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  1. SkollUlfr

    Any one done a yuudachi post yet??

  2. SkollUlfr

    Why do you like to play CVs?

    usually its to go cv secondary build yolo in the ops. sometimes im too drunk to aim or predict targets well when playing at the weekend. cv is more about disruption than damage for me. giving my team the damage opportunities. other times i just feel bitter from a bad day in work and want to screw with peoples plans. bullying a dd or cl out of its hiding spot, or making a bb turn to show its broadside to a friendly amuses me. you prefer 30k+ damage to the 15k-ish t6 TBs will do? ok then.
  3. drop all shell velocities 30% to make evasive manouvers more viable than island humping. make initial firing trajectories flatter and final trajectories steeper to make island humping less viable. make detonations actual massive explosions. make the map edge penalty a flight of nuclear bombers. split salvo fire(actual naval gunnery technique where all turrets fire one gun) manually set torpedo detonation range so they can be used for aoe (literal) splash damage. a russian CV line that launches russian DD as zepplins.
  4. SkollUlfr

    Hyperchallenge for superwhales?

    such a button would need to be hidden behind confirmations, not on the main options menu at all preferably. might i suggest using this button to replace the "ragequit current match" button? nobody uses that anyway, im sure.
  5. SkollUlfr

    Feedback , A noobs high tier experience.

    stick to t6ish. the point of a game is to have fun, and t6 is the most fun since the players are as smart as they are going to get BUT you dont have to deal with t10 mm and game balance.
  6. SkollUlfr


    i have actually stopped playing due to this. im not fighting against broken mechanics. its frustrating, not fun. so im having fun elsewhere until its fixed.
  7. SkollUlfr


    there is a psx game called overboard that had crew jump off your ship when it was on fire. it was only rated 12. though it was rather cartoony.
  8. SkollUlfr

    Community hate and racism against CVs

    i woudl get liver failure trying to drink myself down to the level of govno in the op
  9. SkollUlfr

    CV AI behaving very badly

    bots could always do that. they also have 40kt battleships, know if they can pen before firing, and can see your citedel through your armour like some sorta pervy ship mutant x-ray vision.
  10. SkollUlfr

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    cv should be at tiers 3 5 7 9 not 4 6 8 10 that would allow wg to normalise the t8/9/10 aa dps vs plane hp/dps and the knockon effects its had at lower tiers.
  11. SkollUlfr

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    dynamic rgb light & laser display camo, that lets enemies hear hardbase playing when you get close. heals russian ships by proximity.
  12. SkollUlfr

    effect of target lock on dispersion?

    tch. thats annoying. any ideas why its not just based on the crosshair?
  13. i still think reduction in shell velocity in game is needed to allow cl better evasion chance. they dont have the armour to take hits as is, and i agree it does look like their lives will get harder.
  14. SkollUlfr

    effect of target lock on dispersion?

    i had thought the target lock to be a simple quality of life feature, so people didnt have to keep dragging the mouse to aim relative to a target. but playing with it, i feel like dispersion is worse when not locking targets. is this placebo or actual game mechanics?
  15. SkollUlfr

    Not for console?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbU-4eAxl6I yea. there is a period between 7 and 9 where internet cafe players from a place come on, and get busy hiding at the back, or asking for help to push a flank only to duck behind an island because they just want to use you as a spot monkey. but you learn from these things and factor it into your own play. still, there are easy ways to make yourself part of the crew and part of the ship, in pc gaming.