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  1. was firing at the enemy and my shells exploded midair like hitting something invisible. he was at E4. I was at C4 and my shells hit something off the tip of the iceberg at D4 in mid air.
  2. 00Buckshot00

    collision in open water with invisible object

    its in the D cap but A3 map grid
  3. 00Buckshot00

    Aircraft Carriers

    in real life there is a delay for safety reasons for the vessel that is launching them.
  4. 00Buckshot00

    collision in open water with invisible object

    its in A3
  5. was on the map with icebergs and 4 capping circles. Collision goes off and about a second later my ship rolls over on its side and then stands straight up. my division partner didnt see anything in the water either.
  6. 00Buckshot00

    Camo effects

    The ship i was on actually hung festival lights during one of our operations to desquise us as a cruise ship. On a side note, Darken ship means all portals and doors leading to the outside were closed. Black curtains were pulled around exits and portals and red lights turned on. No smoking at night as well on deck. These were things we did every evening.