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    Contre-torpilleur ! French destroyers

    Thank you for your reply . YES !! The T47 should be added on a split , whive the Le Hardi and Inflexible or even ZF 2 Opiniâtre and ZF7 Aventurier ( a true project ) The ZF7 and ZF2 were captured incomplete and the Kriegmarine planned to complete them whive an German artilery 12,7SK/41 C or 12,7 SK C/34 . The project was a low priority and the french captured the hulls in 1945 ... in poor shape . Like i said the ZF6 Inflexible or Improved le Hardi was never laiddown and is purely fictional ! The T47 was an interesting project and was build whive modular construction and share this similarity whive the US made Gearing class . Here a fictional Hull B I already covered the T47 :
  2. Crazy_defender_2

    Contre-torpilleur ! French destroyers

    The contre-torpilleur of the 1910's . in 1909 , the Bouclier was laid down , it was the first "modern destroyer " of the french navy . It was armed whive two 100 mm guns and four 65 mm guns . Folowing the french doctrine , the small caliber was a useful choice for a close ancounter and the 100 mm for a more accurate fire . The Bisson class was a similar design and slightly improved . The French doctrine of 1919-42. WW1 was a harsh experience for the french admiralty who lost most of her resource in 1915 ( fuel , funding ) . The Bouclier and Bisson class of contre-torpilleurs spended most of their time escorting mineslayers / minesweepers and performing counter-battery , lacking firepower So ... in 1917 ! The " Admiralty" asked for a big and powerfull contre-torpilleur , armed whive no less than three guns of 138 mm caliber . That wasn't possible to built that ship and in 1919 a new design was drawn , armed whive no less than five guns of ..... 100 mm .... that was unacceptable and the project was cancealed . So .... a new line of Torpilleurs and Contre-Torpilleurs was drawn , armed whive four to five guns of 130 mm and the project was accepted in 1922 . -( You may not know ... ) 1922 is the year of the Washinghton Naval Treaty and the rise of Italian fascism . - ( You should know ... ) Itally claimed Corsica and the french riviera for more than fifty years , since the unification of Itally . - The naval program of 1922 The naval program of 1922 was a political move from the french government . One aircraft carrier , three cruisers , twelves Torpilleurs and six contre-torpilleurs ( plus few submarines ) . No one of those ships were perfect ! The Jaguar class was the worst of them and suffered from poor stability and in result she was mostly usued for training and propaganda . In 1939 a project was made to rebuild them ... , that wasn't done in the chaos of the phoney war . That was done after the fall of France for the two survivors , the Léopard (1941-42 ) and the Tigre ( 1944 ) , they served for escort duty ,one of them leading troopships to Corsisa ( le Tigre ) - The " four stacked " The Guépard was the first contre-torpilleurs to fit the will of the french admiralty , reaching a speed of 36,5 knots at full load and been armed whive five guns of 138mm /40 mm. For their time , that's a big , large and powerfull D.... Destroyer ! The design was perfected but resumed the same and we talk about the " four stacked " destroyers . The Le Fantasque . At the fall of the 20's , the french admiralty asked for a modern design , featuring a " superheated steam/hight pressure boilers" and a new artilery of 138mm/50 caliber . That was a superb design for a destroyer and the mle 1936 fire-control director was a master of art . . -(you should know ... )- What mean " super-heated steam / "hight pressure" boilers ? That mean your boiler burn less fuel and gave more energy . That"s an advanced technology who gave you access to the possibly to own space in your engine room and to improve your shipbuilding architecture , specifically in damage control . -( You may know... ) The 138mm/50 is a beast , firing a 90 lbs shells at the velocity of 840 m/s . This is far above the british 4.7/45 or the american 5/38 or anything else ... even the 15cm SKL45 fited on the Zestroyer type 1936 . The le Fantasque class was properly rebuild in the US . fiting modern AA guns and radar , she was equal to any " modern US made destroyer " . The Mogador The Mogador was specifically designed for been the scout of the battleship Dunkerque and she was specifically drawn for face a german pocket-battleship . She's armed whive eight 138mm/50 caliber guns in four Mle 1934 gunhouse and twenty torpedo-tubes . --(you should know ...)- The Mogador was originally designed whive a catapult and three "gunhouse" armed whive two 130/50 mm guns . That design was specifically designed for hunt germans raiders but it wasn't possible to fit a catapult .. so the design evolved into a cruiser in disguise . A pocket battleship have shortcoming , specifically the armor , so the choice wasn't foolish on the paper . -( You may know ...)- A gunhouse ins't a proper " turret " . A turret goes deeply into the warship and it's not suited for any destroyer , the Dunkerque secondary turrets weighted ...80 tons ... The 130/50 mm "gunhouse " weighted ....32 tons and 34 tons ( only ) for the 138/50 mm " gunhouse" . That's a superb design on the drawing-bord and an awful ship for the crews in real life -1)The accomodations were cramped and poorly ventilated , even officers complained . -2) The ship didn't produced enought electrical power , to a ludicrious degree . -4 ) The artilery wasn't reliable , the Mle 1934 " gunhouse" was originally drawn for feed 130 mm shells and it couldn't be reverse enigineered . The last aspect was particulary minored during the design process and finally the Mogador had to stuff 1440 rounds of 138 mm .... That's 3X times more than the le Fantasque ! Legacy Folowing completion of the Volta , the admiralty admitted it wasn't worth to built the Desaix , Marceau , Hoche and Kleber . The next génération was reported in april 1940 ... to ..after 1942 Study weren't aborted during the " Government of Vichy " and the most advanced work is named" Inflexible" after the "improved le Hardi " or ZF 6 in that game . After the war the T47 Surcouf was designed and build during the early 50's . Opinion . Well , big and large destroyer aren't a french patent . The Kriegmarine builded the Type 1934 and 1936 Zestroyer and the soviet navy had her own program . The concept could be usefull in the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea but quickly show their defaults , specifically against a light-cruisers and Great-Britain had lot's of them . Ironically the Tribal class was built like a " Destroyer Killer " and had the same shortcoming ...
  3. Crazy_defender_2

