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  1. psl_58

    Scharnhorst Gun

    The original plans for the Twins was actually to go from 3 III 28cm guns to 3 II 35cm guns. The existing turret was supposed to be 'adjustable' to ease this major refit. Maybe that would be difficult but Raeder sold the up gunning to 15" to match French battleship Richelieu .No doubt Hitler loved the idea.
  2. psl_58

    Which Hood?

    historically the spotter plan was well placed to "adjust artillery" and 'walk' the fire into the target. guess that's another thing they screwed up in this game.
  3. psl_58

    How to Gneisenau?

    Where on earth does the game get the idea that the 15" turret on the Bismarck is fine but the same guns/turret mounted on the Gneisenau have bad dispersion?
  4. When AGS hit RN CL & CA @ the Battle of the River Plate, every hit on the ships [not masts etc] did "fearsome damage" Exeter was crippled listing badly on fire from end to end with all main batteries out of operation. That was from 7 * 283mm HE shell hits. would that happen in the game?
  5. psl_58

    HSK 8 Kormoran German auxiliary cruiser

    HSK were merchant ships converted to disguised raiders and not designed to fight other warships only independent MV, not even convoys. On the other hand most navies started the war with huge number of civilian vessels filling numerous patrol/mining/convoying activities. Even at the end many were adapted to fill troop carrying role etc. As such they were attacked quite a lot by enemy warships /cruisers & destroyers ...to say nothing of aircraft.
  6. psl_58

    Scharnhorst such a beast in close quarters

    Hipper belt armor is 80mm backed up with 25mm slopes plus 25mm torpedo bulkhead. Against 8" shell that's going to offer ~ 6" resistance.
  7. psl_58

    Scharnhorst such a beast in close quarters

    WOW secondary's getting 20% hit???? Historically they rarely got more than 5% in real naval battles.
  8. psl_58

    Hipper? More like hip hip hooray no citadel

    all barbettes were assumed to be penetrated , which is why great measures are made to limit the progress of fires. They should NOT lead to 'citadel' explosions.
  9. psl_58

    Autobounce angle

    If all shell impacts auto bounced @ 30o no tanks would ever be penetrated through the glacis. All ricochet impact's follow a probability curve , if I recall Tate's research such distribution as +/- 10o .
  10. psl_58


    For what its worth, Friedman reports these cruisers were to be used as screens for carriers because the DD were increasingly useless in fast deep ocean seas .Bigger escorts were needed and that's why post war designs get bigger and bigger with each passing generation..
  11. psl_58

    Admiral Graf Spee- premium T6?

    When AGS was at sea -no allied warships had radars, so smoke helped them break off battles . There were many historical battles were smoke was instrumental in the out come. PBS were diesels and had no boilers.
  12. psl_58

    The German Oddity - Yorck Commentary

    This " Entwurf 1/10" would never have been selected instead of the PBS, since it could not fill the basic roles demanded of it .Those were big enough gun & armor to counter Soviet & French WW-I battleships in the Baltic plus long enough endurance to act as a surface raider against the RN. What might have worked would have been to build five " Entwurf 1/10" instead of the five K/L class Kreuzers. These Kreuzers look like 11-12kt Kreuzers- totalling 55 to 60kt for five. The 1920s build plan included 87 KT of Kreuzers /PBC plus 18KT for 12 GTB 1923/24 plus Bremse . That should also allow them to build 3 x 14,000t PBS leaving enough to extend the life of another dozen GTB 1906 for 15 years to cover the GTB 1923/24 until the beginning of the 1940s.
  13. psl_58

    Admiral Graf Spee- premium T6?

    Its curious that in real history the AGS ships were designed to attack deep ocean convoys . In such deep sea however the larger the ship -the more stable the gun platform. So BB were preferable to cruisers-that were preferable to DD etc, To say nothing of the FCS advantage of the larger cruisers/capital ships . likewise small ships lost far too much speed in such heavy seas and fast cruisers were comparable to destroyers in these heavy pitching seas of the deep oceans. The DD just did not have good sea keeping . In fact in some cases capital ships had to slow down so as not to out run their DD escorts. While this game does sound like fun - it is just too much fantasy. Never forget its a arcade game.
  14. psl_58

    wrong armanent on the gneisenau

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunkerque-class_battleship Dunkerque was a progressive development from 1928-31 , The PBC [also referred to as panzer Kreuzers] interrupted this progress but it was Italian designs that finally drove the capabilities. Design completed they were ordered in late 1932 and built through the mid-late 1930s. The follow on German designs were discussed in parliament from 1928 to 1932, when it was agreed to build 6 improved PBC plus an aircraft carrier & 6 light cruisers. The initial 1932 designs were Deutschland PBS stretched to mount a third triple 11" turret and increase the belt armor to 120mm. When Hitler took over, these programs were slowed for 2 years- while KM pushed for more & more revising the plan for either 8 lighter D2 faster PBC [ 18-22kt with 2 triple gun turrets & armor up to 12"] or 6 heavier D3 26kt Panzerschiffe ; each with similar armor but 3 triple gun turrets. The main battery would expand to include 33cm guns, while the 3 turret model would offer the option for the triple gun turret to be upgraded to twin 14" guns , The top speed would nearly reach 30 knots in both models but turbine propulsion was also offered instead of diesel.. That would eventually cripple KM warship design as the actual turbine range was almost 1/2 of expected- thus limiting the fleet to North Atlantic and forcing giant warship designs- to even reach those distances. During this process 19 design steps would be taken from 1932 to 1935 that bridge Deutschland class to the Scharnhorst class..
  15. psl_58

    wrong armanent on the gneisenau

    Original plan in the mid 1930s was to mount 3 triple 11" turrets and later swap these out for 3 twin 14" gun turrets....but Hitler squashed this cause he didn't want to scare the Brits. When the war approached that plan was revised to mount the new 15" guns instead, but that required a major enlargement of the hull. The war started and plans were shelved. But when the Gneisenau was crippled by a mine after " the channel dash" in 1942, they cut off the bow & stern and built 3 more Bismarck turrets...in 1942/43 . They were about build on the enlarged bow & stern when the whole effort was scrapped .....presumably to build more U-Boats? Never forget this is just an arcade game that actively sacrifices historical accuracy for more balanced playability.