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  1. XxFugixX

    EU Server Down?

    4 post saying server is down just look please ?
  2. XxFugixX

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    yup ingame and pop server down not to watch the 5000 posts about the same thing server down ? LOL
  3. XxFugixX

    free looking when dead

    ty both for the help
  4. XxFugixX

    free looking when dead

    ty but it isnt working for me hmmm
  5. XxFugixX

    free looking when dead

    hi i was wondering whats the key bind for free looking when dead is i know clicking will jump to the next ship but thats not what i want i know there is a bind for free look anyone know what it is please thanx
  6. XxFugixX

    Show us your best round.