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  1. FloRead

    Cv rework poll - keeping dementia at bay

    I don't like the changes. But that doesn't mean I cannot accept the new mechanics. What I really really dislike is that we are now live, with paying customers, playing with real stats and money, basically balance testing their new CV changes. It's like all the months/years spent in alpha, closed beta and open beta were for nought. And we expect to balance a new CV rework within days given the level of patience of the gaming community today?
  2. FloRead

    Improve 203 mm guns reload cruisers

    nation class tier name players total battles average of rates battles win draw lose exp damage caused warship destroyed aircraft destoryed base capture base defense survived kill / death agro damage spot damage hit ratio JP CA 10 Zao 1283 27411 21.36 49.26 0.02 50.72 1537 79063 0.84 0.86 6.39 6.57 44.50 1.51 976738 24141 35.22 KM CA 10 Hindenburg 1469 30215 20.57 47.65 0.02 52.32 1468 69979 0.67 1.06 4.41 6.48 39.20 1.10 1147147 21570 30.60 MN CA 10 Henri IV 483 9561 19.80 50.65 0.00 49.35 1616 84829 0.87 1.10 5.35 5.84 41.99 1.50 1262550 20901 32.61 RN CA 10 Minotaur 853 18164 21.29 49.06 0.02 50.92 1482 62252 0.86 2.24 11.39 6.87 34.38 1.31 812844 16804 28.84 SN CA 10 Moskva 637 13194 20.71 49.00 0.03 50.98 1498 73371 0.73 0.99 4.50 7.70 39.04 1.20 1375322 21222 35.82 SN CA 10 Stalingrad 145 3336 23.01 64.49 0.00 35.51 2139 114320 1.43 1.58 5.50 7.69 46.93 2.69 1654033 27535 40.87 US CA 10 Des Moines 1419 30197 21.28 49.37 0.00 50.63 1564 67572 0.82 2.00 6.64 7.28 33.69 1.24 1032013 19304 30.54 US CA 10 Salem 264 6490 24.58 47.61 0.02 52.37 1461 69192 0.81 2.07 7.04 6.60 32.30 1.20 1099386 16914 31.78 US CA 10 Worcester 960 21142 22.02 53.06 0.01 46.94 1697 75072 0.92 3.07 8.50 9.61 41.86 1.58 966538 20215 26.48 Source: Suihei Koubou I think TX CA balance is fine. Even Stalin will agree.
  3. FloRead

    Can we have axis vs. allies events?

    I think this is not a good idea. During WW2, Italy, France and Russia switched sides during the war. Which year would you like to portray?
  4. I don't keep many ships although I'm a wannabe collector and lack the credits to keep them all. So apart from the TX and premiums, I keep only the ships that were actually built and completed in real life(if I can afford it). My collection currently consists of Farragut, Mahan, Benson, Fletcher, Baltimore, Cleveland, Langley, Bogue, Independence, Ranger, Lexington, Essex, Myoko, Mogami, Akatsuki, Hosho, Fiji, Iron Duke, Konigsberg and Nurnberg. The only 1 glaring exception to my rule is Roon. I really liked Roon.
  5. FloRead

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Thank you WG for finally giving us 4k scaling. It's good to finally see the minimap again! Bought T-61 admiral pack just to say thanks. :)
  6. I'm beginning to sense that people feel entitled to a win and forgetting that this is a game where one side wins and one side loses always. Let's look at how much a loss is rewarded. Is it really nothing? Not at all, in fact a loss in a random game is very rewarding, especially if you compare the rewards on a stellar performance in co-op vs a loss in randoms and you can actually see what WG is encouraging everyone to think of each match as: A GAME. Honestly, if sunday pub football teams behaved like people on this forum, every game will end up in a brawl.
  7. Well, here's the thing. Most people have realized that co-op's rewards are so bad, that you can simple zombie your way through in random, sink, exit to port, go to your next ship, while getting MORE xp with a loss at the same time. And if they win, bonus.
  8. FloRead

    Community, where we have failed? Where?

