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  1. Stoff91

    [-GGS-] Grabbarna Grus (Swedish)

    Stoff#0699 på discord, hmu. :)
  2. Stoff91

    Is the game worth spending money on

    If you think that battleships were relatively useless you just did not know how to play them. Had over 2 in KD and over 1800 XP as average back then, about the same in alpha.
  3. Stoff91

    Ingame nickname messed up after St. Patrick's update

    Please start reading the topics you write in.
  4. Stoff91

    Premium US BB coming?

    3-4 is a tad too low for me to "care", sorry, but its just tiers that i simply don't play, so you might be right there. Variety and historical interest is all good, but then the italian ships should be of more use to you. Regarding Amagi vs North Carolina, the Amagi wins for sure. Regarding Iowa vs Izumo, the Izumo can go full frontal against an broadsided Iowa and win easymode. The Izumo is one ugly ship tho..
  5. Stoff91

    Premium US BB coming?

    American BBS sucks [edited]compared to the Japanese line, why would you want premium? ^^
  6. Stoff91


    Btw guys.. When i downloaded the game it did not start, and the only fix for it was to reinstall it. Same with my mate. Not sure why, dont care. But anyone who has issues,, just reinstall it.
  7. Stoff91

    The Colorado... seriously?

    I hate the colorado, New Mexico is better for my playstyle, and the North Carolina aswell. Seems like it could use a buff when it comes to penetration or so.
  8. Stoff91

    Swedish captains is recruting

    I've just added so that anyone can join the teamspeak and have their MAX tier added in each line so that matchmaking is easier for anyone on teamspeak seeing that everyone sees what tier of ships you've got etc.
  9. Stoff91

    LFM - Swedish/Scandinavian Only

    Added, just got home from some boxing practice, but tomorrow I'll be game for most of the day. Hope I'll see you then!
  10. Stoff91

    Swedish captains is recruting

    I have one up and running 24/7 on a blade VPS server. I will change its theme to WOWS soon enough, but you're all invited to use it. Ill give anyone who needs the admin rights, as long as you aint a noob at it. TS Info : IP No password Default port
  11. Stoff91

    Swedish captains is recruting

    Ok, cool. Do you have a teamspeak server up and running?
  12. Stoff91

    Swedish captains is recruting

    Just enable mail notifications upon response to this thread and you're set. But i guess this shows your groups activity in the game. Gl though
  13. Stoff91

    Looking for a competitive unit

    Hey mate. I just started from having a tiny break after alpha / beta and figured there needs to be a full swedish thing, as we can play the same hours. Check it out. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/46545-lfm-swedishscandinavian-only/page__pid__907416#entry907416
  14. Stoff91

    Clan / Team / Perma division needed

    Where are you from?
  15. Stoff91

    LFM - Swedish/Scandinavian Only

    That works, I'll add you later.