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  1. SkollUlfr

    atago b. keep or sell?

    sure. not saying its not a decent boat, i would have just sold it if it wasnt. its the player attitude and moreso the t8mm make me not want to bother. fair enough. i just assume im getting shot at if im spotted.
  2. got the atago b 30 minutes ago. didnt know the boxes gave anything besides the black camos.
  3. SkollUlfr

    atago b. keep or sell?

    are there any pve events this ship qualifies for? how much would i get if i just sold it? i cant be bothered with the rejects from league of leg ends attitude that gets soo common in players t8+, and really dont have time of day for the cancerous mm t8 ships get. but at the same time im curious about keeping a t8 around just because i have the space in port, and the atago seems one of the decent ones. if i keep it, im thinking il skill it with PM because its gonna lose guns if i dont, EM because 30sec traverse sucks, SI for extra heal, CE, AR, DCCA because no radar.
  4. i want detonation to stay, but i would like how it works to be changed. rather than a random event, if the kill shot penetrates the citedel where the magazine is, then the ship blows up in a truly spectacular way. mainly, i would like to see BBs detonate like nukes occasionally.
  5. SkollUlfr

    Interface Changes & Other Improvements 

    can you put operations symbols in the tech tree to show what ships qualify for which PvE operations?
  6. SkollUlfr

    Thanks for wasting my time

    just be glad you arent on sky broadbend. those ********* throttled the connection every time they saw torrent traffic. and soft ball accuse you of pirating wows when you phone to complain about the throttling.
  7. SkollUlfr

    2 Tier Overmatch. Compensation

    this is why i only play t6 with a limited number of t7 mainly for doing pve ops. mm should be +1/-1 as default with only over achiever ships regularly facing +2.
  8. SkollUlfr

    Suggestions thread

    torpedo spread indicator on the water visable to allies once torpedos are fired.
  9. SkollUlfr


    crash even happened in safe mode. though hasnt happened tonight. yet.
  10. SkollUlfr


    no other issues in any other games. about 10 or so currently installed in steam. whatever wows is crashing im having to use winkey+L to logout because the crashed game window covers up task manager. if i just boot my computer up and load wows asap i dont get the no gui issue, just logging back in after a crash. but, the no gui thing reminds me of an old radeon driver settings bug that caused the gui to not show up randomly a few years ago. so maybe there is some interaction with gfx drivers going on. already tried latest stable and latest beta. made no difference.
  11. SkollUlfr


    no impact. starting in safe mode also has the crashes. 5 crashes in 2 matches last night using independance. not only crashing but logging back in to a match in progress means having no GUI.
  12. SkollUlfr

    blackscreen crash worse now

    for me anyway. last patch i got it to stop happening by not using some of the gui mods in the modstation. now even in safe mode i get crashes. if that was all it was it wouldnt bother me too much since my ssd lets me get back into a match in progress in about a minute. now, there is no point, because when i load back in, there is no gui of any kind in the match, making the game unplayable. had 5 crases in 2 matches trying to use independance, so pretty sure its worse with some ships that with others. has there been any eta on a fix for this?
  13. SkollUlfr

    Suggestions thread

    i was thinking more of corner camping cv. im sick to death of chasing those things into corners of maps. but obviously edge riding bb are a problem too, or you wouldnt have mentioned it.
  14. SkollUlfr

    Suggestions thread

    make the map border reduce damage dealt instead of speed. and make proximity to the map border reduce damage if moving slowly. eg, if you arent moving, the entire edge square reduces damage.
  15. SkollUlfr

    Best Operations for grinding credits and xo?

    dont grind your xo. they''l send you to the brig.