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  1. Silvercat18

    Submarines: the next step.

    I am super keen for subs. Gimme a uss narwhal with the 2 deck guns!
  2. I am happy with it being cosmetic only.
  3. I`d accept it if it was just for cosmetics, but in no way is this acceptable if it offers gameplay altering effects. I`d rather have premium ammo than this and I really dislike the idea of premium ammo.
  4. Silvercat18

    Update - Ranked Sprint Fix & More

    If that mistake is made, it should be punished. The fix is to help planes that are performing their normal duties attacking solo or poorly protected ships. The fact that planes could happily fly into what should have been a death sentence was the problem in the first place.
  5. Silvercat18

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    Not just fun - totally lethal.
  6. Silvercat18

    Kurfurst is best secondaries brawler. Who is second best?

    Secondaries are getting a buff? My Kurfurst is going to like this a lot.
  7. Silvercat18

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    Ok, so.....with this new American destroyer - why does the shimakaze exist again?
  8. Silvercat18

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.5

    I am all for mad max or steampunk ships - bring it on!
  9. Time to go to space!

  10. Sorting out the fleet - sailing through a storm of drama!

  11. Carriers need friends too.

  12. We must fight for the soul of this game and kick out the hacks and exploits, before they sink it!

  13. The gun has been doubled!