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  1. darkstar73

    A fletcher we are missing

    Hi guys, This should be nice to have in game ;) USS Charrette, Great history. Both in US Navy and in the Greek navy ;)
  2. darkstar73

    Possible german cv line

    Does it really matter that they will be paperships? Imo it doesn't. I think it's fun with paperships. But that's me 😁
  3. I don´t care how you you will handle the situation mate. Just have fun :)
  4. This endless whine here is quite amusing. If someone doesn´t like Swedish ships. Well simple. DON´T play with them. Play other instead and wait for the next line to cme. But chances are they they will whine again. Oversome small detail. Stop whine already..
  5. darkstar73

    Smolensk Not OP

    This one could be fun then :) One of Tzoli´s great drawings of a Kentucky finished as an anti aircraft battleship. One of many designs they had in mind for the unfinished Battleship
  6. You know that you can change that right?
  7. darkstar73

    ST, New ships

    Seems like i am one of the vey few that acctually like those ships :D Can´t wait to get them
  8. Try this mate 😁 Hope it Will help. https://www.google.com/amp/s/windowsreport.com/access-denied-error-code-16/%3famp
  9. darkstar73

    Massachocho or Georgia?

    Hello mate. I really like the USS Georgia. Those guns are hilarious. Massa is also good. But in a different way. Since Georg have better precision I would pick it.
  10. darkstar73

    Where is Zara's airplane?

    Read the history of the battle between Hmas Sydney and Kms Kormoran. 1 hit from the Kormoran on the fully loaded Walrus spotter on the catapult. Pretty much caused the loss of the Sydney. Or at least contributed. Interesting reading 👍
  11. darkstar73

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    What do you mean mate? The sloaps on the turretsides?
  12. The Italian Navy had landbased fighters on their capital ships in many cases. Launched them and after the mission was completed they landed on the nearest base
  13. Hello all :) Ark Royal is put up for sale on the Asia server(russia too) 230SEK Around 21.60Euro
  14. darkstar73

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    @mtm78 Hello mate. Nice to see you here again