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  1. - i call BS if what you are saying is that "CV dropped me 3 times per flight". Halland alone would deny more than one drop per flight + whole squadron lost - if the CV attached you with 3 different DB squads consecutively, i call BS also, because Haku can't even launch 2 full DB squads in a row, let alone 3. Again, Halland alone would cause 90-100% losses each run CV could technically DB drop you 3 times even with massive losses, but over period of ~10mins or so. If you were so keen that you are "full target" maybe it would be good idea to reconsider your position. Most of the decent CV players wont attack blob of AA ships if it is not absolutely necessary, like radar cruiser holding strategical point, but that does not mean you must hold it until death - I can also play aggresive with Yamato with enemy shima's on the flank, but when i get low, i try to retreat. many US CA players have thins impressive mentality that "this is my island i will defend till death" and it is funny to see that. At least Stalin/Moskva's don't have a choice, but US cruisers have conceal/agility to at least try to retreat
  2. RAYvenMP

    Down yet again

    it would have been an 5min one sided stomp anyway with shitty exp for both teams, at least thats how 9/10 of my games look like. working as intended, why do you think WG allows now to mount 21 signals? to make us burn thru them ASAP so then they can sell us 10 for $5 in lootboxes with super special 20% discount
  3. MM, let alone uptiering, has nothing to do with WR - that is purely about individual skill (or skill of your division friends). If you average out 30% after 500 games, problem is you, 100% guaranteed one chimpanzee learning a sign language does not mean that we should have chat with every monkey in a world now
  4. RAYvenMP

    Is it worth buying the Oveckin containers?

    you are paying €3 for 10 special signals + 10 camo, everything else is RNG you most likely wont get if you buy just a few of them. if you don't want to pay that much just for signals and camo and want the captain the most, buy the captain drop chance for special missions seems to be around 3% based on my own experience, so pretty bad if you are after the special drops
  5. RAYvenMP

    Owners of Moskva perma camo.

    thats a cool story bro, so you are paying 50dubs per game, but somehow don't wanna buy the perma camos (which as you say, are great return value, so people who already have them should not ask for compensations) it is also just a coincidence that you unlocked Moskva just month ago, but your opinion is of course completely unbiased and fair, while others are just jealous for not getting free stuff wow. when will they re-open the schools please, my brain can't handle this anymore
  6. RAYvenMP


    because this is perfectly fine attitude in this business, for the same effort reward one guy and call the other one just "jealous" when he gets nothing. you are truly special people. One can only wonder why would you support such obvious scam.. oh wait
  7. RAYvenMP


    pretty funny how people forgot how perma camo compensations worked during US CA or RU DDs splits. Or even how ships research worked for ships you already owned Compare that to the shitshow WG offers now Not sure if WG is being greedy or desperate to resort to decisions like this, but i am sure that pleasing bunch or freeloaders with free stuff and pissing off paying players may not exactly turn profitable in the long run.
  8. RAYvenMP

    Owners of Moskva perma camo.

    who the hell would buy consumable camos for cash? Is WG even selling that for $$$? apart from the 200%EXP one you can get for dubs (that i am pretty sure only the most crazy ppl pay for)
  9. RAYvenMP

    A little fun

    for that you need both pinky PR and WR, so you are still like 1% to go. But considering you did that solo, in a division you would get 5-10% bump. people with 65%+ WR in solo are real monsters and can reach 75%+ in divisions. Unfortunately most of those are toxic as [edited]and you would want to slap them IRL.
  10. RAYvenMP

    Owners of Moskva perma camo.

    everyone has a car now, all fair and cool. good job WG, reading the forums and dev blog it seem that you managed to get support on this from total of 3 guys, who "coincidentally" did not buy the camo, so they will get it for free. They are so happy about it that from now on they will keep on buying perma camos like crazy to return back some love. Or maybe they won't.
  11. RAYvenMP

    Owners of Moskva perma camo.

    what the .... ???? sorry, but i wont bother anymore, you just keep repeating the same crap over and over in a wall of text and i am tired of that. Your whole point stand on the fact that those who already paid for that camo, got it paid back in the form of extra silver/exp over time. That is all cool, but nowhere in the "WG rules" for duplicates compensation time period of owning the duplicated item ever mattered. I have bought London bundle with the golden camo day 1, and month later when the directives ended i got dubs compensation for both ship and the camo. Same as people who bought the bundle day 5 or after a week or one day before directives ended. i am not here to convince you if what they are doing is right or wrong. I have paid the money, and in my opinion, they will take away my $20 camo from the Tech tree ship and won't give me any replacement During every single line splits WG did this differently, but i guess some cool sales guys wanna try something new to get few extra $$$ from people. They definitely wont get that extra $$$ for perma camo from you, and this this neither from me
  12. RAYvenMP

    Owners of Moskva perma camo.

    i don't really follow your logic man It is absolutely irrelevant if they are giving out the free camo to everyone or 5/10/500/10k people. they are giving it to EVERYONE who researched Moskva and some of those will already OWN the camo hence for them it will be duplicate. Duplicate that they paid $$$ for, hence it should qualify for compensation just like any other duplicate that was earned for real money was compensated in the past. And it absolutely does not matter if i had that camo for 1 day or 5 years. Every single time there was premium ship as reward in some even't, those who already purchased that ship got doubloons instead for duplicate (Gorizia, London and many more in the past including the special camos that came with the bundles) Nowhere was it written that i can't own that ship longer than a month to be eligible because "i already had my fun for the money spent" It is obvious that your are one of those JoeTheSmarts and for whatever stupid reason you defend this because i guess somehow it makes you feel better that some others get fucked over. But karma is a [edited], you got lucky this time, but if they get away with this, next time you might get fucked over with us.
  13. RAYvenMP

    Owners of Moskva perma camo.

    that's exactly the point. i bought 120+ premium ships, i got permacamos on 90% of T10 ships and all of the Halloween/Space camos. I don't even use those camo's and i certainly don't give a crap about 5k dubs, but i don't like being treated like an idiot who can't put 2 and 2 together just because they claim that 'we are cool, we don't take, we give freebies dude!"
  14. RAYvenMP

    Owners of Moskva perma camo.

    so you are saying that getting a "free" premium camo that i already have is not duplicate because ... i already have it? Isn't the "already own" part kinda pre-requisite for the whole duplicate thing? JoeTheSmart gets premium camo for free JoeTheFool paid for the same camo $20 both Joe twins end up with the same thing in the end, just JoeTheSmart saved up $20 see the difference?
  15. RAYvenMP

    A little fun

    https://wows-numbers.com/player/528445629,OldschoolGaming_YouTube/ PS: you won't find the "first ever Kraken" there, but works for everything else