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  1. Between this and Jutland I think WG have done a terrific job this week.
  2. Development is too slow with the major exception being premium ships and consumable packages. this "game" is being milked really hard.
  3. Kwakks

    A bit worried about the population

    I just cant be bothered playing anymore. Too many bugs, too much imbalance, ssdd. If a games not fun then no point playing it... so I'm not... and it appears thousands of people took the same stance.
  4. Kwakks

    Finding our feet or Sinking fast?

    I think you have hit the nail on the head with a lot of your analysis. Personally I don't think this is shaping up to be a huge success, the game is horribly imbalanced between the classes... OK its still "beta" but to be honest there haven't been many meaningful tweaks in months (other than making HE rounds light everything up like a tinderbox). Its a shame as it had a lot of promise, but sadly the server population speaks for itself... and looking around the forum a number of regulars are playing less.
  5. Kwakks

    Zone wall hugging

    roflmao, its not a cheat, its a game mechanic. It used to drive me insane... but its there, so I'm going to use it
  6. So ladies and gents, There I was in a game in my NC happily cruising along... our carrier spots a destroyer ahead... only a destroyer... I politely asked the mogami to hunt and kill the destroyer... to which he turned around and hid behind me to then ask "why don't you go and get him". Is this really what this game has fallen to? players reaching tier 8 cruiser and still not realising what their primary role is in the rock-paper-scissors game? Have you experienced other fail classes at similar levels? discuss!
  7. How long is the "not enough players in high tiers" going to hold up? I barely log in to the game anymore and when I do its just as bad as it was at the end of week 1 in my NC.
  8. Kwakks

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    BB play at the moment is just unrewarding - you aim perfectly, have the perfect lead, then watch 10/12 shots go anywhere but on the ship from 10-15kms in a tier 8 battleship. Its just dull as dishwater hoping for that RNG citadel hit. Edit: which coincides with me barely playing anymore. The game has gone from something that needed a few minor tweaks here and there in CBT to this mess now - and its disappointing; look how the number of active players is falling off a cliff.
  9. Kwakks

    Is anyone else playing less?

    Chip on their shoulder eh?
  10. I think the torpedoes need to be looked at from a couple of angles... Torpedoes had to be dropped at the right height, right speed, between the crest of waves and then the bomber had to hope that the torpedo he dropped wasn't a dud. With battleships you get RNG even at 2 kms from an enemy ship where you can actually have shells magically appear behind a target (did they go through a black hole or hit dark matter or something?). So what are the options? Increase the committal lead time to manual drop torpedoes - i.e. no last second quick adjustments? Include some small factor of dud torpedoes? In short the exposure time to AA is too little and this become painfully obvious when tier 7/8 cvs will happily engage an Atlanta... and get its in.
  11. Kwakks

    Russian Premium Shop sells Signal Flags

    I don't see the problem with it really; its easy enough to get the 10/day from playing which is more than enough to use in a single gaming session - why would anyone need to buy more?
  12. Kwakks

    Battleships suck BIGTIME....

    The dispersion of shots is a joke. perfectly lead shots lead to complete misses at ~10kms. The sooner they implement the fix the better.
  13. Kwakks

    The edge of the map "Exploit".

    the boundary abuse needs to be fixed, it breaks all immersion.
  14. Kwakks

    When do you think the mm will be fixed Wargaming

    Its completely broken. want to get a good win rate? platoon with two others tier 8 or higher and prosper from the completely dysfunctional mm. Saying to wait for more to get to that level is unacceptable - platoons should be disabled for higher tiers or mm should wait to match equal platoons. Its just pure laziness from the developers.
  15. Kwakks

    When do you think the mm will be fixed Wargaming

    its a fair point ___Y___, its the carrier balance in the MM that is making the rounds distorted. OK straight after I posted here I got placed into this game: