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  1. Amen brother. Damned right
  2. Not always a Battleship player that whine. Think that Cruiser players whine quite alot themselves :P With right. Battleships are to powerful. But still. This endless Camp/He spam is so damned boring. Game after game, Just campers. Don´t think it´s needed much skill to camp and spam he just to farm HP to brag about later. I started as a Battleship player. Now mostly Destroyers. Still learn Cruisers. But how often do you get help? Almost never.
  3. There are so many good ships :) Why not try the Texas? Not a bad ship. Have had many fun game with her. Arizona is great. Mutsu ain´t that bad either. But if you end upp as bottom tier in a T8 game. Well should had a self destruct button :P Can´t do crap there. Warspite. Always a fun ship. Next time the Duca d´Aosta is up for sale. Buy her ;)
  4. Hi Guys. Yesterday i had 90% losses. But Cesare is an awesome ship. I almost could make it But............. A Defeat.
  5. Hello all. Have played my 1sgame with the Kidd. And i must say WOW. What a fun ship. I did my best, but still a loss. Got 3 ships. And shot down 31 planes. 31 PLANES!!!! With a destroyer :D What?? Never thought that was possible. MFC for AA is so damned brutal. She seems to be a cash cow too.. What do you guys think of her?
  6. You are all welcome to Legio. we need some new players since we have some that have joined others. So join us if you want to :) Hope to see you :)
  7. I really hope so mate. We have had some pretty good ships. Not enough to a full tree. But Mix it with other scandinavian Navies so can we get it :) Would love to see Sverige in game. A small little coastal defence ship armed with 4*283mm rifles. Reaload time of 15sec :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSwMS_Sverige https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_of_the_Swedish_Navy
  8. Is it really necessary to go so deep just to point out that a player is bad? There is some hysteria over stats in this forum. WR ain´t everything. I agree with OP about that :)
  9. That sucks big time mate :(
  10. Maybe. But why do i have to be a teamkiller for that? That is what pisses me off
  11. Yes :) I will. But why are so many so salty in higher tiers?
  12. I did not fire on him. He turned straight into me. And not my secondary either. Enemys was to far away. And it showed that collision symbol showed.
  13. Hello all :) Hope you all have a great time. I know there have been so many threads over teamkill. But i am so pissed off right now. I was playing with my Missouri. We met a team that were so much better than ours. I did,+ hitmuch but was focused all the time. Had 10 aiming at me as most :D Then all the sudden a friendly New Orleans turn right into my side. He was low helth, some 2500HP left. So he did sink. And I got ink and -1 in stats. What the freaking crap hell is that??? I did sail straight ahead. And then he turn into me?? Why shoud i be pink for that?? I did NOT do anything. And i could NOT avoid him either. So.. What do you guys think of that TK system? OK it´s no big deal to be pink. But in higher tiers people get so salty and rude when they see a pinkie. They EXPECT that i have sunk someone. I got some shots from someone in my team twice after that Now i will try some WoWp for a while. Have a great day And good luck in CW
  14. Hello guys. Have read some quotes here. This is a game. Not a politic game. Let Trump, Puting and that Moron Kim Jung Dickhead take care of that. And one thing about Germany and Nazis. It´s like 70-80 years since that happend. Why do people have to grind abount that untill kingom come? I mean NO sane human can defend their actions BUT do anyone say one small word about Stalin IMO a much bigger maniac. What about Great Brittain then? Many of todays problem are acctually their cause(India, Pakistan for example) Here in Sweden you can soon not even sing our National Hymn without being called a racist. That pisses me off. Am no racist. Have many friends from all the corners of the world. But what i mean is. Let this be a game. No matter which counry the ships comes from. Let´s play them all with joy :) Have a great day guys
  15. Ahahaha. This one IS the best one EVER You really made my day now mate True every word. Have had such weekend again. Again...... Have a great day mate