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  1. RAYvenMP

    way to op

    double xD
  2. RAYvenMP

    way to op

    so, i guess you were then AFK for the rest of the battles?
  3. RAYvenMP

    Bismarck Help

    well, you play BB solo. It is impossible to reach 90% WR longterm solo. Best players in the world are around 70% solo (and majority will be CV players, as its the only class that can cover each flank) PR is also bit better indication of skill than WR there is one guy with 73% solo, considering how crap T8 german BBs are in T10, damn impressive
  4. RAYvenMP

    As predicted, cheat torps/subs get a boost

    that probably wont tell much since ppl have access to subs only for 3 days of of 14 days sprint, and i have personally ranked out two sprints before even unlocking T8 subs in silver league Subs popularity will be fine, it offers similar gameplay like IJN DDs - sit in safety and spam torps max range. Top 5 most played DDs 4 are IJN (and a gearing, what with Leg mod and 16km torp is IJN in disguise). People love them ninja torp beats
  5. RAYvenMP

    As predicted, cheat torps/subs get a boost

    its 6km on cruisers, 10-11km on T8-T10 BBs 25% slower only if detected
  6. RAYvenMP

    As predicted, cheat torps/subs get a boost

    how exactly did the OP decrypted that the changes coming are Subs buffs? they are about to give ASW to every ship (poor Dutchies) - and air dropped AWS is the worse for subs. Single firing torps mean nothing with homing torps
  7. so i blap shima in smolensk i get more EXP than when GK do the SAME damage but with secondaries? how stupid is that, i would argue is much more dangerous/harder to do it in said GK
  8. based on my experience none of this is true, and no idea what kind of confirmation WG gave, but EXP is rewarded based on percentage of HP dealt to ships. 100% HP of shima is worth the same as 100% of yamato, obviously it is not gonna be the same dmg done (20k vs 100k). It is also much more likely that your secondaries will deal lets say 40k dmg to BB, but rarely 8k dmg to DD (what would be around equal EXP) i had a 2500 Base game in cossack recently with 50k dmg done nearly all to just DDs. Its not about the dmg number, few overpens on DD can be worth more than few citadels on BB if the % of HP was higher. There are other factors like tier difference bonus etc. What i am not sure is how lets say stock module, SE or heals affect the EXP, but i would not be surprised if WG made it just 100% no matter what heals seem to increase the EXP, because the % of dmg done remains the same but HP can double (200k to conqueror is better than 20k to shima), thats sadly why the backline HE spammers can earn more EXP for killing one BB than the DD playing objectives and getting one 100% DD kill
  9. RAYvenMP

    Vigenère mission chain: a possible hidden code?

    if that mission was legit, so wow, like 20k captain EXP? holy crap they are spoiling us indeed
  10. like most T8 CV its gets fucked in T10 (specially in team full of Dutch abominations, because the AA is about the only thing solid on them) but you can still chase DDs well (unlike other CVs) or as last resort skip bomb outside AA. so the battle impact is solid
  11. oh man, i will so [edited]grind RU CVs if they are anything close to this Chalkov crap I think it should be rule that every new line is borderline OP at least for a month so i can grind it and then forget it when (over)nerfed.
  12. RAYvenMP

    Vigenère mission chain: a possible hidden code?

    its the old supercontainer mission that bugged yesterday, but instead of removing it they changed it into this
  13. This is a topic how bad/boring to grind those lines are and you have literally either not played those ships or used FXP to progress (stopped T7 for Dutch, 8 games in Shultz or 20 games in Kansas & Minnesota also means you mostly free EXP to T10) You also stopped EU DDs in T8 but at least we agree on Italians.
  14. everything after that was tragical. 20knts BBs with 40s reload, can't be more boring. DDs that "specialize" in killing cruisers? seriously? Shotgun SAP BBs that can't hit crap from 10km+, wow. And now these Dutch CAs with BC level of reload, shitty HE/AP and bad accuracy. Gimmicks won't make it fun when the core concept of the class is fundamentally wrong with these new lines At least we have 50 new premiums to redeem it right?