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  1. thank for for participating in this customer satisfaction survey. we at weegee would like to inform you that we have used the data to calibrate just how wrong you all are, in relation to the master spreadsheet of internal metrics. and have used this data to adjust automatically, just how wrong you are, in how we interpret future satisfaction surveys.
  2. 2. there is so much potential. but its squandered behind abysmal balancing, outmoded game mechanics, and p2w design goals. the perk rework being a clear case of selling power. exacerbated by players still trying to pretend there is a foundation for competitive play with how broken everything is. uninstalled months ago, just lurking the forums out of curiosity now and again.
  3. SkollUlfr

    Why am I doing so well with IJN cruisers

    predictable shell velocity curve and low shell arcs make them easy to aim. low gun range at mid tier means you need to be in effective range, which again, makes aiming easier as you dont need to lead as much. which goes well with the higher diameter shell. they also have armour that can actually function.
  4. SkollUlfr

    BSOD after PC goes to sleep

    the update is a coincidence. get a new power supply before it dies and takes other stuff with it.
  5. SkollUlfr

    T 11 when?

    by that logic, so was iowa.
  6. SkollUlfr

    AP overmatch

    "hey new players, we set up the game to make you food for players with higher tier ships. here is the exact numbers why your armour is useless because a calculator says so. we did this to pressure you into opening your wallet for high tier premiums. please stay around so our servers dont get pop crisis"
  7. SkollUlfr

    Best tier 5 premium battleship for beginner

    using a ship this slow without getting left behind requires foreknowledge of how a match commonly runs. the opposite of beginner friendly. the now completely outmoded armour model and pure clunk overpen means it is just food for bb from japanese, german and french lines, especially if they are higher tier. for your suggestion to be valid, wg would need to change the now painfully outmoded overmatch mechanics to % of current pen, not % of calliber. along with a few other tweaks aimed at balancing the game in a way that doesnt exacerbate tiering differences for the monetisation model. as it stands, for a new player, texas would be a pinata that lacks the relative survivability of higher tier usn bb.
  8. completely irrelevant to the point.
  9. SkollUlfr

    tier 10 matches are so unrewarding

    the only thing you are countering is a hyperbolic strawman. you would be as well arguing with shampoo bottles if you want to imagine both sides of the argument like that.
  10. because people like yourself keep clinging to ranked and kots as an excuse to say this game is capable of supporting competitive play, when its utterly broken and increasingly pay-to-win. should wg drop the pretence, it would undermine the credibility of the game to people who think they arent being wallet warriors with their 'meta' ships and paid captain perks, and result in loss of custom from those rpging as competitive gamers.
  11. SkollUlfr

    tier 10 matches are so unrewarding

    originally, the t10 economy only worked if you had premium and played well. but not enough people where willing to pay to suffer the bad balance, and the wallet warriors cried there werent enough people to fill the queues fast enough. which impacted the sale of their precious t10 premiums. so the economy was relaxed to get players into t10. one misconception in game design compounding another. the game design specifically making lower tier ships weaker in an obvious way in order to pressure players to go to high tier. you are basically gaslighting the op about a deliberate and obvious game design choice thats baked in by wg to put monetisation ahead of balance and fun.
  12. SkollUlfr

    Download Game without torrent

    this is your isp throttling torrent traffic. the old answer is: "Edit the wowslauncher.cfg file and change the launcher_transport value to 2, that should make it HTTP. " i dont know if that still applies.
  13. SkollUlfr

    Armada: Hyūga

    thats funny. this is a broken ship thanks to your obsolete and inadequate ballistic and pen mechanics. the only reason you are putting it out as t7 is for the pricing scale. thats a t6 ship with a gimmick slapped on to excuse the uptier for an extra few quid per sale. i do not doubt you know it. its a shipment of buyers regret.
  14. SkollUlfr

    Fix Radar And Hydro Through Islands

    radar and hydro through islands dont impact planes the way aa through islands did, so there will be no fix. oceans do some very odd things to visual detection. depending on weather it could make a ship seem to fly over the horizon at you in the sky, or it can make something invisible. and thats before talking about actually bad weather. part of why radar was so game changing.
  15. SkollUlfr

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    heh. not quite pulling a bigpoint studios with the auction.