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    British Destroyers: Consumables - Discussion Thread

    Like it or not WG, the T5-T7 UK DDs are probably the worst at those tiers in the game. What exactly are you supposed to do with a ship with a detection range over 1km more than it's torp range? Try to tip toe up to the enemy, then shout, "Look behind you!" THE MAIN advantage DDs have is stealth. SOME of the time. Take that away. As with UK DDs and you can do very very little with them IMO. Feels like WoT all over again. Russian ships generally the most capable. Every other nationality lagging behind.
  2. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Submarines ingame?

    Jingles gives a measured summation of what is going on regarding pig boats and CVs in WoW. See his YT channel. I know one thing for certain. Thousands of German players are going to be having long, hot, torpedo shaped wet dreams about taking command of a U boat and sticking it to the allies! I only play for the lols, but even I'm getting bored with WoW. Adding a little bit more realism, in the shape of pig boats etc may actually encourage more team play, even in random battles. IMO adding pig boats and anything else they can do to improve the game can only be a good thing.
  3. ChiefBlueMeanie

    US Cruisers

    Whoever signed off on bumping the Cleveland up to T8 needs to get back on their meds, immediately. IMO, the only way to play it now is like an Atlanta. Hug terrain and bug out before the enemy team destroys you. The Cleveland used to be a fun ship to play at T6. Now, its not worth playing at all. Well done, WG. Try listening to your community and not arguing with it.
  4. ChiefBlueMeanie

    US Cruiser Changes - How will you be affected

    Thanks for clarifying guys. I didn't notice the spotter plane option. So, in essence, same guns as at T6, but temporarily, you can increase the range, for short periods of the match. I'm underwhelmed. So really, to play this ship, you need to adopt Atlanta tactics. Be vewy vewy qwiet until your target's guns are pointed in the opposite direction. Then fire everything you've got and to confuse enemy, sail in ever decreasing circles. Until you disappear between your own @ss cheeks?
  5. ChiefBlueMeanie

    US Cruiser Changes - How will you be affected

    Maybe its because I'm not having a great week, but I don't see how this change benefits me one bit. You've moved the Cleveland to T8 and NOT improved the range of its main guns? It never had competitive gun range in T6, let alone T8! At least with its rate and arc of fire there were tactics you could use to contribute to the team and not be sunk immediately. What's the purpose of the Cleveland now? To act as a 'drone' for target practice? What, if anything am I missing?
  6. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    WG Appreciate the update. Could you use GMT in future? Doesn't everyone know where they are, in relation to GMT? Cheers :)
  7. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    Someone poisoned the donkey with Horlicks ;)
  8. ChiefBlueMeanie


    I've been having the same problem as some of the guys above. When I try to launch WoW or WoT and hit PLAY, the game crashes and I get the BigWorld error/exception must exit message. This has been happening EVERY time I try to launch the game, since Sunday just past. I've submitted a support ticket and attached the log files.
  9. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Steven Seagull? :o

    I really hope his WG character doesn't keep banging on about his frozen nipples in game! :o Scraping the bottom of the barrel. Much?
  10. If you've watched Jingles' RN CL video or others. What best sums up your feelings about the reworked RN Light Cruiser Line?
  11. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Underwhelming. - HMS Campbeltown Commentary

    I'm not arguing with any of the opinions expressed here. However, I finally got around to taking her out yesterday and in my first game I killed three enemy DDs, in about as many minutes. I'm a very average player, who only plays a few games a day for fun. Sure, I might've been lucky. Or, impressed with her, because my expectations were so low. But, as others say often,perhaps its about playing to her positives, such as they are, and less about the ship as is, being a write-off. She cost me nothing, so its all gravy as far as I'm concerned :p
  12. ChiefBlueMeanie

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    Well, I just sank one with my Atlanta, so, not so impressed. Was going to buy one today, but changed my mind. As others have said. Played correctly, it may be good. But I was surprised at how fast it's HP evaporated. I was only firing HE, until the last couple of salvos, where I switched to AP. Fighting it at short range seems VERY risky, unless you can be sure you're not going to be surprised by other enemy ships appearing. That happens, things can get very sticky, very fast. Just an observation from one encounter.
  13. ChiefBlueMeanie

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    I thought I saw somewhere that this would always be top tier. Is that true? Reason I ask, is that my Atlanta doesn't seem to get preferential MM, if that even exists in WoW. Cheers!
  14. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Bug Reports

    This is EXACTLY whats happening to me too. I'm using my regular account details to sign up for the test server, so rewards link back to my main account. Seems to be different to what Bandy did, but the results are the same. Can anyone from WG fix my test server registration, so I can simply log in tomorrow? Thanks!
  15. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Bug Reports

    Hi Can't log into the test server. Just changed my WG password and then registered for the test server. Then tried to log in to the test server. Got the WG does not recognize this email / password or words to that effect. Can you help? Cheers ChiefBlueMeanie