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  1. darkstar73

    Uninstalled, and feeling very relieved.

    Welcome back mate 🤘😎🤘 Aha. Didn't know that. Will install it again. Yes it should be nice to be able to control them in first person
  2. darkstar73

    Uninstalled, and feeling very relieved.

    I like the idea. But it's so god damned slow. It's realistic in that way. But horrible slow.
  3. darkstar73

    Need a small tehnical advice

    Hello. Download NvidiaExperience.https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/And use Optimize game. Or lower screen reolution to 1920x1080. Here are my settings: Have agreat day :)
  4. darkstar73

    Any swedish player , ?

    Hej. :) Add me. Always nice to play with a countryman
  5. darkstar73

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    What do you want explained? He have quit now. Isn´t that enough?
  6. darkstar73

    What music do you listen to during your battles?

    Heart like a grave with Insomnium. And Rum, woman, victory with Ensiferum. I am war with Mors Principium Est And The Sovereign with Aephanemer That was my choice for tonight 🤘😎🤘
  7. It would be fun. Maybe avis vs allies Will be something like that?
  8. darkstar73

    Karma is coming Wargaming

    Yes. Me too. Something ain't right with these damned boxes. Thats why i posted that i was lucky. But Krasny can be hillariously fun sometimes. 🤘🤪🤘
  9. darkstar73

    Karma is coming Wargaming

    Yes. Luck. I could have gotten the Makarov. But i didn't.
  10. darkstar73

    Karma is coming Wargaming

    I bought some big containers. And i did get the only ship i didn't have, the Neustrashimy. So I'm satisfied. So i guess there are some who are lucky.
  11. Yes. You are right. Those YouTube phenomenons are bad for the game.
  12. Guys. Are this game really that bad? Ok. I don't agree with everything they do. They does things sometimes that are just insane. But is the game really that bad as many on here says? I don't think so. But that's just me.
  13. darkstar73

    New Install on new PC

    Hello mate. Seems like your Antivirus block it. Disable antivirus or allow download :)
  14. darkstar73

    Flint and others

    Hello. Should be back in a few months. Don't remember when they removed them. They said they will return 6 months after their removal.
  15. darkstar73

    Blocking toxic messages possible?

    Hi mate. I understand you. Contact support. They will punish him. You can blacklist him. Put marker on his name and click. Several options should appear. And you better cover his name and clan. Naming and shaming you know