    T47 , rebuilding the french fleet

    I fear for the result and i wish .....no ! They were converted into a sort of amiral-ship for convoy escort , " Anti-submarine warfare " . They proved to be to mutch specialized and didn't lasted more than ten years .
  4. Crazy_defender_2

    Biggus Dickus - worth ship name of T11 Italian battleship

    Wargaming is know for some goofy choice . I mean " out of context " you just have to take the french tree for thind some poor choice . A good example : Flandre is in Belgium . Another example : The harbor of Marseille is a poor military base and this is why Louis XIV build Toulon . But i fear serriously we couldn't accept Biggus Dickus . In a way or another , Wargaming didn't work that way . Thank you for your research !
  5. Crazy_defender_2

    T47 , rebuilding the french fleet

    The ZF6 is the "Inflexible " or the improved le Hardi . The hight concil of navy statued in may 1940 about an improved design fitted whive the dual purpose turrets of the Dunkerque , but i doubt any serious paperwork were made . The Inflexible was never laiddown , so Wargaming is talking about l'Opiniatre and l'Aventurier , two incomplete sistership of le Hardi . Some paperwork survived about t a german project fitted like a type 1936C L'Aventurier actually survived incomplete until the 1970's . It's the jetty you can see there
  6. Crazy_defender_2

    T47 , rebuilding the french fleet

    I have discussed the question of a " light destroyer " tree aon the french forum . -The first one is a variant of the Beograd , an export design for the yougoslavian navy . -The second is a early blue-print of the le Hardi . -The third one is the Le hardi , a true historical design . -The fourth one is the improved " le hardi " whive DP turret , sometine called " Inflexible " , that one is fited whive 1940's radar ( fictional ) -The last is the T47
  7. Crazy_defender_2

    T47 , rebuilding the french fleet

    Hello my friend , today the subject is : How the french navy rised after WW2 ! 1) The French Navy was utterly destroyed during WW2 . No ... that didn't happened at Mers el Khébir but two years later when the fleet of Toulon scuttled . Admiral Francois Darlan defected in 1942 after the allied landing in North Africa and claimed the fleet of Toulon . The fleet of Toulon was under the supervision of amiral Jean de Laborde who didn't send his fleet to North Affrica . Politic was inlvolved but for be honnest , the fleetwas sleeping for two years and every move was under german supervision . When the 7th panzer division entered Toulon , the fleet was already scuttling . She was later scrapped by the Axis who doesn't had the possibilty to do anything else . 2) Rebuilding . in march 1945 , France had iniated a naval program whive the will to build two aircraft-carriers and twenty destroyers . Aware about the fact she will not receive a serious technical support from anybody , she had to work whive pre-WW2 design . - The Mogador and various blue-print of the le Hardi , specifically the power-plant - Some paper-work about an aircraft-carrier ( 1937-42 ) - A strong interest about american mass-production method . The result was obvioulsy the T47 destroyer who started to be comissioned a decade after WW2 !! Armement -The 128 mm mle 1948 The main armement of the T47 was fited for share the US made shells but sharing an obvious similarity whive the 130 mm Mle 1932 . The loading are manually operated and pparently similar to the Mogador , whive four hoist and a drum barrel carrying two shells and two cartriges case . - The 57 mm Bofors Still in use to this day , the 57 mm bofors is fitted into a turret of french design - Twelves torpedoes-tube .in four triple mount The ship carry a mix of Surface-Suface and ASM torpedoes plus a sextuple 305 ASM mortar for Bofors rockets . Destruction of the west coast during WW2 and the necessary rebuilding . Thank to the US we had the possibilty to quickly rebuild our industry but it take years , the British have done an excellent job destroying Brest and the West coast . It's true , the west coast hoisted U-boat and was a légitimate target but they were hoisted in massive bunkers who proofed undestructible Fearing a sanitary disaster , the US destroyed most of the city of Brest , the city who challenged the Royal Navy for centuries ...is now in ruin ! This photography captured the destruction of destroyed building , that photo brake my heart . You will not see that kind of picture in a hollywood movie .. who usually glorify war and the "goodguy " fighting against the evil . So ..... the french had a big problem for rebuilding their navy and the T47 was the pride of their Navy . Construction started in 1951 for Surcouf , Kersaint and Cassard and was folowed by a bacth of three aditional ships until 1954 . The construction was rationalized and most of them were comisionned for the Suez crisis in 1956 . -The Suez crisis . The Suez crisis was the last " hot involvment " of the french navy , the last time a gun battle occured and the last defeat ( shared whive Great-Britain ) During the conflit the D622 Kersain opened fire on Ibrahim el Awal ( ex hunt class destroyer ) and failed to pursue her prey after a mechanical failure on her propeler shaft -The Lobster war 1962 the Lobster war was fishing- right conflict who nearly escalated into an " hot conflict " when the Brazzilian navy boarded and captured the Cassiopée , a small naval trawler . I have tracked the history of Cassiopé and you can visit this link : https://www.bagoucozdz.fr/fr/bateaux/cassiopee-dz3978 The French goverment worried and send the D636 Tartu for protect the french trawler fleet , the the Brazzilian navy responded by luring agressively at the french warship . This is the end of the story , the conflict was peacefully resolved . .... One photography was made and deserve to be shown .
  8. Crazy_defender_2

