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  1. BrushWolf2

    Rant: Teamkiller status after 173 HP dmg

    It was changed to the current system because the griefers were abusing the previous system.
  2. BrushWolf2

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    They could have handled it better but it had become a very bad game mechanic. When it took 15 points to get AFT or Concealment Expert it was fairly rare as the safe window was generally fairly small. However with how the captains skills are now it only takes 14 points to get both increasing the safe window by quite a bit opening it up to more ships and players. Something to think about, it is a common complaint that BB's sit at max range and snipe but wasn't invisifiring the same thing with different ships and with near invulnerability? I wonder what the Russian take on this is?
  3. BrushWolf2

    WG hell bent on turning WoWs into Wot

    Why don't people ever come to the forums and complain when they are on the winning side in a run? Remember that some days you are the seal and on others you are the club. if a bad streak gets to you take a break, a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks and go do something else.
  4. BrushWolf2

    Matchmaking Chart

    We did plus/minus 3 in alpha and I carried a better W/R, 53% compared to my NA live of 50%. Sadly we have too many people that refuse to think beyond Cheetos or Lays and Coke or Pepsi.
  5. BrushWolf2

    Cannot reply to or start topics

    I understand why but they also stopped people that had been posting here, shouldn't 200 posts prior to that have some meaning. It did finally clear which is another issue, if you are going to have a requirement the wall should come down as soon as you meet it, not a half hour.
  6. Since this is one of the few sections I can post I am putting this here. First what is this stupidity of requiring 50- matches when I had been posting here for quite some time, had to stop playing here because of being on a different patch from the NA server? I have the required 50 matches, actually more if you count Co-OP but still am limited on what I can do.
  7. BrushWolf2

    Multi Region Mod

    Does anyone know of a working multi region mod. I have no desire to go back to multiple installs. Edit: When was the 50 match requirement to post in much of the forum put in? Apparently having over 200 posts before it was put in didn't count for anything. I was thinking I was looking at closed threads for a bit. Second Edit: I found it in the latest Aslains, the match requirements are still a pain.
  8. Ah, used to NA being the last one to update, thanks.
  9. BrushWolf2


    Lots of players had them saved up and only opened super containers and gifts also counted.
  10. BrushWolf2


    Feeling Good went gold on the NA server and the reward was a standard crate. More than a bit of a let down from the expected commanders present.
  11. BrushWolf2

    Steel Ocean will not be a threat to WoWS

    Both manual AA and secondaries provide a huge boost to their effectiveness at the price of having to micro manage them.
  12. BrushWolf2

    Goodbye and thanks for NOTHING

    This, being bottom tier in WoT in anything except a scout tank that is upgraded and well trained is an exercise in being able to do nothing, you can't hurt the top tiers and you can't scout because you are spotted long before you can spot the enemy. In WoWS any ship can hurt any other ship, an Eire can hurt a Yamato. The main problem that being bottom tier brings is being out ranged so you have to think more like a DD and try to get into ambush positions. Since you are leaving Baba, can I have your stuff?
  13. BrushWolf2

    Steel Ocean will not be a threat to WoWS

    True but false, there are quite a few arcade flying games but very few historical MMO arcade flyers that cover the era that both WT & WoWP cover.