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  1. Fominator

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Me too. With a bit of luck it will be a reward in the next event.
  2. Fominator

    Kantai Collection kai2

  3. Fominator

    DD tiers

    Indeed, is obvious that you didn't played a single game after tier 5.
  4. Fominator

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Remember to level a decent kidoubutai and "escort ships" for the next event. And stop with the LSC and start the stockpiling!
  5. Fominator

    DD tiers

    Nothing new. And this is why I quit after the CBT, DDs are useless against half competent players and sealclubbing isn't my thing.
  6. Fominator

    Bragging Rights

    Remember: "national weakness" in the US turns into "better than the IJN, lol" at tiers 9 and 10. See also: DDs.
  7. Fominator

    Kantai Collection kai2

    One can't never have enough girls ready for navel warfare.
  8. Masochists, kancolle fans + other unsorted weebs and maybe collectors/completionists who wants all the tier X.
  9. That would melt the Russian players PCs. Discarded.
  10. Fominator

    New Conquest mode - what do you think?

    We can say the same for domination, and people keep camping the blue line after 6 months.
  11. Is like what happened to DDs, but in slow motion ("national peculiarities" + huge torpedo nerfs). And so the cycle of nerfs continues.
  12. Ya han parcheado el servidor Americano y, para variar, se les ha olvidado incluir que la distancia de lanzamiento manual ha sido triplicada. (Lo pongo aquí para alegría de Rommel y no abrir otro hilo). Va a estar divertido mañana el foro en ingles. Aquí una imagen comparando los aviones Japoneses. Y otra pa los Americanos.
  13. Fominator

    Invisible, suicidal destroyers

    Because "competitive gaming" is going to be full of competent players in high tier ships. Now ask yourself a question, why play DDs after tier 5?
  14. Fominator

    Fubuki or FU Buki?

    Stick to Minekaze.
  15. Fominator

    Your combat role - Pay attention to it please

    Wise words.