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  1. Hi there Currently its looking like the clan I am in is collapsing around me (only about 6 active players left), your post sounds fantastic and I would consider myself a very competitively minded player. However I know this clan is almost legendary in the community and most of your players have 60-70% WR. My win rate sits at only 54% atm whilst I my current performance level is better illustrated by recent Ranked battle seasons. I understand If this isn't acceptable for you.
  2. finado

    [HEATH] is recuriting!

    Welcome Heathen Hammers of the North [HEATH] are looking for competitive WOWS players who want to participate in Clan battles and who will consistently join clan divisions. We have plenty of very competitive players and are known for having a very strong Alpha clan battle team. However with the clan at only around 50% capacity we are looking to expand our CB capability and form a consistent Alpha team with a backup Bravo team.
  3. hey guys im just looking for a clan to play opoerations/events with i can do ranked as well but just looking for some people to tag along with really.