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  1. T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    Nice. Will absolutely get her :) Have been looking forward for her :) Thanks WG

    It´s so kind of you to point that out to him in such a polite manner :P

    Thank you mate :) It´s just so damned sad how some behave. Instead of having fun here so does it seems like some really enjoy picking on others. :(

    This is so hillarious. Here comes a guy who post one thing. Old news or not. He want a discussion about British HE spam. What happend? Some bigshots on the forum start to pick on him. Over small things. Have happend so damned many times before. It´s to damned sad that a few guys rule this forum. No wonder that fewer and fewer write anything here. Give soft_kitty_warm_kitty a break now guys. :)
  5. Shout out to WG and the forum warriors

    It rarely happend herr mate. And thank for those games my friend. Tomorrow we'll get them
  6. Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    Wg stated with the release of the Graf Zeppelin that GZ is going to be the only German carrier in game.. Will search for it when am home from work. Will be interesting to see if they will come with a mixed eu destroyer and/or cruiser line. Pray for that
  7. You know, it´s so fun to see how many that doom a ship that they don´t even have :D Like the Ashitaka. I like her. a true BC. Hope they some day put a pure BC line into game
  8. Have you even tried the Ashi? How do you know that she´s bad? In fact i agree with Mr König. Ashi IS awesome. :P
  9. English 49% WR Looking for casual clan

    Will do :-) online a little later when am home from work
  10. English 49% WR Looking for casual clan

    Hello mate. You are more than welcome to LEGIO :-) we don't have any demands :-) Just play and have fun. I'll send an invite. Hope to see you. Regards Thomas/darkstar73
  11. Kidd or Lo Yang

    Enjoy your vaccation mate Take a cold one for me. My vote goes to the Kidd :) Awesome little ship. A truly evil destroyer
  12. Haida is in shop :)

    Goodmorning guys. Good news. Haida is in shop now :D:D
  13. USS Alaska sighted

    Hello all. Just saw this. USS Alaska is sighted :) God, how i long for that one :) What do you guys think of her? :) https://www.mmowg.net/world-of-warships-leak-uss-cb-1-alaska/
  14. HMS Dido

    Awesome mate. I pray for this to happend :)
  15. Good premiums?

    But think of that review is old. Some stats have changed. I have over 16km range with right captain skills. And concealment isn't that bad. It have 5km torpedoes now. I agree that there are better cruisers. But krasny is not that bad. Awesome dd hunter if used wisely. Many complain over such a bad ship he is. But many of those who whine don't even own it. And never had. But still whine. Hehe. Imo a totally decent and fun cruiser