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  1. Elias_D

    Purshage Premium unavailable.

    It is just fixed for me automatically after 1-2 battles!
  2. Elias_D

    Purshage Premium unavailable.

    same here +1
  3. Elias_D

    Is WG customer service always like... this?

    They made me unistall and reinstall 3 times the games back in the days when they had incompatibility with latest version of windows which of course was their problem. They had not even test their client to the latest windows version but i lost hours on useless proposals and kept out of the game for more than a week. Generally the support is usefull only for common problems with premade replies. Anything you throw at them out of the ordinary you are doomed to the frustration feeling all the way until you fix it yourself. It's sad actually.
  4. Elias_D

    Unable to play since last update

    WG was just lucky that this windows build was not passed due to instalation error to most people otherwise it would have been a total mess for a lot more people. The ticket in technical support is being processing for 3 days now with no replies. It is up to microsoft to solve this I no longer expect wargaming to give a solution. It is obvious that they do not have the knowledge to deal with such problems. Rolling back to a different windows version is the only solution or wait for the next build.
  5. Elias_D

    Unable to play since last update

    The game is still unplayable at Windows 10 Pro 64 bit build 16215.1000 even after the today's patch.
  6. Elias_D

    WG listens to player feed back

    The game is unplayable with the last Windows build. They still have not tested it with it to find the incompatibility that causes the problems. All other games worked perfectly. Only some Games from Origin and WG has this problems. The support has some ready response templates that send to everyone who has a technical problem the same things. With 0 results. Imagine that after a full AIDA report they were seeing my force closes of the game when it was freezing as an error and they could not find out what it was. That's tragic unfortunately.
  7. Elias_D

    Unable to play since last update

    It is funny and frustrating. The support 3 days now cannot even detect the error the clients has. The game is no compatible with the latest Windows Version simple as that. Until a new Windows build comes i lost all my hope with WG technical support. They say the same things to all the problems and not checking individually each case which is very wrong in my opinion. Every other game on my pc works perfectly so i cannot blame the Windows. I have lost 3 days Installing-reinstalling drivers,the game itself,clean booted,disk optimizations and i insist to technical support asking 3 times so far if they had tested their game with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit build 16215.1000 and no answer is given. Considering also that the only problem they saw it was the error code when i forced closed the game from task manager after it was "frozen" and still this could not figure out what it was from the AIDA report. Making a long talk short WG is not even testing the game at the latest windows versions and the technical support does not exist.
  8. Elias_D

    Unable to play since last update

    Same problem here mate.. it started when i updated windows to 16215.1000
  9. Elias_D

    Bug Reports

    After Updating to windows 16215.1000 build the game becomes unplayable. The ship models disappear from port and at battle the game freezes but you can hear the sounds of the battle. A ticket is already send 2 days now with the check reports. Unistalling and reinstalling (a 6 hours process for me) gives no solution. Anyone who has not updated yet Windows to build 16215 DON'T DO IT unless you want to stop playing. p.s. A screenshot of an invisible Iowa at port for example is attouched.
  10. Elias_D

    WOWS EU Down?

    Is anyone from WG seeing this to tell us what is going on ??? All the diagnostics gave no error and still unknown error on client before connecting to the account.
  11. The best player of the losing team must get a star...this will push more to play better and calm down a bit the ones that are playing with some brains..otherwise pretty soon it gets frustrating a lot of times and loses the fun of playing a game.
  12. The creator (Kvalme) stopped the developed due to some changes in files signing so so far they is no where to get it.
  13. Elias_D

    Downloading Game Patch Time

    Guys the only solution when updating from client is DO NOT USE your pc until its finished. Close the browser and leave it just to get the update. As long as i was using my pc my download speeds was from 50kb/s to 120kb/s at about 30% i stopped using the pc and guess what..after 3 minuntes the speed went to 1,1MB/s.
  14. Elias_D

    And people really wonder why high tier games are not popular?

    I agree at some point. This problems occurs especially with players who have not played all the lines of ship so their experience is limited to what they know. I 've met a lot of people who played only to get Yamato for example and have not touched the other ship lines. Not to master them just to see the mechanics..No..only one tech tree until tier 10..They manage it and after that the luck of knowledge is obvious. Team play in random battles is luck as things are now. I believe the only solution is to bring much more parameters to Match Making and especially the win rate. So it would bring serious players together and casual ones together also.
  15. It is updated from yesterday. I send you the file. mod_sumdamage.rar