    Aurore class , the french Guppy

    The Narval class is the subséquent developpment of the ' French Guppy " Don't be lurred by their look , if the external hull ( the casing ) was inspired by the type XXI , the internal of the submarine was " mostly French " . By "mostly French " , i mean ...... the first draw started in 1948 . By this time , the access to German technology was minimal and even the US Navy just started the Guppy program . The French navy intensively trialed a Type XIX , the U-2518 until 1951 and most of her knowledge comed from the work of the technical team in germany Four engineers , a Citroen traction 7cv and a driver ! That's all the french navy send to Germany in 1945 for spoil German science ! Designing the Naval class . That was a huge task , working on an ambitious submarine , the E48 . This is a uchrony for a submarine commisioned in 1958 , if all the work were done properly whive the correct funding . The E48 was an ambitious AIP submarine powered by an Oxygen turbine , similar to a torpedo . The work was droped afterconcern about cost and the safety of the crew , it lead most of french design for a decade ( Narval , Arétuse , Daphné , Q-244 ) -The British Explorer class worked the same way and was badly viewed for her safety , she didn't served for a long time and was superseded by the Porpoise class of conventional submarine . A big hype and big flop ! So the Narval was designed as an updated " diesel sub " and retained the same " Schneider engine " than the previous french submarine . Thinking about the Narval you could have in mind the Wiskey class or maybe the Guppy of the USN ..... they were noisy and unreliable for 50's standard ! The relaibilty of the Schneider diesel wasn't a secret and first reports were made during the 30's , so the French navy started a massive overhaul in the mid 60's . MAN diesel built under license were installed and the propulsion became fully ellectric and the diesel worked has a power source and didn't drived the propeller . They served until the 90's
  9. Crazy_defender_2

    Aurore class , the french Guppy

    Hi my friends , today i will present you a traduction of one of my article about the Aurore class of French submarine. A 900 tons " multi-prupose " submarine for the french navy . In 1937 the admiralty expressed the will to quickly replace all previous design whive in mind the Requin class and most of the 600-630 tons "coastal saubmarine " . Twenty-four were ordored after the vote ( by the parliement ) of the naval budjet 1937 and 1937 BIS . The new design should be versatile , whive 30 days of sea and a medium size , 900 tons should be their displacment . -Aurore was the only one to serve during WW2. She served for Vichy for two years and was scuttled at toulon -UF1 and UF2 Captureb by Germany before completion those boats were named UF 1 and UF 2 but it was particulary difficult to source the 1500 cv Diesel engine from Schneider &Cie . Completed by september 1942 , in service throught December to February 1943 . The Kriegsmarine was particularly disapointed by the fiabilty and performence , the dificulty to source any spare was beyond the pride to crew a captured submarine . UF2 served for training duty and was decomisionned the 5 novembre 1944 and scuttled in 1945 . She was scrapped in Gotenhafen . -French industry in 1944-49 Building UF 1-2 was particulary difficult , because the industry of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire was busy producing spare for the U-boat flotilla in France . It wasn't possible to put a MAN M9V or any german made equipments on those submarines and it was a necessity to produce the french equipments That's a serious problemen ! But national pride bring the necessity to do something .... for the future ... because France have the will to come back ! The Astrée ( ex UF-1 ) , Africaine and Artémis were completed whive a " gun turret " , quickly removed for a " Comando hatch " - French Guppy . Those submarine were particulary obsolete in 1948 . So the french navy copied the american " GUPPY program ' for the Astrée ( ex UF3 ) and Andromède . They mostly served for testbed about sonar and schnorchel and lately for training duty . Technical data Displacement 900 tonnes (890 long tons) surfaced 1,170 tonnes (1,150 long tons) submerged Length 73.5 m (241 ft 2 in) Beam 6.5 m (21 ft 4 in) Draught 4.2 m (13 ft 9 in) Propulsion Diesel: 2X1500 hp Electric ;2x700 hp Speed 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph) surfaced 9 knots (17 km/h; 10 mph) submerged As usual for a french submarine , they carry internal and external torpedo-tube Post war design retained a four internal and four external in a differant way Torpedoes were particularly hard to produce and copying german G7E wasn't easy for the french , despite the blue-print . Appreciation Spare is usually what kep you navy fresh and alert and that the reason why the didn't particulary performed during WW2 . They are certainly a decent design ( for WW2 ) and they bringed the french navy to the cold-war ( Astrée and Andromède ) .
  10. Crazy_defender_2

