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  1. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Where is my final log-in bonus of a day's Premium?

    I would rather stick red hot pokers into every one of my orifices. Is THAT enough of a hint for you, or am I still being too subtle.
  2. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Where is my final log-in bonus of a day's Premium?

    So, now you're a mind reader, as well as whatever title WG have given you? I understand that Russians or former Soviet citizens perhaps cannot yet master the intricacies of the English language. To expect that within one or two generations, would be to expect too much it seems. So, allow me to help you. When a European says 'thanks', as well as being an expression of gratitude, its subtext is, I have all of the information I wanted and now I'm rapidly becoming very bored with this exchange. Please go away. You're dismissed. I asked the community for an explanation. You were kind enough to furnish one. I said thanks and assumed that that would be the end of the exchange. Instead you went on to make baseless assumptions and snide remarks. What possible benefit is that to you, WG, me or anyone reading this? My motivation for asking the question is immaterial and doesn't require your mind reading skills to ascertain. Since it has no bearing on the answer. In future, WG might be better served, if you merely stuck to the facts. The sooner we switch to AI and futile conversations like this one no longer exist, the happier a place the world will be. Again. Thanks for your original answer and please take the hint.
  3. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Where is my final log-in bonus of a day's Premium?

    Seriously? You're giving me patch notes? Patch notes? The endless updates and endless patches are bad enough. Without reading the patch notes too! Life is far far far too short. I really really don't care about it, that much. I only wanted an explanation. Ten hours ago, this exchange could've died a happy death, when I said thank you.
  4. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Where is my final log-in bonus of a day's Premium?

    If this promotion differs from past promotions, where no such requirement existed. Then clearly knowledge of the change in conditions is required. To correctly understand the limitations of the promotion. I have never seen such a condition attached to a promotion in the past, therefore your assertion above, that there was no need to read the 'fine print' is self evidently stupid. If there is/was no need to read the 'fine print' as I termed it, then why have it at all. Providing all promotions are the same.
  5. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Where is my final log-in bonus of a day's Premium?

    Ah, okay. I never saw the small print. Thanks for explaining.
  6. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Where is my final log-in bonus of a day's Premium?

    Thank you Colonel Pete. For stating the obvious. Incidently. Please address me as Chief. A Chief outranks a Colonel by a wide margin. I logged into WoW almost every day of this promotion. But, whether or not I logged in, the Premium Day ought to have been issued at the end of the promotion. By my calculations, the Premium Day ought to have been awarded yesterday or today. I logged in on both days. It never materialised. Why?
  7. Dear WOW/WG/Kremlin I only play WoW for lols. So, I appreciate the occasional 'gifts' for simply logging in to play. To me, this feels like getting a sparkly reward for taking my morning sh*t, as part of my daily Shower,Sh*t and shave routine. However, imagine my surprise when the sparkly Premium 24hrs gift did not materialise this morning, as expected. Especially as this morning, I had a monster sh*t that was so big, for a second I thought it might crawl out of the toilet bowl and chase me across the bathroom. So, leaving you with that disturbing mental image. Perhaps you might explain the mystery of the non-appearance of my sparkly daily gift. Sincerely, ChiefBlueMeanie
  8. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    Don't mean this in a nasty way. However, that has to be the stupidest question I've heard today. I'm no coder, so how do I know? I'm simply the poor sap, who has continued to play this game.
  9. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Alternative to WoW?

    With the nerfing of my Atlanta. The shambles that subs are. No Armoury access for days. I've just about had it. Earl Grey's vid on YT explains the business reasons why the game is what it is. Instead of, as good as it can be. Can anyone suggest a good alternative to WoW? Thanks fellow sufferers.
  10. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    No Sub tokens / coins / biscuits / whatever. No access to Armoury. For DAYS. Played in Sub games to be helpful and out of curiosity. Got nothing back. Anyone suggest a better game than this one? After my Atlanta was badly nerfed, have become increasingly disillusioned.
  11. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Corvid 19 14 days free premium Thank you thread

    I'm not going to qualify this, as others have done. Just a simple thank you. Your sentiments and gesture and sincerely appreciated.
  12. ChiefBlueMeanie

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    And just happens to be a well known centre for money laundering / tax avoidance.
  13. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Ranked sprint - "any non-cv" vs CV

    Random question. Have DD detection ranges been nerfed for ranked battles? I'm sure that I'm being detected in my camo'd Benson at far more than the 6.4 km indicated, before I start. More like 7 or 8 km :o
  14. ChiefBlueMeanie

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    Hmmmmmmmmm.........buy Christmas pressies for Mrs ChiefBlueMeanie and all the little Blue Meanies......or pay WG for a ship that I don't need, will hardly ever use and in all candor, don't give a f%%k about. Easy one. If it smells like a smash and grab. Looks like a smash and grab and sounds like a smash and grab. Guess what? ;)
  15. ChiefBlueMeanie

    server interruptions, 19h

    I couldn't log in, then on screen flashed, "Missile launch confirmed. Turn on the vodka taps!"