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  1. hehehedog

    Server issues (again)?

    I was dc d in last game, along with several others according to comments in game chat.
  2. hehehedog

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    hey! I would like to join the lottery.
  3. hehehedog

    Server Problems

    havent been able to connect for over an hour...was thinking about getting premium account, guess what i ve decided?
  4. This is crazy - I started playing WoWs again after a long break a few days ago, then this happens - I live 150 metres away. But I am pretty shy so I will go but prbably not talk to anyone! Lol.
  5. Probably to do on some level with the most effective premium smoke spamming ships having reached market saturation point, especially just after the sale
  6. hehehedog

    For the love of god WG, please change the FNFL flag requirements

    I did it I just spent a long time yesterday running riot with Dunkerque. Few games also in Saint Louis, my current grind ship I am lucky to have the time but I really enjoy Dunkerque so, time aside, it didn t feel bad tbh Worst thing is my PC keeps crashing, so apologies if anyone reading was affected
  7. hehehedog

    Are you happy enough with WG to buy Premium ships?

    I used to buy every premium but stopped at xmas. The game overall just isn't good enough, player numbers are not rising (i'm being kind) and thus the game has stagnated. New lines (german dds, french cruisers) feel phoned-in : unremarkable port-bloat-clones of existing content. Steamroller wins end up being as joyless as steamroller losses. New lines and extremely powerful premiums have come but powercreep is a testament to how perfunctory WG's handling of content is. Old lines are left to fester for months (years?) and then WG may do predictable and lazy buffs (reload...zzz) across the board. The game is not new anymore - I hope things change for the better.
  8. taking a break also, game is just not worth playing right now
  9. hehehedog

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    This is where I am at with the game too. I bought everything until 2017 started. Why not just wait till stuff is much cheaper? I have almost no faith in WG. Maybe that s my problem but when I read about, for example, citadel changes to high tier US BBs, I just read that as incoming russian stuff is going to be OP so we need to buff the powercreeped-beyond-a-joke early stuff. They are so blunt, clumsy and careless i don't trust them with what essentailly amounts to an investment. The way WG panicked when the fake russian BB was trolled on reddit was hilarious, sending their PR into denial mode cos it was obv going to hurt Alabama sales, right as it was released.
  10. hehehedog

    What premium should I buy ?

    Arizona is a great ship, super accurate/tonnes of guns and very tanky for a T6. AA and speed are poor tho. However vs Scharnhorst, really, it has to be the german BB. It's a strong contender for being the best premium, tier for tier obviously. The Captain Skill changes have some cool possibilities with Scharnhorst. Plus MM is very favourable at T7 as opposed to T6 where you will be facing T8 much of the time. You have an answer for almost everything and the only negative is underwhelming AP pen of lower calibre main armament/wonky dispersion. HE is very effective also.
  11. hehehedog

    What's up today with Random?

    I've had it too recently, this night. Sometimes if i use a premium, especially Belfast, people just insta-rage. Or if I am high tier some people expect you to teleport around map. Some guy was pure rage at me because we won and i did good damage in Montana, just bizarre. I try to be polite rather than inflammatory and it seems to throw them a bit. Another guy was really rude because I pushed a cap in a Friedrich de Grosse, presumedly not realising I had hydro (he has very few games played) There seems to be more players now, which is good, especially hitting the higher tiers - oh well, gotta adapt, in all ways
  12. the captain xp flag, which i ve got about 800 of already...
  13. hehehedog

    The French Cruiser's Thing

    Informative, well-written and entertaining post. I've always felt that the cooldown after firing, to achieve stealth again (20secs), is a mechanic that WG could manipulate. Might be nice if it was say 10seconds for MN, coupled with relatively decent concealment. Get in, hit hard and if guns start turning toward you then slink away to find another, already occupied, target. Just throwing some ideas out
  14. hehehedog

    RN cruisers smoke bug

    I find it pretty unpredictable. Sometimes the second 'puff' will be generous and cover a decent area but other times it will be right on the very bow tip of my ship. Then there is one single puff etc as per the OP It would be nice to have consistency with all these smoke related issues
  15. hehehedog

    I know it's the ocean, but why so salty?

    I m not a especially good player but wow, RN cruisers really generate salt. Keep getting negged in Neptune Also i ve had people, that seem sensible on forum, rage like children when i use belfast. Like wow, it s my fault you turned a corner on 2 brothers in yr kamikaze r and were 4.5 km away. What s going to happen...