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  1. Welderold

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    Ah okey. I've never been in a situation before I have regular ship without a captain. Thanks. :)
  2. Welderold

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    Captains from premium british BB (Hood and Warspite) are not valid to new Britsh BB without Gold (Belleprohn, Orion etc)???
  3. Welderold

    Too many same ships

    Not necessarily, if you disposed of the fact that the battle must be 24 participants. Rank battles (update 0.4.1) is for 14 players.
  4. Welderold

    Too many same ships

    Hello! World of warships is a great game, but I had one suggestion, which it would be even better. Wargaming may not be fully taken into account (or did not care) that it is what works for tanks and airplanes, does not work on ships! The same type of tanks and planes can be together in the fight numerous and it is not a problem, and so it was in real life. But when the ship battle is 12 Tirpitz, Cleaveland or Ohio, so the game mechanics slump completely. My suggestion would be that the battle could be up to 2 of the same ship. If this is a problem for the current game mechanics, then it must be changed! If this continues like this, so much fun the game is lost. Thank you for the time to read. -welderold
  5. Welderold

    Ranked Battles

    Have you ever read WoWS main page? Here it is... http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/game-update-041-pt-announcement/​
  6. Welderold

    how many draws do you have?

    Amazing numbers you have. My numbers: Battles 425, Victories 48% (204), Dravs 4.3% (18), Defeats 47.7% (203).
  7. Welderold

    Solution to sliders?

    No, not "teleport"! Just turning the ship that speed what it moves when it crossing the blue line. When ship is back to game area, players control comes back.
  8. Welderold

    Solution to sliders?

    I do not understand some of the need to defend game "flaws". Is this the same thing as when trying to form a team of random players? All have their own opinion right. This is a Beta, the purpose of which is to develop the game to perfection with our help? In some games, this has been resolved so that the blue line crossed player will automatically be rotated out of there (World of war planes, war thunder). Why does not the same could be done here too? After the sound of warnings, of course.
  9. Welderold

    Horny Cat

    Sorry, one more. Here is the 'real sound' of WW2 sea battle (Youtube video). The alarm can be heard, but not all the time. The wind and the waves of the sea sounds does not hear at all. In the game these are audible even when the guns shoot continuously. What makes louder sound, 400mm cannon or seagull, wind and waves? Volume settings are: Quality:high general volume level: full music: none sfx volume: full interface volume: full engines noise:full voice messages volume: full War Sounds - Epic Battle at Sea - Ambience: And now, goodbye and thanks.
  10. Welderold

    Horny Cat

    I did not mean it! I meant that the WG told that it has changed the game sounds more realistic due to feedback. I mentioned this120mm only for comparison of real sounds, and with what we hear now in the game. But there is clearly prohibited from saying anything negative from game. Thus leaving the whole forum and I enjoy just this great game as it is, even though it has some minor flaws (IMO).
  11. Welderold

    Horny Cat

    What is this horny cat's voice, which is almost all the time? "MoooOOOOooo ... moooooOOOooo ...." It will soon be forced to mute all sounds. And sound of big guns. I've heard of a ship 120mm cannon shoot (look my avatar). It sounds litle different, as the champagne bottle popping sound in the game. WG tells at they chance sound system after beta weekend, but to me it sounds exactly the same. (5.1 speekers)
  12. Welderold

    Piasters when I get these?

    Inverse-IV,this is true. I now have only 1 empty slot, and I do not know what to do next, Do I sell the lower-level ships, or will I remain here. One country and 6 ships. Mayby ok one or two days or even week, but what then, uninstall?
  13. Welderold

    Piasters when I get these?

    Yes, I know they have been wiped, but Wargaming News (link of first message) tells that: "If you have taken part in our Beta Weekends, you will get a certain amount of Credits and Free Experience refunded on your account. In addition, we’ll add some Piasters on top of it all, to get you on your way! The table below shows tiers into which these rewards are divided."
  14. Welderold

    Piasters when I get these?

    Ohoi, After Beta weekend I got IV tier and also Ship Commander stuf... Now I got 1M credits and 25K xp, nothing piasters. Is this some bug or can I get these later? http://worldofwarships.eu/en/cbt/news/cbt-wipe-reward/?emst=yMUfg7dbJu_10648_301095_18