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  1. SexyCroat

    FJAKA recruiting - tražimo drvosječe

    ajmooo drvosjece
  2. SexyCroat

    FJAKA recruiting - tražimo drvosječe

    bumpnem ti ga
  3. oh yeah those Lightnings are a pure counter to CV's have you tried killing him?
  4. SexyCroat

    CV: Spotting changes super test

    I rarely agree with you but yes as a cv main i can pretty accurately say it will nuke the cv class from existance if anything like this sees live server
  5. SexyCroat

    Cv and quality of life idea for surface ships

    oooor we can add submarines to the game!?
  6. SexyCroat

    Faltuty reaload time on Baltimore ?

    dont mind them i get you, did you know that Survivability expert gets you killed???
  7. SexyCroat

    New Counter to CVs

    i like you, youre a quality troll
  8. SexyCroat

    Why WR and skill are generally correlated

    Totally wrong, you look on it from a 2 out of 10 basis difference, but in total its much more, lets compare 2 guys, both 10k games under the belt one with 40% wr other 60%, the guy with 60 won 6000 and one with 40 won only 4000 battles... Id say its a big difference. Skill is not only WR its probably best measured by PR even with PR taking avg dmg as the biggest factor which is dumb but its as close as one gets to "a measure" of skill, all factors of players performance have to be taken into account to be able to measure skill and skill gap.
  9. SexyCroat


    @El2aZeR it happens to me when i alt tab to change song and when i tab back in ping goes to -35 for 5-10 secs planes do that weird thing and then just continue going, dont know how it looks from surface ships perspective
  10. SexyCroat

    PTS - Changes to CV

    tbh im totally with Maaseru on this subject, we need to be able to see reserves at all times, its like youre shooting in a Yamato and dont know how much more shots you can fire, pretty dumb no? Bigger question is did you finnaly decide to implement the unscrew of the F spam hotfix you made, so planes returning from the normal drop dont get massacred like they do now?
  11. SexyCroat

    Some more CV stuff

    this sounds awfully like post 0.8.0. are we considering cvs OP again? i mean you all said rts cvs were op, than flying shima craap was OP (ok ill grant that one) and now it seems everything able to shoot, drop and/or kill you is OP... questionable reasoning at best... BBs are OP they can oneshot a cruiser if hes a total idiot and shows broadside, CVs are OP in the same logic if some harugumo guy aligns himself perfectly to a full Midway DB squad. CVs are not OP,top 5% of CV players are OP and will always be
  12. SexyCroat

    Some more CV stuff

    you forgot the fighter despawn feature, my favourite :)
  13. SexyCroat

    Next Clan battles season format

    well i dont see the problem i really dont see it, youre spoted huh? old haku had 8 squads in the air permaspotting all he wanted.... AA after reowrk is more punishing than before so cvs are in a bad spot atm, and if any of you played (and i know few of you did) old team battles in 7 vs 7 we had cvs, and it worked, and it was fun and people played it....