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    Loading sound effect

    Agere guys, the sound/audio is messed up. If I`m in a BB and cruuiers start pouring on me its like being inside a trashcan in a brickstorm. I cant turn sounds I need up withouit getting a shitload of unwanted sounds to the same level. Its really affecting the gameingexperience :-(
  2. metallian1308

    Secret Santa - Gift Waiting time!

    Where do I know what my gift was? I gace yesterday and have received notification that I have reeived a gift- but do I have to guess what it was?
  3. metallian1308

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    I prefer the 155 and its high rate of fire. I start of at distance with HE, put my enemy on fire twice so itll burn a little then switch to AP and go for the kill-works like a charm. As I am always playing multipe ships (atm- Htsuharu,Mogami,Nagato and Tirpitz) I dont mind that this particular IJN Crusier is a bit different from the others in the line so I must change gamestyle when I upgrade it.
  4. metallian1308

    I just can't see a way to make the Kitakami work...

    The Kitakami is definetely not for the unexperienced player- those who think its just to spray out torps and gain massive points got another thing coming-to be precise, the got citadel-hits and early wet graves coming. Used by someone who understands and care for her, the Kitakami can give you someexperience/credit chunks like you wont belive- like if you surprise 2 battleships between the icebergs up north and take em both down, one on each side of you..... Its a fun ship but it does take some skills to manage...