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  1. darkstar73

    Flint and others

    Hello. Should be back in a few months. Don't remember when they removed them. They said they will return 6 months after their removal.
  2. darkstar73

    Blocking toxic messages possible?

    Hi mate. I understand you. Contact support. They will punish him. You can blacklist him. Put marker on his name and click. Several options should appear. And you better cover his name and clan. Naming and shaming you know
  3. darkstar73

    Which ship do you find hardest to play well?

    Oki :) I have many ships like that. Tirpitz is one. I bought her the first minute she was released waay back. Played like an idiot without any clue over how to play her. And stats says it all :)
  4. darkstar73

    Which ship do you find hardest to play well?

    Is that bad? Don´t think so
  5. darkstar73

    Teammates deliberately running into your torpedo's

    I think you guys are a little to hard to OP. In fact there is player that have as a sport to [edited]with other teammates. I saw yesterday that a destroyer deliberately activated speed boost and steered right into another players torpedospread. So there it happend every now and then. And then ofc there are those who torp from 2nd and 3rd line. It sucks. They should be punished hard to. Same as deliberate teamkill.
  6. darkstar73

    ODIN -no steel from last 2 step ???

    Odin is not a carcass. Very fun ship :) And notso bad as many say. Love playing with her.
  7. darkstar73

    Torpedoes makes COOP unplayable.

    Hello. Yes i agree. And you have dodge torpedoes launched from second line. But i have stopped doing that. And i don´t heal either. It´s fun to see in chat when they turn pink. Then all the sudden so is it my fault. Yepp. Many don´t get it that it IS their responsibility. Teamwork is rare in coop.
  8. darkstar73

    Brandenburg Datamined

    Looking forward to Brandenburg. It will be a fun battleship. I just love my Odin. Very powerful. Much better than those Gods on Youtube says. And it is funny when i read threads on this forum how many that judge and doon ships when they don´t even own that ship. The guns on Odin/Ägir is powerful enough to sink most ships. Just have to wait a few seconds more before you fire a broadside into a Hipper and dev strike him :)
  9. darkstar73

    Odin is complete Trash.

    Odin is not a bad battleship. I really love playing with mine. I have had close quarter fights with Bismarcks and Vladivostoks and won. OK she have small hitpool, BUT she is a good battleship. At least for me. :)
  10. darkstar73

    Champagne Seconday build

    Hello all. I bought the Champagne. Only played some in Coop to keep my sanity. Will try random tomortow. I really like her. And i have noticed that she is a Secondary monster. I mean 18 guns in a broadside ain't bad. I get roughly 1/3 hits of all fired shells. Even over long ranges. Steadily around 20-25k damage exclusive fires. No ifhe. Will try that tomorrow. What do you guys think of her? Am I just lucky or is she thst good? Cheers
  11. darkstar73

    Champagne in the Armory

    I totally Agree. Played mine like a supercruiser. And so felt really powerful. Almost like a Roma. We will have much fun together.
  12. darkstar73

    Ignis/Ragnarock Secondary Rework

    Hello all. I bought the Ragnarök. And feel like she is very accurate. Felt like I really hit where I aimed. 0.1 is not that much improvement, but still. I like MrRagnar.
  13. darkstar73

    Ludendorff NERF

    Problem is that I am a crazy, mad and Insane collector. So I will most likely get her. But I just don't get it why they can't release a ship that is well balanced. Not ok nor up. Just a decent ship. Seems hard. Guess they listen a little to much on those whiney youtubers. WG is beginning to look like that Amish Maffia.
  14. darkstar73

    Low-Tier Gems: Ships up to TIV

    I really love the König Albert. And to honest. Like all Dreadnought era ships. They looks so magnificent and majestic. I would love to have a WW1 mode in game.
  15. darkstar73

    Ludendorff NERF

    Hello all. What do you guys think of this? I personally think it´s strange. Change sigma from 1,8 to 1,6 and reloadtime changed from 32sec to 32 sec. It will be one of the worst battleships in higher tiers. Why can´t WG balance their ships in a normal way. They nerf all ships to oblivion. Not just on this one. But most. Starting to get really sick of them. And their arrogace against their community is hillarious. I have always defended WG. But i think am done doing that. Sorry for the rant. Feels better now :D https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/06/0951-buffs-n-nerfs.html?fbclid=IwAR3nh8OY57fPB_5LV3ahdKNgWFmUYkoBtubsvFZSqVw6yQo8errsrwewxMo