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  1. Izumo exists for one and only reason - to get skipped by FXP to Yamato. No premium or even FXP ship made WG more money than Izumo did
  2. RAYvenMP

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    *edited* how can you even argue about state of RN CL, when even for you they are the worst performing ships you play Neptune is for pure masochists, Edin uptiered Fiji and only redeeming moment of the line is Mino (that required unicum-level player to perform as agerage Joe in DM) and infamous Belfast. I dont give a damn if they get buffed or not, but the stats (including yours) and level of frustration of many players hint that RN CLs arent in a good spot in current meta
  3. RAYvenMP

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    This. I choose SI over BFT, because the heal is just so good and you cant take FP, so you gonna burn alot ManSec vs CE...dont get fooled by "default buffed accuracy on Massachusetts" It may not matter when you are 1v1 another BB from 5km, but you will be often in T10, often barely at the edge of your secondary range, and you WANT your secondaries to hit stuff over 8km.
  4. PT is one of the best 1pt skills, and it gives lot of useful information to player over the course of battle. on DDs, i still pick PM because PT is often useless (even on the the RU gunboat ones) CA/CL needs PT, for a cruiser it is absolutely vital to know how many enemy ship are targeting you, either as US/RN to know if there is not spotter plane sniper shooting you in your "safe island position" or for kiters (INJ/KM/RU/FR) to evaluate when and what evasive maneuvers to take BBs - not so crucial to take PT as people make it to be, but still better than PM. here it depends on your BB build but PT is still biggest value for 1pt It gives you info on amount of ship on your flank at the start, info when it would be the best to show a bit broadside for max dmg and most DD players wont bother to "fake" their torps, so you can see when they drop the fishes - PT wont make you immune to torps lol, but based on last known DD location, DD type, friendly ships around you it can help you to survive. I had several games where i ended up alone in BB vs DD and PT played key role in surviving the encounter
  5. osobny rekord (2500 base exp prehra).... a co si nepotopis sam, prezije...
  6. RAYvenMP

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    all good, just swap PT for PM for T1 and u got pretty much cookie-cutter BB build. next 4 points usually are AFT or FP, and last 3 BFT/Vigilance T4/5/6 is quite CV heave, so going AFT+BFT+module and AA flag could give some solid AA. Fire Prevention looks like not so great choice for current DCP version with short CD (i am not fan of FP in general, except mb Yamato once the T10 is flooded with CQs)
  7. RAYvenMP

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    every BB has 5 heals, but higher HP, what kind of argument is that... my stats means nothing, especially those of low tier silver ships, as i played those 2 years ago, back when i thought that "citadel" is some capture point on the map. looking at the global stats, OKT.R. is doing great, so either its "low sample thing" or i have simply forgot how T5 looks like in a BB, so its standard to not hit a barn from 15km most of the time.
  8. RAYvenMP

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    5 charges of DCP with SI/premium, in current HE spam meta, gl lowest HP of all T5 (its even lower than most T4 lol) 300mm guns with bad velocity, scoring good hits on BBs is miracle, to get at least some good pen damage you need to be goddam close, but have i mentioned that 40k hp? dispersion is brutal...you can hit cruisers hard, but hitting them 10km+ is another miracle bad AP alpha, penetrations do tiny dmg, 356mm guns, even with less barrels are simply much better armor is OK (but nothing even remotely special), too bad if you stay angled you do nothing due to guns layout it would be all much easier if you can get to effective range for these guns, but with 40k HP its suicide... and all this above, i just considered T5....now imagine T7, when rest of the T5 BBs stay at range or HE spam, you are doomed
  9. RAYvenMP

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    can you tell me which T5 BB is worse than OKT.R and why? right now i see it as absolute turd in T5
  10. RAYvenMP

    the "carry harder!" thread

  11. there is no whining here, its simple and reasonable request... what is your problem exactly? except that you already completed the missions and playing "i am done, [edited]the rest" attitude
  12. took me 2 games to find out that with 9s drop delay u wont hit crap except completely stand still ships... do you understand that T8 CV has 40k average dmg? that means no stock grind and most likely ppl with at least some CV skill bought $50 ship ...still 20% less than the ships who you first need to play crap ton of games with T7 planes in T9/T10 games to unlock modules... i am listening, but i am not sure what are you trying to tell me...that its good ship or that's its possible to win even in the worst ship in game? Thats all fine, but its still broken, in testing phase and paying customers should not be punished for that..
  13. how come that your average is 70k and server wide average 40k? let alone the 40% WR as i said, i know that i can "get some wins" in it. But the ship is crap and unfun and WG confirmed it, so my question was only if they can extend to mission so i don't have to torture myself doin it (that i wont anyway in current setup)
  14. https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3762272048,Graf-Zeppelin/ i saw lot of ppl in the GZ Test ships throwing games, but thats because WG gave us test ships w/o modules, ability to use GZ camo and ppl wont re-train captain for it.There are also game missions to earn containers and elite exp...and since wins/stats dont count on test ships, ppl just do yolo/afk to get the missions done.
  15. its hands down worst performing T8 CV in absolutely every statistics.... and HE loadout is so unfun to play as AS Lex, except in AS Lex you can at least shut down enemy CV... anyway, this topic is not about quality of GZ, that was already decided and is being reworked.