    Mogador 550mm 23DT Torpedos

  11. Crazy_defender_2

    French destroyer Léopard

    Hello everyone , today i will talk you about the Léopard . A quite overlooked hero of the Free French , lost premarturly in 1942 , she was quite forghotten by historians and people . -The French doctrine of 1919-42. The experience of the war in the mediteranean is harsh for the french navy who lost most of her resource in 1915 ( fuel , funding ) , thes navy despereatly needed something bigger than a destroyer and smaller than a cruiser . The contre-torpilleur was the answer and the 138 mm was selected has the new standard caliber . That enought's for task any serious shore bombardment and bring to a AP shell enought energy for break a 2,5 inchs armor at 15 000 yards . - The naval program of 1922 The Jaguar class was built by default , she was the only design available when the budjet was voted in 1922 after years of delay . It's wasn't judged satifactory by the Admiralty whot thind serious quirk in the blueprint . - The hight freebord was necessary for gave a strong hull and for host the massive machinery . - The massive funnels act like a sail in windy wheather , that explain the next design , comonly nicknamed the " four staker " - It became obvious the ship need to lost wheight and some equipment to be removed - finally the 138 mm Ml 1923 wasn't available in a reasonable delay ( first delivery in 1929 ) - Hight fuel consumtion , a comon problem whive the Bourrasque Six of them were built whive twelves Bourrasque and they finally proved to be bigger and strongly built . Engine room . The Jaguar is powered by five boilers and two geared turbine , the machinery is able to produce 50 000 CV . It's enought for achieve the 35 kns but at the expanse of 40 tones of fuel/ hours The boilers room is divided into three compartments and two turbines compartments , giving a relative " passive protection " due to the double hull . Inter-war and phoney war service . The French republic was partiulary proud of her baby and seeked the need to show it . During the roaring 20's the Jaguar class was particulary active in the Baltic or in the UK , having the privilege to host the president of the republic or member of the Royal Family . Three of them served in the Brest naval school , giving the oportunity to task such duty . In 1940 they served during the Battle of Dunkirk and two of them were lost , Jaguar and Chacal , the Leopard escaped to UK and was was boarded during the attack on Mers el Khébir . She was one of the first ship given to the FNFL . FNFL service . Due to her age , the ship served in escort duty in the North Atlantic , that didn't lasted a year before it was necessarry to perform a dry-docking . It was necessary to perform some serious work on the machinery , propeller , propeller shaft , rudder and the keel . . Viewing the amount of work , the Léopard was converted into a LRE , the same way than old V&W class destroyer . The forward boiler was discarted and the compartments converted into a fuel tank and more importantly a Radar was installed whive a new Asdic . ASW was improved and a decent AA defense was provided by three 40 mm Vickers " pom-pom " and three 20 mm Oerlinkons . -The Liberation of La Réunion . In November , during the battle of Madagascar , she is tasked to convince the La Réunion to join the Free France . Once again de gaulle tricked for prevent the Anglo-american to " liberate " the french territority by battling Vichy Force . Hold by a 33 mens garnison Saint -Pierre and Miquelon was liberated in december 1940 , preventing the British to invade the last french territory in North America . La Reunion was bigger cake , next to Madagascar , the garnison surrendered when they acknowledged the nationality of Léopard . Preventing a bloody battle . For perform this mission , the ship had to have a particulary long cruise , the ship was lost while returning from the indian ocean -Her loss The ship is loss accidentally during the escort of a convoy in the Mediteranean , she beached on a shoal . Sadly it wasn't possible to tug her away and she was lost ! Overviews .. The Leopard is a big destroyer for his time but like all " contre-torpilleur " , the concept is questionable for WW2 ! Converted into a Long Range Escort , the Léopard and Tigre are still able to reach 31,5 kns when contempory V&W didn't reach the 26 kns . The Tigre was converted in late 1944 after she suffured damage from a HS 293 who teared her hull but the double hull saved her from sinking . Tigre served until 1948 in active duty and was hulked until 1954
  12. Crazy_defender_2

