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  1. I was just watching Jingles video about this and the numbers presented are alarming. One objective needed an amazing win.....to be repeated 500 times. Another needed so much free xp that you could unlock the entire Japanese battleship line twice while doing it. This isn't achievable even for the best of our players, or unicum captains would have to put in slave like hours to do this and would have to fight at their best for every single hour of every single day. This event, as presented, is undefendable and unjustifiable. This is not what warships was supposed to be about, even the marathons in world of tanks look small compared to this and they genuinely can be achieved by the greatest players or those who put in the time, even if they are incredibly hard to pull off. And the fact that people can spend large amounts of real world money and then....not actually succeed in building the ship, is forcing people into playing and that is simply wrong.
  2. Silvercat18

    Raid for the Filth: Results

    I played the heck out of this mode and got the tier ten camo I was looking for eventually. My mighty crocosaur smashed foes left and right, it was glorious.
  3. Silvercat18

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    Fighters should be like something that can be tagged to a ship, moving with it as a mobile guard. I have no idea why e.g. thought guarding an area was good in a game where everyone moves all the time.
  4. Silvercat18

    Are you having fun, WG? Are you laughing about us now?

    It's a game of glorious mayhem and the reward isn't just filth, it's also the salty tears of the vanquished, as illustrated by many of the contributions to this thread.
  5. Silvercat18

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    But...but....what about the giant death roller on the front or the huge metal scorpion? What can plain Gray do against that?
  6. Silvercat18

    Twilight battles

    Some people taking it way too seriously. Go in, kill stuff, get killed, maybe get the most loot, maybe get betrayed or ambushed. No need to agonise about morality for hours after, just get back in there and do it again. I am of the opinion that, if it's red, it's dead and don't expect anyone to be nice to me in return. If it's just about getting max rewards, then how boring is that?
  7. Silvercat18

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    I think the main problem with the port slot issue is that these are still event ships and cant be sold to clear space - you are stuck with them. So we end up with the worst of both worlds, which is not fair at all.
  8. Silvercat18

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    Quite an entertaining game mode and the rewards are both achievable and worthwhile - I like this!
  9. Silvercat18

    why german BBs should be the worst BB line in game?

    The problem with the german BB's is that the meta has left them behind. Everyone hides behind islands and nobody wants to push. All too often I push my GK into an enemy area, against a low number of foes and still see nobody willing to back me up, even when I am drawing all the fire and they are in no danger whatsoever.
  10. Silvercat18

    Warhammer 40k Collaboration ?

    I`m keen to have some cool skins to add to my scifi ones. I`d snap them all up in a heartbeat.
  11. Silvercat18

    (Expired) New Code...?

    Worked in EU for me.
  12. Silvercat18


    Worked for me in EU, many thanks.
  13. Silvercat18

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Lots of folks in my clan having the issues where it refuses to close and keeps running in the background. I hope this can be sorted as a priority.
  14. If in doubt, charge blindly forward and keep shooting.