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  1. Rekre4tor

    Poor sound quality ticket submitted

    I have Realtek and everything is fine for me... Sound I mean.
  2. Rekre4tor

    Major lag issues!?

    I have the same problem... I made a ticket, posted bug report here, but it seems like nobody care. Support asked me to send PingPlotter report, but then I got just template answer like on all "I have lags pls help me" tickets... -_- I ve seen this problem also on asian server and still more and more people are reporting this. But as I said, NOBODY care. Peace
  3. Rekre4tor

    Desync, movement delay

    Hello, my ping in game still shows values between 30ms and 50ms, but some things in game are delayed for me like the ping is much higher. I see all enemy ships delayed for cca 2-3 seconds. When I hit back of enemy ship, shell just go through it, and hits the water. As well when I shoot too forward, I dont hit water but the "invisible" ship. I belive this happens because of irregularities between my computer and server. This occur also when I am turning my ship. I set my rudder for some side, but the ship starts to turn after 2-3 seconds, even when the rudder is already sloped. This really affects my gameplay, for example long range firing (or firing small and fast tragets) or avoiding shells by wiggling. Its impossible to hit a destroyer. Other online games works fine (as well as other WG products) without any conncetion problems, so why I have them in this game? I attach PingPlotter report.