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  1. 2351*1323 Resolution

    A dumb queston mate. Which mod shall i look for?
  2. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    But Ashitaka ain´t that bad. She can really do some serious damage with ap. :) I like her
  3. 2351*1323 Resolution

    Hello all. Was just looking around in settings. Saw that there are a better resolution than 1920. That´s nice :) I tried that. More details. And looked really nice. But gosh so small everything become. Need binocular to see the chat.(use tv as screen) Just wanted you to know. I have missed that. Have a great day all
  4. Sweden in World of Warships

    Yes. HMS Gotland would be a odd but fun ship here :) Like a Furutaka in performance. But i would die for Sverige class. :) "only" 4 283mm But fast firing 4rpm ain´t bad :) But i don´t know in wich tier it would be. Or class. Maybe a T5 cruiser should be ok?
  5. Sweden in World of Warships

    To sad that some just have to be rude and all. Here wetalk about the best game. And then some clown ruin it. Anyway. Great techtree you have there EwoundK
  6. Sweden in World of Warships

    What is your problem? I just answered a guy that showed some swedeish ships. And i said we have some interesting ships. Not many but still. And here you come. Playing a *edited*. Did you wake up on the wrong side or what? so if you don´t have anything to do. DON`T do it here. Here we discuss ships. Not behave like a small punk.
  7. Sweden in World of Warships

    Does a country need do take part in a war to have any kind of war material? Yes we did send. And look closer in your history books. We did give some pretty vital things to England. No need to be rude mate!!
  8. Sweden in World of Warships

    Would love to se her in game :) We have some interesting ships here in Sweden :)
  9. Thank you. Guess i was tired as hell. :) Great i made you laugh pricipat :D Like that.
  10. Can´t find anything there..
  11. Goodmorning all. Hope you have the same beautiful weather as i have. But on topic now. I know Reinhard Von Jüteland´s special treats. But what are the other captains special perks?
  12. Z39 in Shop

    My 1st impression of ZED is that she is very powerful. Guns maybe slowfiring, but they hit very hard. Adrenaline Rush is a must. Seems to be able to take some punishment. IMO best in midtier. Torpedoes are good. Decent reload 81sec with cap skill. I really recommend this one. Noway near as bad as many in this forum say. OK. Have only done a few games with her. But it´s and indication :)
  13. Z39 in Shop

    Goodmorning all. Just saw that Z39 is up for sale in the Shop :) And also a bunch of Captains.
  14. The guns on the Asashio ain´t bad. 6.3sec with captain skills vs 5.4sec on the Shimakaze. Not much difference. I will absolutely get myself the Asashio. Look forward to her :)
  15. Clan cheating in Ranked

    That sucks mate. Have seen a similar situation today :( 2 from the same clan in opposite team. His clan mate did shoot on him with his Atago. And or Alabama did not shoot back. Just moved slowly. And our team went nuts. And his answer. "LOL NOOBS" That kind of thing is low.