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  1. Cornelius_Ie

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    An quick comment here: - Played around 15 CV battles with all tiers (Both countries) T4 Japanese CV - AP Bombs really hard to aim. Only target looks BB's - Torps, the locking and aiming time is weird. Even with commandersskills , it is hard to drop on time. Most torps too late armed when hit target. So you got 0 damage. When you drop them earlier, than the V drop is to big, ships can easily turn away. Facing T6 BB's and some cruisers will make T4 CV useless. Lost too many planes T4 US CV - It feels ok. Same as above. Facing T6 BB's and Cruisers make T4 CV useless. Lost too many planes T6 Both countries - The damage from bombs is low. AP or HE seems not different in amount of damage. - Facing T8 BB's (Monarch 3 times) make T6 CV useless. Tried 10 times to atack Monarch, but can't reach target before all the planes are down. T6 Japanese CV. Same problems with torpedo's as T4, The only 2 torps are not armed that fast. Earlier dorps are too wide, wich the player easily can avoid. T6 US CV - Launching rockets from behind or from front of ships are strange... The all felt around the ships, but no hits. T8 Both. - Facing T10 means total destruction of planes. T8 Japanese CV - Seems nice balanced on his tier. T8 US CV - in 2 matches, HE squad not rendered. In the 3th match, there where redered, but the can't drop bombs. Found out that i on my way used the right mouse button. After that, they cant drop the rest of the game. Starting new game, and they works fine. But when using right mouse button again, there do nothing. T10 Both - Seems ok, maybe too much powered, when there less cruisers.... BB's are relatively easy to hit.
  2. Cornelius_Ie

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Still waiting too.....
  3. Cornelius_Ie

    Can't connet to server

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, my only free day and half of day away with waiting for this crappy update
  4. Cornelius_Ie

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    SERVER MAINTENANCE STARTS: Thu. May 31 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. May 31 07:00 SERVER MAINTENANCE ENDS: Thu. May 31 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. May 31 10:00
  5. Cornelius_Ie

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    SERVER MAINTENANCE STARTS: Thu. May 31 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. May 31 07:00 SERVER MAINTENANCE ENDS: Thu. May 31 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. May 31 10:00
  6. Cornelius_Ie

    Hello ! (Dutch / UK ) 4 fun or clanwars

    Hoi, Als je Nederlands sprekend bent, kom dan eens langs bij ons. http://www.degc.nl/ Om onze clan te kunnen joinen moet je voldoen aan de volgende eisen: - Je bent NL / BE - Je bent minimaal 16 jaar oud - Je hebt TeamSpeak geïnstalleerd en een werkende headset. Ons adres voor Teamspeak is ts.degc.nl:10467 Als je in de ingang blijft staan, dan komt er vanzelf iemand langs om je te helpen.
  7. Cornelius_Ie

    Bug Reports

    Tier X Hindenburg's front turret is rotating 360 degrees on the ship and also on the healthbar. Gun can used, it looks like it is only an graphic problem
  8. Cornelius_Ie

    Game Crashes after every single battle

    Hi, Try to play it in DX version 9. Go to setting in game and switch from DX 11 tot DX 9. For me this fix the problem i had with crashes.
  9. Cornelius_Ie

    WoWs Ryzen 2 problems?

    Hi, What motherboard do you have? I had the same problems with my Ryzen 5 1600 and MSI Gaming Pro Carbon. Problem was not the connection or the game itself. But the lastest BIOS-version from MSI gives trouble with Wargaming Games. I got 1 BIOS-version lower and the problem was fixed for me.
  10. Cornelius_Ie

    Stuck on Login screen

    Guys, Downgrade the BIOS fixed my problem. I' am using an B350 Gaming Pro Carbon Ryzen 5 1600 Corsair 3200 Mhz 16 GB White First i go down to BIOS version 7B00v16 with ASEGA Code, it works for WOWS, but i was not able to use the memory at 3200 MHZ. I only got 2133 MHZ with half of capacity. After that i go one BIOS version higher 7B00V19 with ASEGA Code, knowing that this ASEGA Code maybe won't fix the WOWS-problem.... Well, after flashing to 7B00V19, restarting PC and hell yeah it works on 3200 MHZ with 16 GB. Than restart again and the post-boot to windows feels shorter than before. Than starting WOWS and it RUN!!!!!!!! I hope you can fix it also for your pc's....
  11. Cornelius_Ie

    Stuck on Login screen

    I have the same problem. Posted in the Tech forum. Everything stated on the troubleshooting page will not fix this problem. I have an MSI board, so it seems an typical MSI problem with lastest bios upgrades. I'm trying to downgrade the bios tomorrow, i'll hope that fix the problem
  12. Cornelius_Ie

    WoWs launcher won't launch

    This don't fix the problem for me..... Try everthing but no connection
  13. Cornelius_Ie

    Can't log into the game

    I have exaclty the same problem... Try everthing. Switch DNS in Router and PC, open al needed ports as stated on the troubleshooting page. Nothing will help....
  14. Cornelius_Ie

    No excitement for Super Containers

    Supercontainer? What's that? It's an long time ago, that i had one.... The frequency is going down since i bought the Santa Boxes.... Maybe that is the problem to get an Supercontainer.
  15. Cornelius_Ie

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I had the same last night..... After a couple of games, the game start stuttering and lagging. It went completly unplayable for me with max 20 fps.... Normal i hit 75 / 76 fps.... The only way to play nice again is shut down the game and restart. The battles played this morning where without any issues... It seems that the more people online on server, the faster the game lagging and stuttering....