    AgarwaenME is right. My post was toxic, whether I wanted it or not. It contributed nothing to the community, considering how this thread itself contributes nothing except whine. But I am part of the community and I am included in my own description and I accept that. Not going to deny it. Yet if this community feels that's unfair, all we have to do is look around. Constantly calling the general population brainless potatoes and idiots. Constantly insulting the general population of the game. How long has WoWS been out? If everyone is playing like brainless idiots, are we saying very few players actually learnt how to play after all this time? Are we trying to say that this game is so darn complicated that one has to be a rocket scientist to play it? If it is, how much help are we giving fellow players? I look at the general guides forum and the new player questions forums and the amount of noise there is too much. How much can I really learn without wasting hours trawling through a lot of useless noise? Just put yourself in the shoes of a brand new player who joins the game. How or where does she learn everything she needs to play?
  9. FloRead

    Community, where we have failed? Where?

    I can't speak for World of Tanks or War Thunder. Never played those 2. League of Legends, I have to disagree. Yes, there is a lot of epeening and dumbness on the forums but the community in general is solid in that you get a lot of superb guides on how to play each character, specific build guides, strategies everywhere. In short, a lot of help is readily available for the baby potato to learn how to play better. There are also plenty of solid links and ways to point the baby potato to finding these resources to learn to play better. Where does the baby potato learn to play better in World of Warships? The average newcomer, by being nothing constructive or contributory can easily get to Tier 3 blindly and then becoming a total liability to a team's effort. Add to that the community's reluctance to help, preferring to call the team all kinds of names. Then look at the whole interface in general, where does the newcomer go to learn how to play this game better? We talk so much about players not knowing how to play carriers but don't you think we actually have a bigger, more fundamental problem with actually knowing how to play the game in the first place?
  10. FloRead

    Community, where we have failed? Where?

    Stop being such a gammon. This thread alone shows how this community has failed. Every thread has has hundreds of inane insults and epeening thrown about that one mostly loses the will to read further before realizing that one special snowflake in that thread actually replies sensibly with useful information but many will have missed it.
  11. FloRead

    Community, where we have failed? Where?

    This is the most toxic online community I have ever participated in. Sorry but honest truth. Too much compete and too little cooperate. Too much me and no we.
  12. FloRead

    Ultimate Frontier any changes im missing?

    I strongly feel that Ultimate Frontier throws too many ships at you with too tight a time limit. The reason I think that is whenever I take my Atlanta into this scenario, I win most of the time. Take my Algerie in? I don’t remember when’s my last win.... Some examples of why I think it’s a massive DPM issue. 1. The Mahan and Nicholas that spawns at the SE with the cruisers. With my Atlanta, those 2destroyers are always guaranteed dead before we sail past the gap. With my Algerie, 90% of the time, we have to tackle the Mahan and the 3 battleships at the same time. 2. The 3 battleships are mostly dead due to burning before they make their turn westwardswhen on Atlanta. With Algerie, most of the time, all 3 will make the turn with most of their HP. 3. The repair base attack force of destroyers will never even come much closer than 5km when on my Atlanta. Algerie, panic stations and see their torpedoes swim into the repair base creating more havoc. 4. Lastly, the Atlanta just destroys the Raptor’s air wings. That buys a lot of time as your allies and forts have more HP left for the final wave. This is pattern of me using the Atlanta and Algerie is very consistent regardless of the rest of the team makeup. Well, sometimes a teammate will be on an Atlanta and if she knows what she is doing, it gets easy. So that’s my conclusion. DPM issue on this scenario. Enemy ships die faster, less hp pressure since fewer guns continue to fire at you, easier at the end. Edit: also wanted to add, I think I have never ever won with a Saipan in the team.
  13. Thanks. That sounds like Indianapolis will become a more agile ship. However I'm not sure I'll use her to brawl. Atlanta? Any changes to Atlanta or do we still have to covet the Flint?
  14. With the coming US cruiser split and 3 US cruisers getting re-tiered, are the Indianapolis and Atlanta staying the same? For those who tested the new cruisers, do the Indianapolis and Atlanta feel equal compared to the new T7 US cruisers?
  15. FloRead

    How to maximize secondary hits per match as cruiser main?

    Have to agree on Roon. I don't have a secondaries build with my Roon but I still managed it in 3 co-ops.