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  1. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Historical Battles General Thread (They are back!)

    Sign me up! I only don't have anything higher than a stock Pensacola... Oh well... lower tier battles can fun too. Which side I want to play as? I prefer playing as the axis powers but I don't mind playing as the allies if I have to.
  2. I agree that the game doesn't need this kind of content but I do think It's nice they do a collaboration. But I don't get what's up with the whole "I don't like it so nobody should get it" mentality. It's like pushing someone's tea into his face just because you don't like that kind of tea. And don't forget that this is a collaboration meaning there is a business benefit (money) to it. The collab was originally intended for the SEA region because this show and genre is very, very popular in one the countries there. My only guess is that we get it because the content is already made. And another thing, why do some of you think they spend full months worth of time and involved the whole development team into it? Like said before they work in these "squads" and maybe they worked on the collab when they were waiting for the next model to be finished. Because making a skin is less work than modeling a ship and a reskin, which the ships in this mod seem to be, is even less work and thus can be done in roughly one full day of work.
  3. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    So... this is a nice event to rush through if you only care about farming. I rushed through the first three maps in about a day and spend about 20 buckets. E3 was kind of annoying since my "main" fleet had an average level of 23. I think you can imagine how "well" that went... Now I just have to grab my bucket of salt and camp at E4. I think it will take a lot of runs because it's me and RNG doesn't like me. if I am allowed to get both Prinz and our countess then only Bisko is left to craft... but after 28 Kongou class, 14 Ise class, 8 Nagato class and for some reason 15 Maruyus(of which 5 in a row)... yea, I can only hope, can't I?
  4. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Well... I hope Zeppelin is easy to get since I can't really play (internship). Anyways, I want her, so I can be one step closer to creating an all German fleet... But that will never happen because I am not allowed to get Prinz Eugen nor Bismarck...
  5. Prinzessin_Eugen


    Well... If I recall correctly that maneuver was actually used by a ship: IJN Akitsushima (flying boat tender). She successfully used it to dodge torpedoes. But then again, she only had a displacement of a little over 4k tons. Anything bigger would rip itself apart I think. So I don't think it should be a feature because of that and an anchor is mostly used to keep a ship in place after it has decelerated.
  6. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Prinz Eugen Hype Wall!

    I don't need words or pictures to express my hype.
  7. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Finally beat E3... after 4 attempts to kill the final boss. Had to sing a swan song for that to happen though... Now just the rest of the event. and for some reason I have more buckets right now than when I started this event.
  8. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    The event or rather RNG is trolling me... I don't want to spend buckets on repair timers <2h, what do I get? 8 ships with scratch damage that will each take 1:45:00 to repair... Other than that I am doing fine. Cleared E1, E2 and did one run on E3 (S rank). So far I spend 5K fuel and ammo, buckets are stable because I am back at my starting amount of 100. I hope I have enough sanity to clear E7 and get Teruzuki.
  9. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Hmmm.... I am still prepping for the upcoming event, so no crafting for me (even though I still want Bisko...). Dunno if you can participate since the events are kinda hard, require many resources, various ship types for branching, more ships of each type in case ship locking is active and RNG slowly eating your sanity. Oh and buckets... you need a lot of them, I have 74 of them but that's not even close to enough. I joined around the time of 2014's fall event with Prinz Eugen as reward ship. I couldn't even start the event and now she's unobtainable. *hopes she drops in upcoming event* Anyways, back to crafting. Yea... getting certain ships is like getting trolled over and over again. I feel betrayed whenever I do LSC to craft Bisko and end up with a Kongou class. I just have 43 devmats left, barely enough for 2 tries. And also, who is your favorite kanmusu? Don't have to tell mine, I think you already know mine.
  10. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    waaa, seems like this thread got some new faces so... uhm... Hi, everyone! And who said noone likes Prinz, I will find you and... and... just talk about it.
  11. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Warship Girls

    Well... that last one is already in the game... sort of... The one in the pic is the V-173 prototype, which is the prototype of the Vought XF5U "Flying Flapjack" or as some admirals may call it: "Pancake" And like Takeda said, I also don't see allied ships coming to KC... at least not in the current version. They have to do some crazy stuff to make them not as awkward as they would be if they were to be added right now. It's because KC set a theme by only adding IJN ships unlike WSG who added ships from all (major) navies. And I also agree with Xandier about what he said about comparing these two games like comparing WoT and WT. Both games are similar but are also different. In this case it isn't about the gameplay but about the artworks. There are people who like one game but not the other and you have people like me who like both games. It's just a matter of oppinions so... stick to what you like and don't care about what others say about it. Anyways, this thread is about WSG so why don't we talk about that next. I am not really a subject starter so I don't know what to say... yet...
  12. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Warship Girls

    I think it's a fun game. even though it is a clone, it's a really good one. I started playing it a couple of months ago when I got bored of traveling and downloaded it onto my phone. I really like the artworks for the ships, especially the ones for Lexington, Saratoga, Quincy and Kent to name a few Also if someone can't get into KC due to region locking, just bad luck in the lottery or want to see some allied ships, WSG is a great alternative. They are also planning to make an English version. P.S. thanks for pointing out there is an English wiki
  13. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Finally my ships managed to kill the boss in E6. Poi! derped the boss in a night battle doing 125 damage and the boss only had 25 hp left. It might be a placebo but I think it was because of who I put as flagship of the combined fleet. In my previous attempts I used Yamashiro as flagship because she needed protection (she only was lvl 20 when I started E6). And right before jumping out of a window to look for my sanity I changed her position and put Kongou as flagship, just went in like Leeroy Jenkins and then I found out the Legend of Poi! is indeed true. So, my question is... are the Fusou sisters really that unlucky they even influence the RNG?
  14. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Seems like a lot of us bought a ticket for the same ship. I am also trying to kill the last boss. I can't throw away my sanity because I threw it away before the event otherwise I would've done it. The thing that drives me insane is when the boss is on about 30 hp and you have 3 ships left to attack and they all miss. I am just hoping for that lucky derp attack.
  15. Prinzessin_Eugen

    Kantai Collection kai2

    I just got my second boss kill at E2. I am not using buckets to repair scratch damage and because of that I have to wait roughly 1.5 hours between runs But the event lasts for 19 more days so plenty of time.... I hope And I hate combined fleet missions even though my ships are hitting a lot more and harder than last event. But E2's reward is more than worth it.