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  1. TaintedSoul

    Killer Whale revisited - Anthony/Cyclone plague

    Don't blame the players but incompetent company that thought it was wise to keep the ships after Dunkirk operation ended.
  2. TaintedSoul

    0.6.9 - The Game Changer

    Its the captain not a ship,i'm sure WG won't be handing out Yamato's.
  3. TaintedSoul

    How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    You can get only 2 containers today one for Gallant and one for playing T5+ ship that require 2k base xp.So today 2 containers maximum.
  4. TaintedSoul

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    Yes we need this change 100% because there is no smoke counters at all! We have no hydro,no radar no CV that can hover his planes and blind torp smoke,also no dd's on enemy team to torp the smoke as well This will encourage trolls.They gonna enter smoke and make it sure it fades away I can already see this will be lots of fun change.Like removing stealth fire mechanics wasn't enough.Make sure BB will be even more popular then they already is.The rest will be just a cannon fodder.
  5. TaintedSoul

    How to succeed in Operation Dynamo.

    When you have good ppl that know what they doing it doesn't matter what you bring,with Cyclone's it's for sure harder.Still it can be done even when playing with random ppl.This setup gave us 5 stars.
  6. TaintedSoul

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    Not hard you say? 7 attempts and best was 2 stars,one was total disaster.The key to this is indeed staying withe convoy,but to many don't care even if you telling them. No flags just premium consumables.Cyclone still can be decent,problem is mainly guns reload. http://imgur.com/TUBuPGF
  7. TaintedSoul

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    I have another question,what happens with the modules you choice to mount on those 2 ships Anthony and Cyclone after the event ends?Will the modules be placed in the inventory,lost or sold?
  8. TaintedSoul

    Public Test Update - 31/01/2017

    Nope was wondering myself...was hoping that inventory "buy" button has been added but nope. After closer inspection i can see that there is new camo for Valentines day but something else had to be changed as well looking at the patch size.
  9. TaintedSoul

    Questions about Update 0.6.1

    Whats the point of inventory if the option "buy" is missing.How long will we have to wait until half functional inventory will be fully functional?
  10. TaintedSoul

    Update 0.6.1 - UI changes feedback

    Yes i was wondering why do i have to keep clicking on team option without saving...If i want to play in division i know how.
  11. TaintedSoul

    Update 0.6.1 - Inventory feedback

    Yes we need a option "buy" so you can buy the camo's and upgrades when they on discount.
  12. TaintedSoul

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide for 0.6.0

    Was wondering myself,i thought it was based on armor of the ship.This clarify its the guns thanks. Have you thought about making guide for upgrades and consumables?Wiki kind of generalize setups and only some ships have recommended setups. Thx for awesome guide.Never enough guides.This should be pinned.
  13. TaintedSoul

    Turn off the chat for players who are dead

    Ignore them if it bothers you.You have the feature available to you.Well maybe you don't know. Since you have not learned how to be somehow decent in this game maybe complaining about your play style is justified. Some players are open for suggestions even from a dead players,if they not very experienced or want just some help on how they should secure the win.