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  1. DracheimFlug

    Quick poll about Stealth Firing

    Truly constructive. Change the game so more people leave, hurrah!???
  2. DracheimFlug

    World of Cowards yes i said it.

    No one aiming at you, an enemy plane or DD gets too close and all it takes is one volley. Dodging a lot of shells helps but when it only takes one or two....
  3. DracheimFlug

    The relentless drive to try to make us play high tiers continues

    This is becoming WoWp II, little incentive to newer players, missions for top tiers only.
  4. DracheimFlug

    World of Cowards yes i said it.

    Please tell me how paying attention keeps a cruiser from being nigh one-shot other than the cruiser running away any time a BB is sighted? If you mean not exposing the citadel, you can try to play with only forward and reverse but good luck at that.
  5. DracheimFlug

    World of Cowards yes i said it.

    When a cruiser can easily lose 90% of the ship from a single BB volley, which can come from outside the cruiser's weapon range, what are the options?
  6. DracheimFlug

    I need to vent at N00Bs.

    If instead he acts his shoe size, Tom Jones will never do the twirl with him! (Nor will Prince regardless <mourns> )
  7. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Some of the loudest likely either already have the Graf Spee or figure they can earn it easy enough. They lead the charge and lemmings follow.... "We aren't being treated equally" is an easy to rally around theme these days, regardless of what the nature of the inequality really is.
  8. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Don't give them ideas
  9. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Actually to me it isn't that they thought EU was lesser, but instead that the other servers were unreasonably generous and that level of generosity isn't good for the game. Agreed that it isn't a 'benefit of the current player base' issue though. It is a 'long term sustainability of the game' issue to the EU branch. The choice to sell the camo though and the cost they placed on it was a major miscalculation above and beyond that too. It was apparently an independent decision (if the official statement is to be believed. Those typically need to be taken with a grain of salt.
  10. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Not necessarily, but quite possibly. "Free" vs "we charge for this" is a price difference, even if it seems different. But the main food items in the happy meal are the same. Some such WG happy meals are given out for free (or for mission completions, from a revenue perspective, 'free' but EU happy meals have a price tag attached. Menus on restaurants, even within the same chain will vary. It is very common for a regional favorite to be on the menu in one place but not all. Conversely there may be reasons for not offering a product in another region. Many shops have 'in store specials' based on store manager level promotion decisions. Prizes on McDonald's Monopoly contests are different in EU than in North America. The menus vary by country (and sometimes within a country) too. There are many counter-examples to your argument.
  11. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    That is among the changes I really don't like...
  12. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Yeah 'obvious' shill. That's why I have been saying that I think this whole mess is crazy and wonder about the health of the nonEU servers, think trying to make money selling Tirpitz camo is particularly nuts. Very much disagree with nerfs to DD stealth, torpedo stealth and seemingly major buffs to BB secondaries, and don't get me started on WoT issues. But all that said, different markets being different with some being more expensive is something that is just reality to me. Sorry if you feel that makes me a shill.
  13. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    No actually. I used an analogy using restaurants and YOU jumped on it saying 'this is not a product!' So I gave a different analogy using a clear service. You have been going on with the tangent refusing to acknowledge that a service is also a product. What defintiions a marketing company uses to differentiate its products is academic. Are you willing to come back to my original analogy and accept that restaurants within a country are not analogous with all such restaurants worldwide? Nor are accounting offices in one country automatically analogous with all accounting offices worldwide?
  14. DracheimFlug

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    It is true that I am not likely to dissuade an angry mob and I *have* said 'if you don't like it, don't spend.' Academic. A service is still a product. Something does not have to be a tangible asset to be a product. I already linked a basic dictionary definition. I can find quotes from business dictionaries too if needed.