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  1. SkollUlfr

    Proposal: punishment for low-performers

    player performance based matchmaking would be nice to see, but, wit the player population, the only way to do that would be to use bots to fill out the teams. given wg can make bots that yolo derp and others that can perfectly paddle the slimest of errors i dont think that is impossible. this would allow rewards for play to be adapted away from the tier you play. though i suspect a lot of players would cry about it being warthunder'y.
  2. SkollUlfr

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    reducing their damage would be a likely part of what i am saying. as it is where carriers are now, they must be balanced for; -being end of range at t10(there is no t11, they are at the end of the table) -combating t10 aa -being useful to weaker players. -not getting crushed at t6 (t6 planes in a t8 match are just free point to most ships) just hitting their damage output would make them useless to all but the best cv players at top tier, which is what drove the rework in the first place, while making 'emeralds' of the low tier cv's. knocking them down a tier and levelling off aa power across t8-9-10 a good bit, solves all of that.
  3. SkollUlfr

    battleship underwater torpedo launchers

    that was a fun event, though i thought the torps fired a bit fast... also...i can hear your avatar... i had forgotten about that.
  4. SkollUlfr

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    yep. that way top tier planes and aa could be reduced against t8+9 making them less op, and would give reason to add a little bit of aa to the lowest tier ships. not like the crews of such ships couldnt think "hey, lets bolt some oerlikons here and here". that or it'd stop people whining about the effect of cv in the cb's. that said, if cv where overbalanced, then t10 aa could be reballanced, allowing cv to still enter, but without being quite so decisive.
  5. SkollUlfr

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    cv could be fixed by balancing and moving them to odd tiers instead of even, allowing aa to be levelled out a bit t8+ even if this meant "improvising" top hulls for a few low tier ships to add machine guns. the broken mm is what pains me most, being the only bottom tier cl/ca in a match is painful. i will never like that flooding deals direct hp damage rather than a float hp damage, which would make engine room enhancements much more interesting. as someone who likes the pve, logging in to see defence of newport as the active scenario makes me log out right away.
  6. a lot of the bb's had underwater torpedo launchers irl, what are the chances of these being added in wows?
  7. SkollUlfr

    Why do you like to play CVs?

    usually its to go cv secondary build yolo in the ops. sometimes im too drunk to aim or predict targets well when playing at the weekend. cv is more about disruption than damage for me. giving my team the damage opportunities. other times i just feel bitter from a bad day in work and want to screw with peoples plans. bullying a dd or cl out of its hiding spot, or making a bb turn to show its broadside to a friendly amuses me. you prefer 30k+ damage to the 15k-ish t6 TBs will do? ok then.
  8. drop all shell velocities 30% to make evasive manouvers more viable than island humping. make initial firing trajectories flatter and final trajectories steeper to make island humping less viable. make detonations actual massive explosions. make the map edge penalty a flight of nuclear bombers. split salvo fire(actual naval gunnery technique where all turrets fire one gun) manually set torpedo detonation range so they can be used for aoe (literal) splash damage. a russian CV line that launches russian DD as zepplins.
  9. SkollUlfr

    Hyperchallenge for superwhales?

    such a button would need to be hidden behind confirmations, not on the main options menu at all preferably. might i suggest using this button to replace the "ragequit current match" button? nobody uses that anyway, im sure.
  10. SkollUlfr

    Feedback , A noobs high tier experience.

    stick to t6ish. the point of a game is to have fun, and t6 is the most fun since the players are as smart as they are going to get BUT you dont have to deal with t10 mm and game balance.
  11. SkollUlfr


    i have actually stopped playing due to this. im not fighting against broken mechanics. its frustrating, not fun. so im having fun elsewhere until its fixed.
  12. SkollUlfr


    there is a psx game called overboard that had crew jump off your ship when it was on fire. it was only rated 12. though it was rather cartoony.
  13. SkollUlfr

    Community hate and racism against CVs

    i woudl get liver failure trying to drink myself down to the level of govno in the op
  14. SkollUlfr

    Any logic behind this?

    its divided using the optimum coke to vodka ratio.