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  1. No CV's and one BB only - well, that's pretty much half the ship types taken off the table right there. Not to mention the fact that some ships are balanced around high or low AA ability....which will no longer matter. Wow, just blows my mind.
  2. Silvercat18

    iChase removed from WG-CC program

    I am with Ichase 100 percent on this one - he raised a big red flag and was slapped down for telling it how it was.
  3. Silvercat18

    Graf Zeppelin

    Feeling pretty saddened and angry by how Ichase was treated on this one. He told it how it was and shouldn't be slapped down for the truth. Or was this ship released intentionally awful just so that WG wouldn't make money? Doesn't make sense. We want to give you our money for awesome ships and that shouldn't be hard to achieve. How can WG get that so wrong and then lash out at people like ichase who follow and love the game? WG, your friends are trying to stop you doing something terrible and you should listen to them, not hurt them.
  4. Silvercat18

    The bb issue - what's your problem?

    I`m not concerned with visibility, I think we need a buff to cruiser armour and health. As it is, they are just too fragile and many of them are unable to dodge properly, even against distant fire. As they are presented in the game, they are just not fighting ships and are forced to cower about at distance. Cruisers should be a lot more viable at the mid range battle and should not all be confined to long range plinking.
  5. Silvercat18

    The bb issue - what's your problem?

    The problem is that battleships no longer need cruiser support. They are now capable of doing everything themselves and cruisers are just floating targets. Personally, I`d like to see a buff to cruiser survivability.
  6. Silvercat18


    Would be good if there were lesser rewards for subsequent completions.
  7. Silvercat18


    If it was the smith, well, it sucks, but I welcomed the credits I got for selling it.
  8. Silvercat18

    Bunch of flags and a day of premium, why?

    Part of the smith missions I think.
  9. Silvercat18

    Do we know anything about CV rework at all?

    I would like to see some sort of regeneration of planes, by repairs or somesuch. At the moment, with AA as it is, running out of planes is all too common and no other ship type runs out of ammunition in this way and ends up unable to fight without being dead. By all means make it slow, but I think it is fair that a CV out of planes that can stay alive for 3 minutes should be able to get back into the fight with a single wing of planes of some sort. Heck, a battleship can get mangled, sail off and return on almost full health pretty much guaranteed.
  10. Silvercat18

    Fed up with DD players

    There is a great deal of team pressure put onto DD players when they hang back or avoid the initial rush. If they aren't rushing headlong towards danger, they are often called bots or otherwise openly harassed in chat.
  11. Silvercat18

    The Forums have changed!!

    Seems laggy and unresponsive.
  12. Silvercat18

    ARP ships - are they identical with different skins

    You need to activate the toggle to see them now. There is an option in the ship carousel at the bottom right of the port screen.
  13. Silvercat18

    HUD lost during battle

    I had this bug happen to me today.
  14. Silvercat18

    Drop from 60 to 15 FPS

    Mhm, I posted about it in frustration today. Strangely, it seems to stop on death - no idea why, but that immediately fixes it.
  15. Silvercat18

    The FPS Drop Bug

    A patch or two ago I ran into this, but it is still here today and though I think we can all recognise it, it doesn't seem to be on the WG radar to my knowledge. In today's game it started as always... 1. Someone in chat, from either team, reports a sudden loss of FPS, usually to around ten or less. 2. Someone else confirms this. 3. As the game continues, this effect gradually spreads until a large majority of players are also feeling the effects. Game becomes a slideshow. 4. Initial person affected dies and reports problem immediately clears for them. 5. Others die and also confirm that the problem is immediately cleared on death. I`m getting really tired of this and its concerning as its the sort of bug that could pose a threat to hardware if it keeps up. It's like a creeping plague and as soon as it appears in chat, you know it will eventually spread to others, likely all using different drivers, rigs and so on. Why is this not fixed? When will it be fixed and what is causing it? My guess is that one of the ship models is damaged in some way and that when that ship/camo combination appears in a game, whoever looks at it is going to trigger the bug. I tend to get it when zoomed in to target on a ship and then it cant be shaken off (in this case I was shooting a furutaka). We aren't in beta anymore and this needs investigation and a serious fix.