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  1. you posted after i did in the post last December about Big World game grash critical Error, did you finally get your game sorted or you still having issues, as i found a page on it and tried many ways of rectifying it, and 2 months on found something else on forums that i have tried and its worked. If you still have issues with big world message me back, and will send you info.


  2. Used it and it worked. Thanks :) But now I'm suffering a huge fps drop. I used to play at 60 fps but now it barely makes 20. Did you have the same issue? If you did, how did you fix it?
  3. DrCaesar

    Critical Error Problem

    Sorry, I'm not too good with computers.How can I do it? I tried to revert my Windows 10's latest update, all my updates since 6th of December got deleted, my computer messed up and I have just finished fixing the issues such as Chrome and Nvidia not working. Can you explain how can I do this without creating many issues. Ps: That revert attempt didn't solved the problem
  4. DrCaesar

    Critical Error Problem

    As I understand you guys can play the game but then it throws you out, right? I can't even get to loading page. Also I use vanilla client, never used mods. The game was installed since the closed beta time. Yesterday was the first time I reinstalled the game...
  5. DrCaesar

    Critical Error Problem

    Hello everyone, I don't know if I'm posting this on right section but I got desperate. I haven't played the game for 2 weeks and when I get back this is what I get. Game does not open. When I open the laucher and press "PLAY" this pops up. I asked about this situation in Facebook player group, they tried to help, suggested me to delete preferences file, fix the files or reinstall the game as the last option. I tried them all but nothing helped. I sent a ticket. But people told me WG support center didn't cared about the situation when they sent their tickets. Can someone please help me.I love this game, I have spent a lot of time and money on this game, I don't want to lose it.
  6. DrCaesar

    Critical Error Problem

    I have the same problem, did you solved it?If you did, can you teach me how?
  7. Yes, I prefer to say Macedonia but I was warned some years ago that saying such might trigger some people in Balkans :/
  8. Is it only me or is this camo looks like it's for a FYROM ship not Russian
  9. DrCaesar

    Can Karma go into negative figures?

    I don't think you can. But when I dropped to 0 3-4 months ago I got chat banned.But I'm not sure it's because I dropped to 0 or I just insulted so many people at the same time and a lot of them reported me for "misbehaviour in chat". Well what did they expect me to do?I lost a match where I did 337k damage ffs. Yes, my damage record was a defeat...
  10. DrCaesar

    Gun Bloom & Spotting time mechanic

    I really like this idea, to be honest I was thinking the same and I was planning to write too but hey, you did much better than what I would, you really put some effort here. Those numbers for each class or ships you used as example are really good (edited versions of course).Some ships may need some tweaks. I really don't get the WG's obsession about "making game simpler" which goes back all the way to Beta.I'm sure we have some buddys around who remember the great times where every ship can't go wherever they want (Under water obsticles for BBs, CVs and CAs) this was the first change on this "let's make this game simpler train".But they have to get rid of their insistence because it is this obsession what totaly broke the game balance.They simply "oversimplify" the BB gameplay.
  11. DrCaesar

    WG against premium ammo?

    I quitted WoT not because of arty or OP tanks.I quitted it because of gold ammo.If they implement gold in WoWS, that's bye for me.I think i should point out that I'm a paying player, maybe they will care more about my opinion now.But when I remember how they treat the most paying server, I guess I should give up.I guess I have to be Russian or BBaby to make them care about my opinions.
  12. DrCaesar

    Supercrates (GOOD NEWS)

    Probably a silly question: As i remember we can get supercontainers from other categories other than "Try Your Luck" but "Try Your Luck" category has bigger chance to get a supercontainer. Am i wrong? Is it impossible to get a supercontainer from other categories?I want to know because i've been choosing "more flags" for 4-5 months and i didn't get any supercontainer PS: I'm selecting "More Flags" because it is more profitable in a long run
  13. DrCaesar

    Bots are so realistic these days..

    I'm playing CV's on COOP to learn how to play CV's for sometime because i don't want to ruin my teammates games as a noob CV player.But for last week i encounter something different.Bot CV's are CV sniping and when they see you coming(idk how they see me coming i was hugging map border with my planes) they kill themselves.I was like, WTF??? WG you don't need to make Bots that realistic.. ps: sorry if i suck speaking english, i'm drunk a bit.
  14. DrCaesar

    Dunkirk event for EU?

    Well, Turkish did that too in their Independence War ;)
  15. DrCaesar

    Mikasa mission