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  1. gle ak smo troublea mogli primit ti sam mozes bit bolji... prijavi se... uncle sexy needs you!
  2. Tražimo naše unicume javite se ingame ili ovdje
  3. bumpnem ti ga, krece treca sezona, ajmo gusteri
  4. ajmo pederi fufe lezbače i ostali, treba još ljudi za trecu sezonu klanskih, stalinrad čeka....
  5. Counter the radar!

    i actually prefer the dolphin carrier idea more than this....
  6. komenzi tu as bejbe! fil the fors in ju!
  7. Anyone wants me can have me

    damn this shiit got real, pls continue
  8. AJmo homici trece sezona klanskih je pred vratima, staljingrad zove stisni taj apply!
  9. Ok so i took a quick look at what you said and a quick look at which of these ships you actually have, and as i thought you dont have any of the OP ships in port so i kinda understand your pesimism. I, on the other hand do have them, well most of them and what i found is that one needs to be a good player to play an OP ship to its best otherwise its just as crap as any other. So in essence youre bittching about good players in good ships which is really pathetic since that player will outplay most in any ship, OP variant just makes it more easy... And what is OP after all? Saipan? http://prntscr.com/jlqg5x most cvs bittch about saipan, when actually kaga is performing much better.... Hiryu as a non premium has almost the same stats, hows that? My point beeing you can make the ship with 200k hp and sigma of 3,0 with lol pens all around, if a tomato player sits in it its dead just as fast as any other.... Btw if you wanna comment wot do it on their forum people here dont give a *edited*
  10. Anyone wants me can have me

    sry but i have to comment unicum clan thingy, eeerrrm not really... http://prntscr.com/jhxm79