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  1. Xaajuk

    Cleveland Cruiser starting game

    Bug that you cannot zoom out at start during timer? I can do this on my other ships..
  2. Xaajuk

    Smoke and detection

    The smoke mechanics seems to be a tad off when you are 2 km away from a destroyer and he pops smoke to vanish only to send torps in a close wave right into your side and there is nothing to do about other than gently bending over to see if the bottom of the sea has a soap bar..
  3. Xaajuk

    Word of Warships Meme Topic

  4. Xaajuk

    Better reward for downed planes

    With so many people raging on torpedo bombers, myself included somewhat..I'm more and more leaning towards cruisers and AA role for BB's a nicer reward for this to encourage cuiser players to guard BB's would indeed be nice.
  5. perhaps: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7443-custom-forum-signatures-from-the-log-in-movie/ similar topics in the fan section
  6. Xaajuk

    Weather conditions.

    Would be realy nice to see search lights going haywire across the map as shells shrieks above your head ;)
  7. Xaajuk

    feed back from Regular CV player

    Only thing I wish for, is a bit longer arming range for torpedo bombers giving us a second or more to react, BB's are slow to manouver out of semi harms way from a well dropped torpedo run. But I have seen destroyers drop point blank and wrecking havoc. Would be coolio for a percentage reduced damage on torpedoes dropped close range compared to long range.
  8. Xaajuk

    Unable to update EU launcher or patches

    I can't help but to ask, might it be an issue with storage space? Seems to have downloaded but fails to unpack the files
  9. Xaajuk

    What's you favourite ship / class in the game?

    I realy love the tactical play of the battleships, favorite being the Kongo so far as it's as high as I've reached, might change for the Fuso cause of the number of main batteries. Once kriegsmarine is introduced, it will change to the Bismarck for sure
  10. Xaajuk

    XP require for tiers

    With my first victory with the Erie, I think I collected near 2k+ experience which easily funded my next ship and reached lvl 2 aswell, I would assume that the idea of forcing a new player to learn the game was to force them to play their tier 1 ship atleast 2-3 games before allowing them to reach lvl 2(for player battles). Ofcourse one can assume this will be adjusted later on.
  11. Xaajuk

    Invites for Friends?

    I am guessing this will come at a later date
  12. The Hunter for Red October is my all time favorite of any naval movie. Thou Battleship (2012) makes me laugh.
  13. Xaajuk

    Any Silent Hunter players?

    Used to love playing Silent Hunter games. When Silent Hunter 5 came out, I was tripping back and forth at school to go homeand play it even had to buy new hardware, just to enjoy the awsome graphics!
  14. Xaajuk

    XP require for tiers

    Yeah noticed this for the Kongo and above.. Would love to toy around in the lower tiers a bit longer before moving on.
  15. Xaajuk

    recommended Torp tweaks

    I would prefer longer arming time for torpedoes, planes dropping their torps on you with such a close spread so near, impossible to dodge and not get rekt. Early tiers is torpedo mayhem