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  1. Torque1981

    Lagg in game

    No lagg this weekend - although played mostly WOT on sunday but saturday all was OK
  2. Torque1981

    Lagg in game

    Good point but I play for 2 mounths now and never happend before so I don't think the pc is to blame.
  3. Torque1981

    Other factions

    KV2 stronk airplane carrier coming your way soon
  4. Torque1981

    Lagg in game

    I started to experience lag myself the last couple of days. I have a core2duo processor but never had problems with lagg in open beta - why now? - more players? Fps drops from 40 to 6 then to 30 then 16 and the lag indicator in the top left corner lights up. No problems in wot though.
  5. Torque1981

    Murmansk vs Omaha

    The Omaha is a fine ship as it is now.
  6. Torque1981

    Option to turn map off when selecting torpedoes

    Turning off the minimap is not an answer. It should be introduced a warning or something for friendly fire other than just paying for their repairs to make people aware. just hold right mouse button and look around before fireing torps. That should do the trick.
  7. Torque1981

    Kawachi, why is it so hard and can I skip it?

    The wyoming is a nice change after the god awfull SC. It's an easy grind to elite the wyoming. Kawachi much better than South Carolina. Don't have the Myogi yet to compare with the Wyoming although I researched it because I need the silver to buy the Cleveland and enter the ranked battles.
  8. Torque1981

    Kawachi, why is it so hard and can I skip it?

    No it's not it's just a BB and you have to use its strenghts.
  9. Torque1981

    Kawachi, why is it so hard and can I skip it?

    Fought 3 battles - 3 wins with the kawatchi. I like it better than SC. Yesterday though something grabed my attention - died pretty quick in my last battle and started another battle with my Omaha. When I came back to port - I found that I won the battle with the kawachi - x3 exp 1680 in the after battle screen but no exp on my ship in port - had only 48 exp. Happend to anyone before?
  10. Torque1981

    Do all Battleships feel like that?

    Kawachi is better than South Carolina in my opinion. Wyoming much better than South Carolina. I curently have Wyoming and Kawachi and enjoy them both.
  11. Torque1981

    USS Wyoming Worth It?

    I guess things will change over time. Thx for the answer
  12. Torque1981

    USS Wyoming Worth It?

    I just bought the Wyoming had 2 tier VII games.(Yes Tier VII) Dont you get +/-2 MM like in WOT or I am a scout or something?? What was I suppose to do in a tier VII game - me and another Wyoming in the enemy team the only tier IV in one of those 2 battles.