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  1. Leemos

    Spotting Bug or Feature?

    Thanks for confirmation KaraMon. As long as no one is at disadvantage, Im happy And here is screenshot with same issue. Except delay was much shorter in custom battle (less than second) than I usually experience in battles. In battles, if Im quick enough, I aim using minimap, zoom in and still need few moments to wait for ship to spawn so I can lock and shoot. https://s22.postimg.org/ou8yy2mqp/Spoting.png
  2. Leemos

    Spotting Bug or Feature?

    I keep noticing one weird mechanic, time to put end to my wonders and ask others about it. Lets say You swimming around undetected. On minimap shows that You just detected ship in Your detection range and detected sign pops up on same time. You aim guns towards that direction, but nothing there. You wait few moments and ship spawns. And Delay takes about 2ish seconds. Does others experience same thing? is that Server glitch/work as intended? Or is something just me experiencing and should look at my own end? Thanks
  3. Leemos

    What if ARP Takao isnt needed?

    Another Atago owner post. Got Takao and find out its complete clone of Atago. Was hoping for some more differences. So, WG giving free clone of competitive T8 cruiser, people must be happy, best gift so far? Other people have Atago, I have completely upgraded and 18 points captain skills. I would definitely not trade it for Takao. In other words, ARP Takao is completely useless for Atago owner, while for rest gamers it might the best free gift so far. Other ARP ships was giving You chance save port slot and get credits while selling clones, but Atago is premium ship cost me 50'ish Euros, wouldnt be fair sell it for 8M credits. And You took out her advantage as limited ship from a game. Disappointing
  4. Leemos

    The German Oddity - Yorck Commentary

    craptorps, got 4 torps on Atlanta dealing 24k damage, 6k torp damage than 13.7k maximum damage.
  5. I just bought it where is my [edited]armor on this battleship?
  6. Leemos

    We need few more achievements

    Hi, Since new update I think we need few more defensive achievements: 1. Bouncing off potential damage 2. dodging potential damage 3. Spoting damage Thank You
  7. Leemos

    Getting into team-battles as a casual player?

    Witnessed few occasions random players team up for team battles using "search for division" chat, may try that.
  8. Leemos

    Do you keep your stats hidden?

    For now I dont care much about it neither using XVM, as long as there is no bashing on chats over "low" stats players. Is XVM info useful for gameplay? Maybe, I dont see big advantage over people seeing stats or not, newbie or pro, still dangerous, still can be crucial contributor for team.
  9. Feel free to Add me. (Gali įtraukti mane)
  10. Leemos

    Getting disconnected from game weird ping levels

    Makes sure its not on Your end issue. Monitor network connection during game, and once connection lost, check if other OS services still have access to internet and if there is no short loss of connection. *(Lietuvis? Parasyk i pasta)
  11. Leemos

    How much ammunition would a ship carry?

    Wondered for some time, how gameplay would look like if all ships had limited ammo, same as CV.
  12. Leemos

    Negative ping?!

    I use wireless router too, I could imagine lots possible causes, starting router/wireless adapter settings, drivers etc. I would say google search of "Wifi keeps disconnecting" and then narrowing it to specific Wireless card and router Your best bet to fix issue. Surely, let us know if You still unable to solve this. Best of luck
  13. Leemos

    Negative ping?!

    From what I experienced, negative ping is indication of connection loss. Even watching replay shows You -35 ping. I would suggest first make sure this is issue only happens on game client, and rest of computer service do not have connection issues on same time. Secondly would suggest test connection to game server, for ping and packet loss.
  14. Leemos

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Since update my team chat bugged - doesnt show nicknames on chat members list: EDIT: With mods or off, its same
  15. Leemos

    TAW is recruiting

    EDIT: nevermind