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  1. Are you serious?
  2. What? That was a new one LOL Well. I really have sarted to like those R.N cruisers. So fun. They can inflict serious damage if used right. I agree that all cruisers are weak against battlewagons. But i am on my way to learn them(the hard way) My stats are rising(SLOWLY) Have started to play the Neptune. Wow. Such a funny ship. But it+s to sad that T9-T10 are just full of campers. That is a bigger issue than bb overpopulation. I rather have many battleships when i play with dd´s. But ALL seems to camp. It´s NOT fun :(
  3. Marvin. It´s not just bb´s that whine :P But i agree that they do whine. A lot :P But as a former BBoss player i can´t understand what the issue is with smoke. Play smart and offensive and it´s not a problem. Hey man, did you notice that i DIDN`T argue with you? :D lol And honsetly. It doesn´t take much skill to just sit insmoke and spam he. Wouldn´t it be better to not rely on smoke? To learn each ships weaknesses? I honsestly suck in Gunship dd´s. I like to sneak. And do surprise attacks. And i start to get to understand the Minotaur. :)
  4. I don´t know where he got that from. I know my stats are average. But point out that am a bad player. What he really meant was that i should keep my mouth shut. I Mostly play in mid tier. Simply because most people camp in high tier. Like him. His stat ckearly shos that he is a he spamming camper :P So.. I try to improve. And i do. But it´s nice that i after all are a average player :)) Thanks for showing this :)
  5. I love i it
  6. It´s NOT on topic to talk about my horrible stats. If you think am that bad. Write and complain elsewhere. This thread is about horrible meta in ranked.And STOP point at me as that bad player!!!!!! You have no reason whatsover to do that!!!!!
  7. I know. And i don´t I am a teamplayer. I surely understand the importance of teamplay. And that is what i first meant when i started this thread. Teamplay in ranked doesn´t exist. And i also play for fun. What else does people play games for?
  8. Am so glad you point out my stats.:) Says a guy with only 48 close quarter combats. And Only 258 Dev strike? That´s sub par. At least am not a camper I know my minotaur stats suck. You don´t need to point that out. I play for fun. And Be glad you are such an expert. :D. Glad you got horny of my stats. Hope you didn´t did wet down your screen now :P
  9. Graf Zeppelin did exis. Practically ready. Just not outfiited for service. And what difference does it make? Paper ships or not? This game is NOT a historically correct game. Not even close. So.......
  10. I have also done some crazy and bad stuff in ranked. LOL. Had one with the Perth. I steamed full aheah. Put in back. Then when my speed was low enough i activated smoke. Forgot to put 1/4 ahead. As you can figure i got sunk right away. Everybody makes misstakes. And yes, also agree that ranked is a good place to learn. At least have been. This season the only thing you learn now is to camp, hug map borders and hide behind island. Right or wrong? I dunno. Everyone have the right to play as He/her like. But camping and hiding ruin this game. Effective? Yes quite. But then it´s no need to have forward,/backward. Remake the game to world of Coastal artillery instead DD/CA/CL beed to get a serious buff. They are arfter all the mainstay of naval warfare. And carriers also need some serious work.
  11. I agee with you. And destroyers and cruisers must be rewarded for their action. Some days agoo i did sink 2 ships. One cap. Spotted many. Our battleships(Fusoes) just hugged the map edge. Sliding. Didn´t even try to move into the map again. Needless to say so did we loose that one. Our team did sink 3. We were wiped out. And that borderfucking Fuso did end up at 1st place and didn´t loose a star? Is that fair. NO!!! WG need to put a higher status and reward for active DD and CA/CL player.
  12. Let´em come. Just more BButts ti blow up :P I can´t undertand that am saying this (Waves to MTM78) But after this ranked season am totally HATE battleships. I rather be small and clever in a dd or ca/cl than BIG and DUMB in battleship. So. Let ´em come
  13. Well. Idiots or not. Fact is that everybody have the right to play ranked. Also fact is that those less experinced placers must learn. Border [edited]Fusos, Camping Fusos. And so on ruin ranked. It´s supposed to be a team based game. Like i have said b4, am not an expert. But ranked ths season is a major cluster [edited].
  14. WTF?? Wierd.So many hits. Good hits. He should be dead 10 times.Not nice to see. Am sorry mate.
  15. I totally agree. Sit behind islands. Doing nothing useful. And that´s what i meant with my cynical post. I really like playing with battlewagons. But camp? Doesn´t take much brain to camp. And those who camp are imo worthless. OK. Take cover behind an island and camp is a huge difference. To take cover to repair and heal and so on. Plan your next move. But to see a bb camping. Or better all bbs. Then it´s game over. Because what can some tiny cruisers do against a good syncronized team? Nothing. Horrible. Like you say. Battleship should be the obvious spearhead. DDs spot.And cruiser use bb as cover to protect them from dd sneak attacks. Then the game is fantastic :