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  1. RAYvenMP

    End of an Era

    Edited* @OP play around with "P" button and don't overextend. And don't get caught stationary by CV bombers. that's all the magic good CV players wont even bother with DDs if they dont have to because dealing dmg to decent DD is very unreliable, rockets often fail if the DD knows how to disable/enable AA properly and DBs are very RNG (but extremely deadly if you allow CV to line up the drop perfectly and RNG will screw you over) obviously, if you miss-position too much or become serious threat, they will go after you and get you killed Please try to stay away from personal remarks.
  2. in the RTS CV era, the carriers definitely had higher dmg potential than BBs, hence why the elite T10 emblem for CV required 130k average and BB emblem required 108k. i think its pretty obvious by now that those days are gone. TX BBs keep sitting at around 90k, so only 18k above average and you get it. CV on the other hand with 70k average would have to pull almost double to unlock it, and i doubt that any kind of balancing will change that. i think the emblems should be equally accessible for all classes also for new players who did not get the chance/time to play RTS mode
  3. so the Air supply containers arrived to premium shop today and i was wondering if you can get the ship mission drop (Hood, Duke of York, Vanguard, or Edinburgh) even if you already have those ships in port? anyone had it happen? It would be really great WG when you are selling something to list such info at the product description along with duplicate compensation details.... edit: found this, so i guess duplicates are possible, but compensation is credits only. If you already have any of these ships in your Port, you'll receive compensation in credits equal to the base price of the ships, including any active discounts.
  4. RAYvenMP

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    i sense lot of purple in the air my favorite quote "was unavailable only 13 seconds during whole operations period" AHAHAHAAAAAA
  5. RAYvenMP

    British CV`s - Im soooo excited !

    Hakuryu average dmg is still way above Midway due to 0.8.0. It will take several weeks for it to "even out"
  6. RAYvenMP

    Awarding team play with XP

    most EXP in this game revolves around dealing dmg and capturing objectives. Its not always fair, but its the least abusable source of EXP and core mechanics of the game are tied with dealing dmg and not receiving dmg. I am pretty sure that WG considered giving out more EXP to teamplayers like BBs tanking, DDs spotting ships and torps or smoking the team, but people can be very "creative" and easily start abusing it. Imagine GK going full survival spec just sitting somewhere doing nothing but farming potential dmg - how much potential dmg should give him 2k base exp? is 4-5m potential worth the same as 200k dmg done? and most important, what player skills is required to get 4m potential?
  7. RAYvenMP

    Cant mount permanent camo

    its called "Lunar New Year" permacamo from the boxes. Lo Yang one is pretty sweet tho
  8. RAYvenMP

    Radar in Ranked.

    we can't have +1/-1 MM due to queue times because 10-20k concurrent players is apparently not enough for MM adjustments now i can imagine that there are just few dozen of players available at times in the R5+ bracket. If they can't make changes in MM with 20k players pool, what are the chances they will do in ranked with pool of few hundred?
  9. RAYvenMP

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    same thing over and over. 1.Midway - the only CV that can arguably still perform well 2.one special super unicum player stats in one single ship to prove "balance of all CVs" . I guess it's kinda obvious by now that uptiering of T6/T8 is the worse problem 3.most of his games are before 8.0.3 when Midway was adjusted, he is below 200k now that guy obviously knows how to stack dots, don't forget there is flooding change behind the doors also
  10. RAYvenMP

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    why would i bother countering someone who has no clue? you think that someone who did hundreds of anti-CV posts but with 0 experience in playing the class would listen? It's his own personal anti-CV crusade (what is kinda funny, considering he is cruiser main and planes are just free EXP for them). I have provided the facts to the audience - he does not play CVs, never played CVs and has no intention to play CVs so all his knowledge of the class comes from "that guy over there told that". That's enough for others to know before they start arguing with him. when 0.8.0 hit us, forums were full of "CVs OP, spotting OP, haku broken" etc. now after 3 hotfixes everyone is asking why are CVs unplayable and nerfed to the ground. These posts are made by ppl who actually play the class, looking for advice or trying to highlight a problem... telling them "git gut, check this guy with 200k average in Midway" is not gonna help.
  11. RAYvenMP

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

  12. RAYvenMP

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    not true? so you have finally managed to unlock at least T4 CVs? oh, you did not.
  13. RAYvenMP


    http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000000010000000100010100119 is cookie cutter she has unlimited defAA and very situational radar (especially when uptiered) so definitely DE over SI, but if you wanna keep using that captain on Seattle or Wooster, then SI ofc. slot1 - main armaments mod (u dont wanna loose turrets or torp tubes) and most of your AA comes from your 127mm DP guns slot2 - rudder mod - broken rudder will kill you, broken propulsion will slow u down. slot 3 - AA mod 2 slot 4 - i prefer propulsion module, she is and island hugger dont bother with AA much, she does not have mid range aura so her AA dps is crap, just make sure you got AA vector facing the right way and use defAA if getting dropped.
  14. RAYvenMP

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    For someone, who is so critical of a ship class he never touched, you sure write some bs yourself. Still writing big anti-CV poems in every carrier thread, what CVs should do or should not do ... without ONE SINGLE GAME played before or after rework. thats some ridiculous trolling dedication real CV apocalypse will come on 28th. WG will want ppl to spend money, doubloons, FXP, buy the premium RN CV, they are gonna be beasts. Save some energy for that. PS: the guy who has 250k average in Midway, after the hotfix #3 is at 145k (his 5 battles yesterday), RNG?
  15. RAYvenMP

    CV Replay - Pinpoint bombing and rocketz ( )

    so now everyone who breaks 100k in T10 CV gonna make video about it? Are CVs actually THAT bad?