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  1. drop the sunk cost fallacy of the current attempt to implement or rebuild the entirety of detection mechanics and abilities, and add sonar decoys as a specific ability instead of the dcp hackjob so you have a game that can have subs.
  2. said lovezepplin. in a thread about the continued mis implementation of a class, that was clearly stated as never going to be added to the game.
  3. SkollUlfr

    Lolz.....the future of wows......

    i think that was accidentally my first starter ship in from the depths. those pt tender "CV" things that people talked about years ago?
  4. nothing. the game environment is the social equal of the local council football pitch. you have everything from 10yo's playing tag to pensioners flying kites. just because in that whole mess 10 people show up to play club football at random, doesnt mean anyone else has bring their sunday league best. its almost like weegee never addressed the difference between complex intuitive game mechanics, and simple unintuitive game mechanics. and the fact that the former is often easier to learn. "my ship has radar, others ask for it to be used, im using it" "what do you mean radar runs out of mana?" "why does a microphone need spell slots?"
  5. SkollUlfr

    Rework spotting

    complicated and unintuitive are two very different things. what wows detection displays, is unintuitive and destructively inflexible mechanics. a much more complicated detection system, that reflected real world based intuition, would be much easier to understand.
  6. SkollUlfr

    Sub weapon systems overhaul suggestions

    homing torps: one turn per ping. the fire and forget homing is revolting just to watch with wows hamfisted mechanics. only justification for fully homing torps would be if they torps i can think of, is if the torps are visible while homing. Minimum max: nation specific, following that nations biases
  7. SkollUlfr

    Pretty sure I found a bug?

    i would like to see the griefer with a bb that is fast enough, and has the steering skill to manage to push someone to the border
  8. SkollUlfr

    poor update download performance

    if you use sky broadband, they are your issue.
  9. this is just more "detection mechanics failed years ago" fodder.
  10. SkollUlfr

    CV is not able to spot submarine

    raf had specific training for hitting subs with 25lb AP rockets, fired from the rp3 rocket platform. specifically, the rockets would be fired short of the target sub, where the water would cause them to curve to horizontal to hit the sub.
  11. SkollUlfr

    Wargaming and SUBS...

    raf 14lb AP rockets where useful as asw weapons. they where balanced when first introduced. it was evreything else in the game that was incapable of dealing with subs. no sonar decoy --- instead of hacking nonsense into dcp failed implementation of passive and active sonar/hydro detection. --- instead of the half effort hack of a part fix with the sonar fizz failure of the detection mechanics in general --- they where already failing to deal with basic surface detection failure to add asw capability to surface entities --- instead of bodging in a hacked summon fighter. whats going on now isnt balancing, its bodgework to try and cover the cracks with pollyfilla. rather than having a plan of changes needed for integration subs got dumped on the game and now the devs are playing damage control. because there is as much time and money already dumped into subs as many whole games get before launch. and the managers want to see a return of that, even though the whole thing reeks of managment mishandling a project and failing to address how it would be integrated.
  12. these mechanics are too complicated. clearly subs need supercavitating nuclear torps so there's no need to lead a target, and they hit even if they miss.
  13. i could fix the problem with 5 changes. push the apogee point of the shell arc 20% further to the target. meaning initial firing angle will be lower, and the final angle will be steeper. that way island humpers will need to be further out to clear islands than any return fire. shifting the optimum behaviour from humping islands, to moving. take all shell velocities ingame, and run them through the sequence -350, -30% of the new numbers, and then +350. this should deal with the newb assist railgun shell velocities enough. players would need to closer to get hits and actually learn to lead targets to get hits. and allowing players to manouver against camping targets who currently hold significant advantage. see any kamp on the sea tournament. change the pen calculation to consider shell velosity in pen calculation much more. making it easier to bounce shells at range. again shifting the optimum player action advancing and closing. allow minimap aiming and put icons for blind firing guns on the map for players to shoot at, same as in typhoons. remove the nonsense where the dispersion fields are rotated 90 degrees
  14. SkollUlfr

    thought experiment for wg about detection

    they serve as canaries for detection issues with submarines.
  15. SkollUlfr

    thought experiment for wg about detection

    kamikazi was removed from circulation as it was considered too stealthy and powerful. belfast was removed from circulation as its combination of sonar radar and smoke made it too powerful. im proposing a thought experiment, in which wg developed detection mechanics to account for these ships so they where still available. and asking what those developed changes would have been.