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  1. American cruiser Salt Lake City

    I guess they will buff reload time slightly :) I look forward to them indeed.
  2. American cruiser Salt Lake City

    Hello guys. Now the new american cruiser line stats start to come. What do you think? I think it looks very interesting :) https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/?hc_ref=ARR8VxpLRk_Bvii1ZHv_cQPdv0JcTmcd_V6id_vk7rIMML9Q2N6hfc8vKZLbKUVZgo8&fref=nf https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/?hc_ref=ARR1_NRm_xvxmIfkYSnB67PRDCkhTvXiiwNAilT39rcQY_gzARNsG3vRIx6v-KwNn2Y&fref=nf
  3. Steven Seagal is bugged

    Haha LOL: Yes :P Glad to get rid of that annoying noice he makes :D
  4. Steven Seagal is bugged

    Hello all. Just saw that there is a small bug with Steven Seagal. On Expert marksman. Should increase turret rotation from 2.5deg/Sec to 3.0deg/Sec on calibers smaller than 139mm. But on my Kidd it isn´t any difference between a ordinary Captain and Steven Seagal. Same time. 4.9.Sec to do a 180. Have anyone else notised it? Seems to be on Kidd only. Tried on Des Moines. And there it is a difference. Have a great day. And good luck in CW
  5. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    I get many more citadels with cruisers. Nürnberg/Makarov is awesome in getting citadels. So go for a cruiser and you will do it :)
  6. 30 seconds into the game and detonated

    Lot´s of detonations nowadays :P In almost every game there is one. Wierd
  7. where is arizona ?

    Hello mate. THey removed many ships. Both from shop and from Techtree(dubloon ships) Starting from Update 0.7.1 only the ships listed below can be purchased in the game client: Alabama Tirpitz Perth Kii Duca d'Aosta Lo Yang Leningrad Atago de Grasse Hood Yubari Sims Molotov Admiral Graf Spee Blyskawica From time to time, other Premium Ships will become available for purchase through various methods. The ships that remain available for purchase on a permanent basis are the most popular and easy-to-play ships, and represents characteristics of each nation and types.
  8. I can´t agree more. So many damned campers. Pisses the hell out of me. Great skill in going backwards for a whole game PFFFT. Something must be done.
  9. Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    That should be really sweet :) Want Sverige in game. WW2 outfit. Fast firing 280mm How sweet wouldn´t that be? :D
  10. Hello to Every Man Jack

    Really? That´s not nice :( But some here can be quite salty too. But here are many great players that love to share there knowlage :) Arizona is also a great Battleship. I have had many fun games with her. Very tough ship. Good if you want to learn American mid tier BB. Texas is also fun in her own way. AA is second to none in T5. But secondary. Well useless as best. But a fun ship indeed. Molotov is a great cruiser in T6. Awesome T9 guns. But so very fragile. Quite accurate guns. Good firestarter. Can Citadel T5 battleships. And T6 too if you aim. And if RNGesus is on your side :P Perth is a Leander with HE. Strange smoke. each puff only last like 10sec. But you can sail 1/4 speed when you lay a smokescreen. Very good ship indeed :D
  11. Hello to Every Man Jack

    She Helped me a lot. Plus she is cheap :) A small tip. Move around much. And you will have so much fun :)
  12. Hello to Every Man Jack

    Hello. Why not try a cruiser? :) You learn to play in a different way than with Battleships. :) Rely on moving. The Yubari is an awesome cruiser. Fun. And laser accurate guns. BUT very fragile. Funniest ship in T4 imo :)
  13. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Why not?
  14. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Hey Battleship players. Stop whine about just everyhting and start help your destroyers instead of camp at the map edge and spam he. Start to play as a TEAM instead of being egoistic. Start appreciate your little friends instead. They are after all those who spot for camping coward battlewagons. Follow them. Give them some kind of support instead of just whin and complain. Do YOUR part.
  15. Stop smoking up BBs!

    I use to give smoke to battleships that need smoke to get away. Give them a chance to heal and escape. They usually thank me for that since very few destroyers give smoke to them.