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  1. Bnaditcorps

    What is a "bullseye"?

    hitting a target in a BB at extreme range
  2. Bnaditcorps

    pst is..is it safe here?

    sorry bout that thought that since it was the NA issue it could be put in general, although it is now in the mess, kind of like NA...
  3. Bnaditcorps

    pst is..is it safe here?

    thank you i will have some popcorn
  4. Bnaditcorps

    pst is..is it safe here?

  5. Bnaditcorps

    pst is..is it safe here?

  6. Bnaditcorps

    pst is..is it safe here?

    I'd be on except i can bet that the WoWs server is full of "MURMASK PLZ!!11!1!111" "WG FRAUD!11111111!!", AND then we have late night WoT, pros are out.
  7. Bnaditcorps

    If you want a laugh go read US forum :)

    No people just wanted a T5 ships for a dollar, it wasn't the charity they were supporting (most of em)
  8. Bnaditcorps

    pst is..is it safe here?

    yay...for now
  9. Bnaditcorps

    I sure hope our start isnt as bad as the NA server atm.

    the sad thing is in the US people have sued for stupider things and won
  10. Bnaditcorps

    pst is..is it safe here?

    Wow, all i can say now is the NA forum is a war zone. (The servers in Emeryville might explode if this persists). I came here for peace and i hope it is peaceful, or else i have to go to *gulp* the NA WoT forum *shivers*. Note So as I am a refugee of the NA forum is there anything here i need to know? I will be here in and out for several days i guess, maybe weeks.
  11. So i have 2 videos up of the same battle (one with a narration, and one without) Enjoy!
  12. Bnaditcorps

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    it is just the BB N00bs complianing
  13. Bnaditcorps

    BB tech tree

    if this is the BB line then where is the So Dak. unless it is in a slow line but even then the Montana is a slow BB so it shouldn't be there either
  14. Bnaditcorps

    Further weekend tests confirmed?

    The general consensus on the NA forums is that there beta will be here in mid to late this year