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  1. XDMeloniXD

    Halloween Tirpitz (Maugnu.s) camo

    Hey, I yesterday got the halloween camo for the Tirpitz in one of the halloween containers, the only problem is that i don't have the Tirpitz and i will probably not get it cause im a free-to-play player i just want to ask that what im supposed to do with it? I cant get any compensation for it in the inventory since its a premium camo, i cant sell it and i don't have the Tirpit to begin with. I'm just stuck with it like what am i supposed to do with it? I could have gotten the Chapayev camo or well almost any other but im just stuck with this. Is there any use for it, at all?
  2. XDMeloniXD

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Will we still be able to unlock the skins for the Blade, Igor and Jackal?
  3. Hey everyone! I have been trying to find the music that is used in this WoWs halloween video https://youtu.be/V-EvIrpwpmU Im trying to find the music at 0:36 but i cant find it, if you know it then please let me know.
  4. XDMeloniXD

    System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    Problem is that my game is crashing all the time which means that i cant participate in battles which means that i get reported for no reason
  5. XDMeloniXD

    Bug Reports

    1. the matchmaker is crashing all the time. 2. i take any ship to the battle and as soon as the matchmaker will send me to the loading screen, the game crashes. 3.Crashes all the time 4. supposed to send me to the loading scree, no problem 5. any time i go into a battle
  6. XDMeloniXD

    HSF Collection

    I would also like to get the captains and voices without using money ,it would have been nice if WG added missions to get them
  7. XDMeloniXD

    HSF Collection

    well i have gotten a few containers and i have not gotten anything from them. Is it a special container you need to choose?
  8. Hello everyone! I started to collect the things for the HSF collection, i played the first battle and got the HSF container, but now i dont know how to continue, i recived containers but none of them included things for the collection, please dont say that i need to pay and get a complete collection like that, because i like the concept and the rewards are "ok" but then hate if i cant get a complete collection. I undertood from the original post that you are supposed to be able to get collection items normal containers, if im wrong please correct me and if i cant complete the collection then please change that, i want to complete collections without needing to pay money for them. -XDMeloniXD
  9. XDMeloniXD

    HSF Collection

    I like the concept of this, the only problem i have is that its impossible to collect all the things for the collection if you are a player that does not spend money on the game, it would be nice to just add missions so that any normal player can play and complete the collection without spending money.
  10. XDMeloniXD

    Training Rooms

    It would be nice to get bots to the training rooms and that you can decide what ship it plays, to test out own ships.
  11. XDMeloniXD

    HSF Collection

    I have not gotten anything from a container now, i got from the first battle with tier 5 or higher and a container after that but since i have gotten nothing, i understood that you get more for the collection after that, or do you need to choose a specific container to get them?
  12. XDMeloniXD

    Halloween 2017 camo mods?

    Hello guys! You guys might be asking why i want to ask something about halloween. Well y`all see that i really wanted one of the camos and even if i opened 4 containers, i got no camos, only signal flags and im kicking my leg about that even if i could not have done anything about that so i wanted to ask for the next best thing, a free downloadable mod, i would atleast want one of the camos for the Jackal, Blade or Igor so if there are any mods to get the camo please let me know. -XDMeloniXD
  13. XDMeloniXD

    Halloween event skin mod?

    Hello guys! I wonderd if anyone of you know if there is a mod to get the halloween ships skins because i was pretty unlucky with my halloween containers, only signalflags, but if anyone knows a mod to get the skins, then please let me know.
  14. XDMeloniXD

    Halloween victory glitch

    Ok, yes i played after that, thank you for the advice! But sadly i dont know alot about how to manage replays, but thanks anyway
  15. XDMeloniXD

    Halloween victory glitch

    yeah, im also sad that i have not gotten a single cool camo.. only SIGNALFLAGS