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  1. I tried manually, I tried revo... It's impossible to uninstall the game! The uninstaller always freezes and can't continue.
  2. Alka_Pone

    Game constantly crashing

    The game is unplayable. It freezes every single match, sometimes right at the start and sometimes 2-3min into the game. My ship is still controllable but everything else freezes. No mods, fresh install, heck I formatted my PC and have nothing else besides STEAM installed. Lucky me I didn't get premium, nor will I with this bull-fecal-matter going on and no one apparently gives a shag.
  3. Alka_Pone

    Game kind of freezes

    When I enter the battle everything except my ship freezes. I can't move the camera but I can move the ship. The ammo counter is stuck, minimap, aim etc... I can chat though. Here you can see how my ship gets out of the screen and then comes back in... I can control it but nothing else imgur.com/a/JqSs3 I played 2 games with no issues then the last 2 games I have the same problem. I ctrl+alt+delete and enter again, same problem. When I try do click on to get back to the port, the game crashes. I get this message: http://imgur.com/iKXkXkb Crash dump links: http://www.speedyshare.com/JjcTS/WorldOfWarships-2016-04-04-19-48-12.crash http://www.speedyshare.com/2b8sC/WorldOfWarships-2016-04-04-20-05-58.crash edit: I don't play with mods
  4. My example is the Mutsuki second torpedo module. It's impossible to play with 6km range and you get spotted at 5.9, so you basically only have 200 meter gap to go undetected.
  5. Alka_Pone

    Cleveland upgrades?

    What did you upgrade?
  6. Alka_Pone

    poor fps

    It is, but 60 is smoother
  7. Alka_Pone

    Balkan Speaking Forum

    Why not make it Bosnian Speaking Community since you all can understand Bosnian?
  8. Alka_Pone

    poor fps

    I have a desktop, it's just I'm currently forced to use my laptop. Nevertheless, I was expecting at least 50-60 fps on medium settings which I can pull off easily on other games with the same laptop.
  9. Alka_Pone

    poor fps

    I have this: i5 - 4200M 2.5ghz 745m 6gb ram when I play on medium settings I get around 30 fps while on low I get 30-35fps so the difference is minimal and when playing on maxsettings I get 20-25 fps...
  10. Alka_Pone

    Average exp per battle

    imagine wows or wot with a couple of thousand players at most compared to a million or so? you would wait a half an hour for a game if there weren't for "freeloaders"
  11. Alka_Pone

    Average exp per battle

    Wow I'm famous
  12. Alka_Pone

    Average exp per battle

    What shoutout?
  13. Alka_Pone

    Average exp per battle

    Why is premium account bonus included in this stat?
  14. Alka_Pone

    Anyone from Bosnia?

    Anyone from Bosnia add me