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  1. RAYvenMP

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    one of the reasons this game is not growing (together with already limited target audience) is that WG won't just listen to "quality of life" changes, WG intentionally does not want players to overly enjoy the game, hoping that frustration will force ppl to take out the wallets. we wont ever have any fair MM or system that would reward good players and punish bots, it would simply make the game too good.
  2. RAYvenMP

    Educate me on AA please!?!

    yes master. one last mystery to solve. With such brutal dmg potential, that you obviously mastered to the limits, how come you don't deal more dmg in reworked CV than in RTS ones? I mean, imagine that potential, some 20-30% extra would be reasonable right, how come even you can't do it?
  3. RAYvenMP

    Educate me on AA please!?!

    yea, i had that happen too, but when i happens once in 100 drops i hardly take it as measure of performance
  4. RAYvenMP

    Educate me on AA please!?!

    yes, and Shima's theoretical torp alpha is 345 000, thats whole enemy killed on one drop, right? anyway, good for you that you are landing 22k HE bombs hits on Minos, but i am not
  5. RAYvenMP

    Educate me on AA please!?!

    1. So there is faster way of killing ship than one-shot it from 100-0% ??? that's...interesting 2. yes, currently AP bombs have highest alpha of all CV strikes and that applied just to 3 CVs. Taking "half of HP" is the best theoretical outcome, with much more variables/RNG and counter-play available than it was in RTS era. I can't even get guaranteed triple-citadel to stuff like Kremlin or Moskva, but you can do that to any cruiser? 3. DM was dead-meat the moment it got targeted by Midway AP bombers and was "camping" somewhere. DefAA or not, or even managing to somehow shoot down one bomber squad, it did not matter. If you claim this not be true, sorry but that's blatant lie. out of all the problems that CVs have or cause, their damage output is not one of them. for 95% of the population it is worse than before, and super-unicums are performing around the same dmg wise
  6. RAYvenMP

    Educate me on AA please!?!

    EXACTLY! lets go back to RTS era and AP bomb them for full HP! I remember those DMs with defAA on had much counterplay against left-click-delete back then. good ol' times, good ol' times #restoreGZglory
  7. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    out of all the stupid things that "average" RTS CV players use to do, not helping friendly DDs getting perma-spotted was the most common one. They were too busy to move their big pile of planes all together at the map edge. On the other hand, why to perma-spot DD when you could just cross-drop the poor dude and end his misery instantly well, 2-3 as i said. Haku and BigE are obvious, Shokaku feel way to situational and often underwhelming with 3-bomb drop. One torp drop usually equals to double-cit in damage, and you aren't guaranteed double cit (let alone triple-cit) even in perfect drop on stationary target.
  8. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    or the fact that you could light up whole map, each cap and each DD and still keep dealing major dmg on the other side of the map? What you have now, one squad that either spots or deals dmg (if you dont plan to fly with rockets whole game) there are maybe 2-3 CVs that have somewhat reliable AP bombers - would not call T6 or GZ AP bombs threatening at all. DDs are immune, most of the French and UK BBs are immune. Haku and BigE work well, but its still ton of RNG and variables to call it reliably "tons of cit damage". I often feel that being able to waste enemy DCP so the team can cook/flood him afterwards is more deadly.
  9. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    dont forget nearly triple average kills per game despite lower dmg i dont really care if reworked CVs do more or less dmg, they can't take you out in one strike, this gives you options and a chance to possibly recover from mistake it all depends on players, some don't plan at all, some plan and adjust only during battle and the best ones plan all the time from the moment loading screen pops and they see what the ship can/can't do and what enemy CV can do. i don't think WG sees raw numbers for CV as high, only problem that remains is extensive spotting of DDs and AA performance across 5 tiers that T8 CVs can face, but it is still far better now than it was in previous patches. Might end up unsolved, as buffing AA for T6/T7 will screw up T6 CVs. Only solution i can think off is that CVs will have +1/-1 MM, but that will open up (again) some division's abuse problem.
  10. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    i have somewhat calculated 5k based on your average (100k/20min) = 5k/per min, very very roughly (sometimes you get to drop twice, sometimes targets are closer or of course most games wont last 20min) theoretical maximum drop on DM is 24k (7% torp protection) and chances to land 4 torps or being able to get 2 full drops with 1 plane squad are abyssal. If you "avoid" torp belt 7%, it will saturate bow and stern for next drop (if he wont repair) so it will be roughly the same anyway. I am not sure i would be targeting T10 cruisers with defAA with Saipan TBs, thats half of the deck gone, but stationary DM is little bit situational case.
  11. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    yea, you are right 6 games or 50 is not really representative. Happy to see your climb to "old" solo 90% WR in new Saipan, good luck with that. It is great she felt more powerful and you could land that 5k strikes vs T10 AA every minute. Those "push strikes" unfortunately wont matter much compared to crippling or eliminating whole ship every 2 minutes in RTS Saipan - and as a bonus, you completely eliminated also enemy CV from the game. Only hope vs Saipan was unicum Dogfighting expert AS Ryujo...but how common was that? hence the 90% WR, and you were not unique, much much worse players could sit above 70% playing the broken ship
  12. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    good. How did it turn out? felt she is more powerful than before? i guess not.
  13. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    yes, T7 Saipan was immune to T10 AA - because it was T7? you know how MM works right? ONE WHOLE BATTLE. my god. you are ready to write memoirs of Saipan now can you explain to general incompetent public what exactly is purpose of this thread again? To what? You want RTS CVs back or new CVs nerfed or what exactly? Or something about Saipan specifically? because statement that old Saipan performed worse or was harder to play is just....ridiculous. PS: send my regards to Fara on Chinese server and have a good time over there.
  14. RAYvenMP

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    so, OP is trying to say that reworked Saipan is stronger than RTS Saipan? Are you for real? Did all the players have lobotomy in 8.0 or they really don't remember what that ultimate seal-clubbing monster could do in RTS era? And proof of that is attacking AFK bots with AA disabled? T7 Saipan was immune to TX AA and enemy CV became just a decoration 5mins into the game. Saipan was not about massive dmg, it was complete domination, it was 12vs11 from the moment game loaded. Saipan+Belfast+Atlanta/Flint was easy way to 90% WR, it was disgusting. @El2aZeR how about you actually go play Saipan, you know, with AA and moving ships and stuff? Is it some "purple" block in your head that denies you to take out mediocre CVs or what? you do like 300 CV games a month, is it so hard to do at least 5 in Saipan to even understand what kind of impact enemy AA has to Saipan's gameplay? I mean, you obviously can get out of the Midway/Enterprise syndrome since you expanded the list with Hosho (heh). i mean, you are respected CV player, but this fact that you make eternal wisdom topics about ships YOU NEVER PLAYED (literally 0 games in Saipan since 8.0), just triggers me all the time.
  15. RAYvenMP

    Lock On bug - 2.0

    it could be just "confirmation bias", but i got a feeling that the dispersion gets wonky just when i manually X the target, when i let the game to auto lock on it seems fine