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  1. Brassed_Up

    Survival chances of Dive bombers ?

    Folks Thank you very much for the prompt advice. they must have been strafing attacks. Still is was pretty gutting to lose squadrons so quickly. Setting the attack squads on a weaving way point approach might be the way forward
  2. Hi fellow Gamers. Has anyone else noticed a change in survival rates of attack aircraft ? I am playing the US carrier line and have a Tier 7 Ranger. Recently my attack aircraft have been slaughtered at the slightest encounter with enemy fighters or opposing BB's. For example two squadrons of TB's were destroyed in about one second by an attack by opposing fighters. Yesterday, I lost another squadron of DB's in again about one second following an attack by 4 opposing fighters. This has never happened before up until the last couple of weeks. Is it me :( ? I would expect them to be destroyed in a long pursuit but surely not within a second or so.