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  1. In game chat has a serious flaw

    But you can enable ship and playernames on the minimap :) There you can easily see where he is and what ship he have :)
  2. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Aha :) Thank you
  3. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Which ship is that? ?
  4. Swedish translation?

    I hope so And i think it will come in a near future.
  5. Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    I love the Musashi :) A beast. I FreeXPed mine :)
  6. Help ...

    I have tried all that now. Still doesn´t work :( Have asked the support. Sent everything they asked for. Oh well. Have to wait for them to answer. A couple of weeks at least :/
  7. Help ...

    It´s the same for me. Started at the same time as for you. I also have all drivers up to date. Have tried all things i can. Even reinstalled. Pretty annoying. Same problem with WoT. But not with Armored Warfare or Defiant 2050.
  8. Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    You just cant rhink for ONE sec that he acctually might be right? I understand him. What would you say if you were banned due to similar reasons? Would you be happy? If you knew that you hadn´t done anything wrong.
  9. T-61

    Don´t give up mate. RnGesus is harsh sometimes. Just continue to play. It will turn. I have only played 8 games with her so far. And i just love that ship :) You will do just great :)
  10. T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    T61 performs very well in T8 games. She is that powerful :)
  11. T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    Nice. Will absolutely get her :) Have been looking forward for her :) Thanks WG

    It´s so kind of you to point that out to him in such a polite manner :P

    Thank you mate :) It´s just so damned sad how some behave. Instead of having fun here so does it seems like some really enjoy picking on others. :(

    This is so hillarious. Here comes a guy who post one thing. Old news or not. He want a discussion about British HE spam. What happend? Some bigshots on the forum start to pick on him. Over small things. Have happend so damned many times before. It´s to damned sad that a few guys rule this forum. No wonder that fewer and fewer write anything here. Give soft_kitty_warm_kitty a break now guys. :)
  15. Shout out to WG and the forum warriors

    It rarely happend herr mate. And thank for those games my friend. Tomorrow we'll get them