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  1. JAMMAN1111


    i am downloading now i was not in cbt so THIS IS OBT FINALY IV BEEN WAITING FOR 3 YEARS! st loius time
  2. JAMMAN1111 Patch Notes

    um is there onyone who speaks english and german (i think this is german) who can translate?
  3. JAMMAN1111

    4.0.1 what will come thıs update?

    just read patch notes for 4.0.1 not much just some nerfes and bug fixes no OBT yet (if u havnt read my other threads im not in cbt just like the other 7,000 ppl) (i think)
  4. JAMMAN1111

    is OBT rly on the 30 of june?

    ok thanks captain see you on the high seas (if i ever get onto it!)
  5. JAMMAN1111

    is OBT rly on the 30 of june?

    so iv been around the forums and ALOT and i meen ALOT of ppl have been saying wows is in obt on the 30th could a super tester (if they know) or a wg employee tell me? and everyone else out there!
  6. JAMMAN1111

    wargamings ways?

    ik bout the wipe but im rly just asking WG if they rly think about the ppl who arnt in ther ebeta / alpha (this is why i cant wait for OBT!)
  7. JAMMAN1111

    wargamings ways?

    so a few months ago wg held all those 50% off and 30% off dd bb ca and cvs of alot of tiers so this got all us ppl who havnt bought a pre order pack or got an inv code feeling left out.
  8. JAMMAN1111

    How long until Open beta?

    lets hope for the best then
  9. JAMMAN1111

    Psychological preparation for OBT

    thanks guys and i fell that torps are great but not op cause 1 sudden movment will make all your torps miss good luck on the seas in OBT
  10. JAMMAN1111

    How long until Open beta?

    i hope it does but we need a better source of info (i m not in cbt and im sure meny arnt SO PLZ WARGAMING RELEASE IT!
  11. JAMMAN1111

    Psychological preparation for OBT

    eny gueses for obt start? plz tell!