fine) but the effect of hits is way underpowered.
  5. cyclops1941

    Finding it hard to enjoy BB anymore

    iowa's 1 AP shell hit should cripple a DD except if hit in the superstructure, 2 or more should insta kill it. those are 16'' 1 ton shells ffs! i've had enough of invisible DD's spraying torps while i can't see them and when i do, can't hit them, and when i do, can't kill them.
  6. cyclops1941

    Found new being Stuck Bug on Map Fault Line

    same thing just a moment ago. previously i've passed through here dozens of times...
  7. cyclops1941

    Ocean Map. Once every 150 games?

    i quite like the map, it's how naval battles were fought and actually you need to carefully appy tactics depending on the class you play. i would love some weather though, like a storm and big waves.
  8. cyclops1941

    Domination Mode = Fail

    i'm also sick of f... domination, it currently does not work and i get it in 3/4 of matches.
  9. cyclops1941

    A finite no of torp reloads?

    i actually agree there should be a finite number of torpedoes. then people would be forced to actually aim and fire purposefully not spam when it reloads.
  10. cyclops1941

    A finite no of torp reloads?

    it's 2015, you shouldn't play online games with ping that high.
  11. cyclops1941

    Regarding Torpedo-Battleship Balance

    yep, ship's lookouts should yell "fish in the water" when seen torps being launched. that would be warning enough, not sailing not knowing until it's too late. of course, a smokescreen would negate that and provide added tactical value.
  12. cyclops1941

    Secondary Armament on a Battleship

    so what, a destroyer is supposed to be equal to a battleship? DD's are to engage BB's at right opportunity, preferably in a team, not chase it down 1v1.
  13. cyclops1941

    Secondary Armament on a Battleship

    why? BB's are capital ships and DD's should cooperate to take down a capital ship. not like rushing and spamming torpedoes counting on BB to miss due to RNG.
  14. cyclops1941

    Regarding Torpedo-Battleship Balance

    torps shouldn't be spotted at longer range, but you should be able to see the ship launching them and start evasive action. DD's having courage and skill to get into torpedo range should be rewarded for their feat, but on the other hand, BBs should have much better secondary battery fire (longer range, a bit more accurate).
  15. cyclops1941

    BB shooting RNG needs to improve i suggest.

    any cruiser or destroyer getting hit by that kind of shell is going to suffer serious damage. if hit on the right spot, catastrophic. a battleship may not, but should at least 3000. currently, they can just bounce. off anything. so whats the point of armor if RNG is everything?