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  1. Dude you all made a big fraking mistake, these clan battles were your last hope on salvaging this game, now you managed to screw this up too... I mean really? And now you have the nerve to come here and try to defend this implementation? Really?
  2. bump, trazimo i dalje aktivne igrace po gore navedenim uslovima :)
  3. Ajmo Balkanci malo udarat J_R_K

    kompa radije se pridruzi nekom klanu ima vec dosta klanova sa balkana, nema jednostavno smisla da imamo 30 klanova nepopunjenih...
  4. Podzdrav decki, Nazalost statistika vam je nesto ispod minimuma pa nemogu prihvatiti aplikaciju, puno srece u potrazi za klanom (imate JAG i SRW te BFC kao opcije ako se ne varam)
  5. Bump, ajmo ljudi treba ulja :)
  6. Trazimo jos nekoliko novih članova, počinju bonusi za klanove i klanske borbe prijavite se (molim da se drzimo minimuma +/- par %)
  7. Pozdrav, Dodem online za 10 min pa ti se javim ingame ako si online
  8. What are we looking for: 1) Players from Balkan area exclusevly 2) Players that use TS for communication 3) Players with %60 WR and more 4) Average dmg 50k+ OSC is still recruiting! What do we offer: 1) Weeeeell lots of fun! 2) Divisions, Team battles 3) Community tournaments and the upcoming Clan wars highly oriented 4) Organised, experienced group of mofos Klanske nam počinju sljedeći tjedan, pridružite se najboljima s Balkana!
  9. the "carry harder!" thread

    Just wasnt enough...
  10. Serious problem when using manual drop

    well you better get used to alternative ones, or get used to other classes couse they wont fix it
  11. ok ok, dont get all fired up, if you got new guys coming tell them when its fixed youll invite them. In the meanwhile let them on your TS/Discord and problem solved, clan itself doesnt need any management, it does run by itself you know... i went offline for 1 month and what do you know, clan survived without management...
  12. Serious problem when using manual drop

    use alternate controls, they work just fine