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  1. forzica

    Inside Smoke Screen Indicator

    yup totally agree with you, thumbs up for this feature
  2. forzica

    Mikhail Kutuzov in-game and longer start timer

    I have to say I really like buff for Mikhail..That guns of 19 km will be great for second line and smoke is nice too. But I still have to agree that tier 8 mm is drawback.
  3. forzica

    Mikhail Kutuzov in-game and longer start timer

    I was playing Atago and Mikhail on public test and I have to say that I really like look of Mikhail and fast firing guns. But I find Atago far superior when going head to head vs Mikhail. But Mikhail is not final product and she will for sure get a plane and some other stuff...
  4. forzica

    Public Test General Feedback

    yeah I was thinking about mision were you get 20k gold and Mikhail Kutuzov fo 10 kills. nevermind guys I just recive 20k gold and rest..
  5. forzica

    Public Test General Feedback

    Rly? I didn't get anything so far
  6. forzica

    Public Test General Feedback

    Hi, I also want to know why suprise mission is not available?
  7. forzica

    Is Murmansk too strong for its tier?

    If you are a new player and never bought any premium this ship is great for first purchase I love my Murmansk
  8. forzica

    Bugged turrets, again..

    i had the same problem as you :O
  9. I wanna thank you for the videos. I play only with dds ( only Tashkent in recent time) and u show me very nice gameplay and I can learn some stuff from you and your gameplay. Thanks one more time p.s If you have more great replays of gunboats fell free to send me replays
  10. I think you should dedicate only to play with one type of ship in ranked. I only play with Tashkent and that helped me alot. But hey I only play with dds so...
  11. forzica

    Bots in ranked?

    I also have some players in ranked battles that didn't answer anything in chat and make some stupid things
  12. forzica

    5.2 new map

    I am agree with you that SU DDs will dominate this corner, but I can't wait to see how this turns out regarding to rest of map
  13. forzica

    5.2 new map

    hey at least between dds
  14. forzica

    5.2 new map

    wet dream for destroyers in upper right corner xD