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    Just an average gamer with rare random accidental sparks of geniality that don't always end the way I would like.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for Active, Competitive Players for Clan Battles. All you have to do is do your best when participating in CBs, and be available for such activities like CBs. At this moment I use in game voice chat so no need for TS or Discord now. If you want to join log in into the game, go to the clan search option in your port, search for NOOBZ (with a Z at the end not an S) and then apply. I will review your application and you may be given a chance to show what you are made of. If all of these happen, just be yourself, don't try to impress anybody, especially me. Just relax, play the game and have a good time. Do these and good things will happen. Thank you for you time. All the best. Captain Aim.
  2. HI, I have played many thousands battles, but only a few I could call Good Battles. Team play is something hard to find in everyday gaming. DDs that don't do any spotting and just camp in the cap circle behind a rock for the entire battle, even if the cap is blocked, or worse, DDs that don't start their engines for good minutes are many times a common sighting. Team mates that don't support a push, or who leave their side just to lemming on the other side hoping for some kill steals. All these and many more like these are good reasons to join a team of selected players. Right now we are missing some members so the actual selection will be an ongoing future process. If you are interested to prove yourself in clan battles please apply in game for the clan NOOBZ. The rest is up to you. Once we will get to know each other better you may even like it. :)) Waiting to Review your applications, Captain Aim.
  3. At least the button has got up. All they have to do now is to link the landing page to the event server. They started to work on it yay!
  4. From 4 May at 07:10 CEST until 11 May at 07:10 CEST, all your ships will grant you x2 XP for the first win of the day. This is the last news from the portal, however in my port it shows x1.5 not x2. WTF? I said it many times and I have to say it again: WG games hate me with great passion.
  5. If there are any openings i would love to get hired at your company. Money for nothing is music to my ears....