    Forgotten Legends : Destroyers Escorts are all Kyoot <3

    Well , i folowed the refurbishment of HMCS Sackville and it was particulary difficult !! On muséumship , the hull rust and sometime to a terminal point and the only way is to strip the plate and to replace by a new one . That was done on the submarine Espadon during is late refurbishment . For HMCS Shackville that wasn't possible , so they welded a news skin on the rotten one . A smart process and if necessary , we could replace the welded "sandwich " in the next 20's years . It's always interesting to see how a ship is build . -The Flower is clearly a whaler made for carry the Asdic and ASW Grenade . Nothing more and nothing else , it was dificult to handle the extra height the hedgdog provided and when the radar come .... that was to mutch ! More she evolved .... worse she became . -The Destroyer-Escort is built to manage surface-to-surface damage , she could manage a fire or a blaze and have all equipment for it . The design have the possibilty to evolve , to carry sufrace and Air-Air Radar . The Le Fantasque class was refurbished in 1943 whive the same radar than those provided for a Destroyer-Escort ..... In 1949 , the Cannon class was a decent choice for the " Mutual Defence Aids Program " and provided modern " Destroyer " to the ally of USA . Grece kept them until the 90"s and many of them served throught the 70's , 80's and until now ....
  13. Crazy_defender_2

    Forgotten Legends : Destroyers Escorts are all Kyoot <3

    Same for the "Frigate .." After all the " Destroyer Escort " is a escort vessel built on military standard , that meam the engine room is divised and the hull is sturdy built . The British built two specific designs for cross the Atlantic . -The corvette is derrived from the " Southern Pride " a whaler , the original design was awfull and designed for the north sea -The Frigate is a larger Corvette , more expansive and whive the possibility to carry heavier ASW , a modernized ASDIC , Radar and the Squid The main difference betwin the DE and the Frigate is the fact she's built on comercial standard , whive greater live-space and fewer bulkhead
  14. Crazy_defender_2

    Forgotten Legends : Destroyers Escorts are all Kyoot <3

    Bonjour ! Sympathique ton exposé ! Après j'aurais volontiers rajouté la classe Riga . Bien que classifié comme frégate " par l'Otan . L'URSS la classifiait " Escorteur " .
  15. Crazy_defender_2

    Submarine Requin , the First pow WW1 design .

    Hello my friend , today i'm going to talk about the long-range submarine "le requin " ( the shark ) . The Requin is the first post WW1 submarine of the french navy , designed by the admiralty - The WW1 experience in the design process. When the war ended the admiralty was strongly interested by germans submarines and draws the plans for a 900-ton submarine . The WW1 submarine "Lagrange " was verry close to the spécifications . launched in 1916 . 930 tons , 8 torpedo-tubes and range of 4500 miles . The specifications for the Requin were as follows: 900 tons , a range of 7700 miles, 30 days at sea and an operational depth of 80 meters. - French engineering It's an odd submarine by the exotic assortments of torpedo-tubes in her external hull . 10 x 550 mm torpedo-tubes, including 4 bow, 2 stern and 4 in two mobile external banks. 10 x 550 mm torpedo tubes, including 4 bow, 2 stern and 4 in two mobile external banks. Service After seven years those submarines experienced " excessive wear " , specifically in the Diesel machinery and fitting . It's always interesting to read the coments of the french navy on her own design and i may think seven years is quite " old" for a submarine . The first downfall of the Requin is the Diesel engine , she's from the early 20's and she's noisy , stinky and voracious in fuel . An complete overhaul was planed in 1935 - The engine was rebuilt into something more " strurdy " . - A new Radio equipment . - A more practical and confortable " life-space " for the crew . - A twin 13,2 mm AA machine-gun . The boat remain incorfortable to handle as the external torpedo-tubes were heavy and cause " excessive rolling" , the 100 mm artilery didn't help . At war -The Morse was lost the 16 june , presumely lost by hiting a french mine near Kerkenah , a defensive minefield was build for protect Sfax . -The Soufleur was sank in Beyrouth by HMS Partian during the " Lebanon campaign " , no survivor . Her wreck is a popular diving site . -The Narval joined the FNFL the 26 june 1940 and was lost in december 1940 near Kernenah , presumely the same defensive minefield . Folowing the attack on mers-el Khébir ( 5 jully ) , she was boarded "by mistake " in Malta . -The Marsouin escaped the scuttling of Toulon and joined the free-french in 1942 . Obsolete , he was usued for traing and supply the resistance .