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  1. Thane_Solus

    Veteran players dropout

    or maybe because in WG games, all is to do is to grind ships, and nothing much else?...
  2. good journalists, which are a few, will use these press accounts only after playing a while with a normal account to learn the game and see the progression and use the press account to present and check out the end game content. Most wont, because its too much effort, and today gaming journalism is completely corrupt and garbage.
  3. Thane_Solus

    What ships are you bringing to ranked battles?

    Does it matter for MM in ranked battles if i come with a tier VI or tier VII, do i cripple my team if i come with tier VII or it doesnt matter.
  4. Thane_Solus

    World of Carrierships.

    he is a troll and a bad one...
  5. Thane_Solus

    Help us to have a better community on Ranked !

    tab and ctrl + right click on his name/ship, report the idiot.
  6. Thane_Solus

    Did Wargaming.net just screw me over?

  7. Thane_Solus

    Carrier vs carrier is ruined

    Yeah, so IJN has this problem on Tier IV and V, but its ok for you guys, but if US has this problem on one tier, IJN are OPs. Horrible players and Horrible Design...
  8. Thane_Solus

    Thank you

    Finally a real review, not the circle jerking with QuickBaby, Jingles and others. Even tho Jingles was very critical about WOWP.
  9. Thane_Solus

    HOW is this possible?

    Welcome to the new age, Tier V is absolutely garbage, 1 win in 10, no matter how many kills/dps i do. Probably gona give up until Tier 6. Thats the plague of every free to play game arena, because no game designer created a smart team management, you could in theory, make platoons by default with some leaders(best players) assigned each game. Those player would give orders each match and act like leaders. To prevent trolling and idiots, after each match, everybody could give qualifiers and feedback comments to leaders, and leaders to the team members. That could generate a team game, not this horrible random crap. But that would actually require real designers, with a games culture and experience. That just a summary, the system should be much more complex on backend, to prevent several issues. Some old games like Europe World at War, did something similar and worked quite well for a while, but the community was mature and willing to follow/lead. On a free to play game, you can expect a epic disaster, without a good team system. You could say that why not play with Platoons. Most of them are trash, the good ones, takes time to get to know the people, to accept you, to prove yourself etc. So, play a few matches when you are in the mood, but this is not a long term game, is just a random lol COD style game, with free to play players. There is no persistent war, there is no goal, just grind for new shiny ships, and emo quit rage, when you noticed that it was a waste of time all along. Wargaming could do all of these, since now they made lots cash in the last 3 years, but why bother, when the income comes with very little effort. To be fair, it common practice today for medium-big companies.
  10. Thane_Solus

    Other ways to add depth to CV play.

    hey, that would actually require capable designers. I am sorry those costs real money.
  11. Thane_Solus

    sever offline?

    Its the weekly maintenance, this time.
  12. its shitty rock paper and scisor system, instead of having a experienced (captain) system, where some natiosn had a small bonus added + some rng factor. But now, lets make US for start AIR, and IJN strike. With IJN until Tier 6 you cannot go AIR, and even then you have inferior planes, unless that shitty dogfight skill helps you. Its a poor designed system, plain and simple.
  13. Thane_Solus

    Why I must pay dubloons for selling my ship?

    Thats typical iphone games trick to make players buy premium currency,instead of clicking to see there is another way Another innovation from the free to cash system.
  14. Thane_Solus

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    Are you guys surprised about this after WOT and World of Warplanes fail? WOW! This is a free to milk game, that what free to play means for developers like these, milk the players with special "promotions" and special "items". They are maybe 3 or 5 games on the market that are actually free to play, where you can buy some aesthetic stuff, and minor improvements, like larger stash see Path of Exile, the rest are cash grabs from the start. The picture was on the wall all the time. 1) Premium Accounts - that was the start (fine way to make profit) 2) Hey lets milk more - premium vehicles (if did once or twice per year could be good) 3) Lets milk even more - gold ammo, xp transfer, camos (hehe..) 4) Lets milk this crap out for real - "special promotions", monthly overpowered or useless premium vehicles, or overpriced bundles. ( yeah $$$$) Best launch ever? No, that was Mechwarrior Online and Heroes and Generals, both good examples on what these games will turn into.
  15. Thane_Solus

    Tier V questions, rants, we got everything, please come in:))

    The 10km torps made me buy it, but the reload its pretty low on weapons, i guess its normal for CA...