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  1. Aye, I agree. We would max out our captains way to quick. I know why the option isn't there, but banking useless exp on a ship is maddening. We should be able to funnel that into something.
  2. Greetings from NA, I'm posting here as well for more visibility. I know the game is in beta. In the words of Iwata, please understand.Below is a list of basic options and GUI features that should be implemented rather soon. For those of you who respond with "There are more important things that should be worked on" I'll counter with the devs saying that the game is 85% complete. The things listed below are also very basic options that nearly all, or most, big PC titles come with at launch, so truly now would be the time to get these things in.1). User interface scaling. Original thread here: This is typically standard in MMO's, or at least in games that encourage modding, as WG titles do.2). Windowed Fullscreen option. Originial thread here: This one I made. I have two screens and alt+tab often. It's a pain to have normal fullscreen and the windowed mode leads to GUI problems from #1 because of the altered aspect ratio of windowed mode.3). In game(match) chat mute feature. Too many threads, pick one.Wow, incredibly basic. I think nearly everything with chat has this. We could put post-it notes to block the entire chat window, but then we'll never see helpful tactical info. While we can blacklist players outside of battle, we need this feature to be accessible from battle.4). Division chat. Also, many threads.Again as in #3, any mmo or multi player themed game that has a 'group' feature has group chat. Why do we not? If WG wants to cater to people who run toasters and can't handle voice and the game at the same time, give us division chat.5). Enable replays. Also, many threads.We shouldn't have to edit an .ini file to get a feature that is in the game to work. It can't be that hard to add a checkbox into the game to enable replays.6). Inverted up/down axis for mouse controls.Seriously? That's even a feature that console games let you adjust. How did all the previous builds get through QC/QA without this being brought up. While it doesn't effect me, I seriously feel for the people having a hard time learning a new control scheme that fights against memory and instinct. Now we get to things more specific to WG games, and battle titles that I won't name. 7). Port sorting. Original thread: This shouldn't be left up to modders. You have a design for this GUI feature from WoT. Your not rediscovering a wheel here. 8). Accelerated Training. Many threads.The psycological warfare of having 33k of exp on a st. louis is hell. I myself have 17k gold that's been sitting since OBT. I only use gold for ships and captain training. Do something about this please?9). Crosshair options. Many threads.I understand we have modders, and I understand that they make crosshairs. Not everyone wants to mod their game. As with #1 I wish sometimes I could just select a larger or at least different crosshair without looking for a mod that's not broken in the current patch. I'll add more if people chime in with things. If these things don't seem like important issues to you, so be it. I'm sure they hit home with a few people.
  3. Flamadiddle

    WoWs webstore payment options for gifts

    As an update to this thread, it seems WGEU no longer wants my money. I've been a customer for about two years and have never had an issue until now. Spent plenty. Never once charged back, nor thought about it. Here is their response to a ticket I sent in: WGNA still lets me gift to friends with paypal... WGEU still lets me purchase for myself with paypal. Poor play WGEU. If you don't want my money... fine, I'll stay on NA.
  4. Flamadiddle

    WoWs webstore payment options for gifts

    USA I only have one option. Apparently it's changed for world of tanks, too. I can no longer send gifts of any sort from the webstore with any thing but paysafecard. This is disheartening. I've given WG lots of money in gifts in WoT. Now they don't want my money.
  5. Flamadiddle

    WoWs webstore payment options for gifts

    I'd like to send a gift to a friend of mine but the only option is paysafecard. Anyway paypal could be allowed? I've sent a few gifts on NA already but can't yet here.
  6. Flamadiddle

    Accelerate crew (commander) training?

    So they should add crews >_>
  7. Flamadiddle

    Is this still happening? (crew)

    According to the F.A.Q. crew was coming, or at least thought of. I'm fine with the commander for now, but i have to ask if we can still look forward to this. Crew was what kept me playing world of tanks for as long as I did. I like the idea that I could progress from the start of the game to the end of the game and have these dudes with me. Individual crew could get knocked out during a match, promoted in rank, be awarded medals from matches. I'd prefer WoWS to be at least as deep as WoT in terms of skills and gameplay. I'd like senior officers with their own perks, progression, and getting knocked out mid-match But, for real should I just ignore that part of the F.A.Q. as old info?
  8. Flamadiddle

    Fullscreen Windowed Mode Please!

    I also agree, please put borderless window check box into our video options.
  9. Flamadiddle

    E3 rumour mill - WG games on Steambox

    SteamOS is linux(ish)... That would mean all, or some, of WG's games would have a linux client pop up. While I'd be excited for this, I doubt it Love to be wrong though.