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  1. Well, I hope there are enough players from Israel that find this game as amazing as I do. Only two requirements for application: active player and age 18+ Feel free to share your thoughts.
  2. thanks, my bad, checked again and found this: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/107418-is-the-takao-techynically-an-atago/page__pid__2627712#entry2627712
  3. It seems that after hiding the special ARS exterior in port the Takao lost the 3% bonus to concealment. In port without CE: Takao Atago This is also noticed in battle: Takao Atago Does anyone experience the same?
  4. Ilanh

    Containers Feedback

    Please add an option to hide the container ship while in port (make an icon out of it when hidden), The port is where I have time to enjoy your fine modeling work, and it does not belong there imho. Fun option would be if I could shoot it and then it will disappear for 30 minutes.
  5. Ilanh

    Containers Feedback

    Small issue, I really don't like the presence of the container ships in port view near my ships, it doesn't belong. Mayne make it smaller or an icon and after pressing it present the nice animations. Anyway thanks for wonderful work.
  6. Non taken, I know I'm a noob and I'm working on my play style. I just didn't realize about it until my premium account has expired.
  7. Thanks a lot, that was my next question. So every shell counts
  8. You are correct this happens with the T8 dd, this does not happen before T8?
  9. As far as I remember there wasn't any game in history that costs you point/money when your team looses, it's OK to come out with zero points, but not less then you started with. This does not encourage you to play. Unless this is the logic behind the business plan of the game designer, you play until you ran out of points then you have to invest real money to compensate for unlucky tours.
  10. When I started a month ago I purchased a bundle that includes a Premium account, now after the month has passed, I came to a point that if we didn't win and my ship was wrecked I loose money and my ships begin to park unserviced in port. My only conclusion can be either play like a chicken and avoid any damage or stop playing. (paying for premium is not an option) Is there is something I'm missing or that is the reality for WoWs?