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  1. Here is what they say in Dev Blog on Facebook; ST, IJN tier VIII battleship Kii. Planned changes for the next test version: +700 m to firing range (19380 m total), -4 s to main battery reload (31 s total), +0.7 degrees per s to main battery rotation speed.
  2. Hope you get well soon mate.
  3. Great i made you happy mate
  4. You have right there.:) This is what i was searching for. To start a debate :) You have very right in what you say here. Of course there are things that can and must be changed in game. Like Battleship monopoly. And weak cruisers. And for not mention Aircraft carriers. But it+s much better to UNITE in a constructve way. So we together can act agaisnt WG. Instead of be a buch of players that can´t come along. You get my point mate?
  5. Ok. You have a point. My point was that it´s only whine in the forums. Nothing constructive.
  6. Nope. No more whining. :) Just wanted to say that there actually are people who like this game :)
  7. Of course you can whine. I don´t expect anything else :P And how do YOU know? I have quite many friends in forum. And i know you also have that :) I didn+t start this thread to fight. I say that there are acctually many who like this game
  8. Hello. This forum is like a drama comedy. All here is a endless threads of whine. Nothing constructive. "BBabies need a nerf"BB need a buff"ca need this and that. To many of this, to little of that. Wrong ships. Wrong maps. Wrong meta, wrong alpha. You name it. Everything seems to be wrong in some players eyes. But look closly in those [edited]whine threads so is it mostly the same who complain. Most people acctually like the game AS IS! If those whiners don´t like the game. Well SIMPLE, UNINSTALL IT and move to another game. Simple as that. Most people who doesn´t like one thing stop doing that and move on. Right? Most people acctually like what WG do. Some seems to expect to get free ships just because they play WoWs. LOL. And most don´t even have premiums. Like i said. Dramacomedy. Welcome to Big Brother WoWs edition
  9. I do appreciate it :) There are many that really enjoy this game. I love it. To sad that some just complain. You all do a great job
  10. Why so rude???
  11. It should not be like that. She had "all or nothing" armor. So they made Bow and stern weaker. Thin armor so it would be overpenetrations in those areas. Causing little damage. That is somehow mixed in game. Overpen do very much damage in those areas in game :(
  12. cv

    Must be some error. Guess WG animation firm have created a IJN/RN/USN Carrier :P But it´s nicely done :)
  13. No they are not bad. The BEST with torpedoes and concealment. Ok guns. BUT HORRIBLE Turret traverse. Exept for the Akizuki and Harekaze. Forget guns on them, use Torpdedoes and concealment as your weapon.
  14. Hello mate. I would start with the Jap dd line. Bsest concealment. Learn how to stay undetected. Make it a sport to try and stay out of det range. Worked for me. Am noway near as good as many on here. Just an average. But don´t give up mate. I understand how you feel. Start with the Japs. And sneak on them. Then it´s easier to move on to gunboats. At least i belive so. Have fun :)