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  1. RAYvenMP

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    heads up for those who desperately want the camos for whatever reason but don't wanna shed big buck - the RNG boxes seem to have rather high drop chances for it. I bough 2x5 and got both perma-camos and both captains in first 7 boxes. I received Kong twice and Zilla once. Just be warned, that its small sample and could have been just RNG. edit: 10 boxes
  2. lemme guess, you don't have Belfast, Enterprise, Cesare ...? edit. Oh, bingo!
  3. RAYvenMP

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    unfortunately, it is only Enterprise that can feel dirty at this point. Rockets on other CVs are either completely useless (KM CVs, TTs) or easy to mitigate/miss like HVAR/RN. Only way to reliably deal big dmg to DDs is them sailing broadside, and with this change/delay they would have to sail broadside for like ~10s to get good dmg. Most CV players can't even kill a DD that is rushing them for 10mins, after this change, the DD would have to be retarded to die to CV
  4. RAYvenMP

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    lets not turn this in AA discussion. The age of "I am immune to this class" is gone. If you really believe that some notorious "AA cruisers" would just laugh at 100 planes attacking them IRL, no they would not, she would go down in a matter of minutes. Bismarck got sunk by biplanes...
  5. so in the recent DEV blog WG showcased new mechanic for CVs and Rocket planes So how do the CV and non-CV players see this change? Seems that WG is keen on approaching CV vs DD interactions by lowering dmg from CV to DD but keep the spotting as it is.
  6. RAYvenMP

    Hyuga in the Armory

    That camo was available for dubs for Hayate ingame, is that not the case of Hyuga?
  7. RAYvenMP

    Proposed nerfs for RN CL's

    funny thing is that CQ and Thunderer are about equal in total games played on EU, thats brutal considering one is tech tree ship and other is coal nerf to mid tier RN CL is probably due to inc. ranked that will focus on T6/T7 and smoke cruisers are pain for many BB players to deal with . Unfair this, unfair that, go figure. We should also expect surge of premiums to be release around that season that will "beat them" to boost sales
  8. FDR is new ship, Stalin has 15x more games and Thunderer has 30x more games. They clearly consider it, because if they would go only after the stats, then Bourgogne is absolute best T10 ship by far, yet has only 1/10 of games played compared to Thunderer, despite it being much older ship
  9. for like ~10k RB points i would maybe consider it, but considering that those upgrades already been thought series of nerfs and you may just end up with pile of junk over time for that much RB points, i probably wont get any upgrade anytime soon I would still maybe get Gearing one if i did not already had it, possibly Yamato, rest are either not worth it or useless
  10. But this exactly supports what i am saying. Belfast - a ship who got hit by big nerfs, powercrept by new lines, T7 becoming crap, yet she still proves she can perform on OP level On the other hand, Entry dodged most nerfes, not affected by anything major and still barely out-WRs Belfast and sit on the same as kamikazes. What's the logic calling her "most OP" then?
  11. sorry, you are right, she is not rare and your table also proved i was wrong and she's more common than Belfast. Lucky to have you on the forums! PS: source?
  12. all the ships we are talking about are premium and not affected by any changes (except the global ones). Obviously do not include RTS CV stats. Enterprise lost some alpha on AP bombs, Belfast got nerfed hard with IFHE change, kamis more less untouched also calling Enterprise "given free" in RNG boxes that could drop 4 CV with probably like 1% chance? seriously? In such case every ship is free because all of them were in Santa crates and everyone got some Every other Joe got Belfast, why not for $20, not many got Big E for $60, considering she was kinda meh in RTS times and nothing too special early rework. When all CV got nerfs after nerfs she ended up being the best, but it was already too late
  13. Richelie does not have accuracy to land those shots at such range apart CV being fully stationary, T9 BB allow for use of range mod, or US BBs can get it in slot 3. i don't think that anyone would invest that much time and effort into 899. It some fun for the memes, but most of the time team who looses the CV, even if he was probably bad, would just go defensive and loose quickly. And quick games are crap for both team in terms of EXP/Creds etc.
  14. there is literally player few posts above who has like 5k games in Enterprise alone and i spam her lol? I have 450 games in her and my second is Missouri with 320, that alone should give you a hint why i play her, to fund credits for my RB resets
  15. i have a bad news for you fella. There will always be best and worse.