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  1. I found out that the Scharnhorst has some alternate camos to just the normal camo, but from what I know; one can't get them currently ingame. am I mistaken? If not, when can we get them?
  2. XDMeloniXD

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Count me in, sir (I wish to participate)
  3. XDMeloniXD

    I can't decide what to get

    I have enough doubloons + a cupon, making me able to get ships that normally cost 11,000 doubloons, but I was eyeing the scharnhorst or atlanta, but not sure what to get, or should I get some other ship, or just save``?
  4. I was curious on if the cvs like Kaga, Graf Zeppelin, Saipan, etc. would eventually come to the armory, if i remember correctly, there are like 73 premium ships in the armory but none are CVs (Just want to get them for historical purpouses)
  5. XDMeloniXD

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    Well, sorry, expected that 150k dmg would be enough.-
  6. XDMeloniXD

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    Seven defeats in a row so far!
  7. XDMeloniXD

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    Will divisions be allowed in ranked?
  8. XDMeloniXD

    Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!

    Click a participation button, ya get a mission where you need to earn 10k base xp, from which you get him as a reward
  9. XDMeloniXD

    HSF camo on Graf Spee

    If I am correct, the HSF Graf Spee is basically a carbon-copy of the normal one, except with a different camoflague, so why can't we just get the HSF camo for the normal Graf Spee? ,cheers!
  10. XDMeloniXD

    About Smolensk

    I agree that Smolensk is OP but if BBs can't citadel, then that is their problem, and even then there are ships like Stalingrad that would need nerfs as well, but is not in the radar of complaint currently
  11. Could we get an option to buy these from the arsenal? I mean, pretty alright nonetheless-
  12. XDMeloniXD

    2019 halloween camos missing something.

    Probably cause this year is a mix of the dystopian future and halloween, although the vibe is leading more to dystopian(which I dislike) The point with these ships is that they are ships that have been overtaken either by living creatures or someone has built something on them. The old halloween ones are more fused, they do not have commanders, they are living ships with own means of firing guns, resulting in green filth smoke. These ones have the means of firing due to the old history of the ship before fusing with something living. Of course that is just a theory and own speculation.
  13. XDMeloniXD

    The Raid for the Filth Begins!

    Honestly, this is the least interesting mode of them all, the two tiers is eh, gameplay is repetitive and kinda lame,the rewards are boring, expected so much more...
  14. Hey, So the new pumpkin containers have come to the premium shop but could wargaming add them to the Armory as well for doubloons? I have a decent amount of doubloons and I would actually like to use them on pumpkin containers like one can use them for the italian premium containers. Just a suggestion ofcourse. ,Cheers-
  15. XDMeloniXD

    Sunray in the darkness wallpaper

    Where can I find the plain "Sunray in the darkness" background so I can use it as wallpaper, does anyone know where I can find it?