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  1. darkstar73

    West Virginia in the shop

    I already love my West Virginia. So powerful guns. 3 dev strikes in 1 game. Okay, slow like hell. But far more tough than i thought. Really enoyable ship to play with :)
  2. darkstar73

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    Vanguard is a much more tougher than many expect :) Turret angles are pretty much ordinary :)
  3. darkstar73

    Semi AP Ammo

    They have acctually pretty good AP. Not much worse than others imo :) Think most think that they have useless AP. But boy how wrong they are :) Cheers mate
  4. darkstar73

    Pan-Asian cruiser Irian.

    Hello all Captains. A new Pan Asian cruiser is sighted on the horizon. What do you think? Interesting as always imo :) ST, Pan-Asian cruiser Irian, tier VIII Hit points – 41200. Plating - 25 mm. Main battery - 4x3 152 mm. Firing range - 17.5 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 2200. Chance to cause fire – 12%. Maximum AP shell damage - 3300. Reload time - 8.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 25.0 s. Maximum dispersion - 154 м. HE initial velocity - 950 m/s. AP initial velocity - 950 m/s. Sigma – 2.05. Torpedo tubes - 2x5 533 mm. Equips deep-water torpedoes that can't hit destroyers. Maximum damage - 17900. Range - 13.5 km. Speed - 68 kt. Reload time - 136 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 0.8 km. AA defense: 16x2 37.0 mm, range - 3.5 km, damage per second - 147. 6x2 100.0 mm, range - 5.0 km, damage per second - 117. Maximum speed - 32,7 kt. Turning circle radius - 760 m. Rudder shift time – 10.3 s. Surface detectability – 13.7 km. Air detectability – 9.3 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 7.0 km. Available consumables: 1 slot - Damage Control Party 2 slot - Hydroacoustic Search 3 slot - Torpedo Reload Booster All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during the testing. The visual model of the ship may change too. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  5. darkstar73

    How do we help players like these?

    Where do you think they should play? Or should they stop play the game? Just asking :)
  6. darkstar73

    Isnt fire overrated?

    I didn´t take his part. Just pointed out that you can´t have much of a different oppinion. If you have, you will be picked on by some few. This HE thread is pointless. Like it or not. HE is here to stay. That said. I mostly use AP :P
  7. darkstar73

    Isnt fire overrated?

    Yes. I can´t agree more. A very few guys rules this form. And god forbid if someone just think of anything else. It´s so sad. Can never have a decent discussion about thing. Always have to be personal assults and word twisting. Have a great day from a fellow countryman :)
  8. darkstar73

    In game chat has a serious flaw

    But you can enable ship and playernames on the minimap :) There you can easily see where he is and what ship he have :)
  9. darkstar73

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Aha :) Thank you
  10. darkstar73

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Which ship is that? ?
  11. darkstar73

    Swedish translation?

    I hope so And i think it will come in a near future.
  12. darkstar73

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    I love the Musashi :) A beast. I FreeXPed mine :)
  13. darkstar73

    Help ...

    I have tried all that now. Still doesn´t work :( Have asked the support. Sent everything they asked for. Oh well. Have to wait for them to answer. A couple of weeks at least :/
  14. darkstar73

    Help ...

    It´s the same for me. Started at the same time as for you. I also have all drivers up to date. Have tried all things i can. Even reinstalled. Pretty annoying. Same problem with WoT. But not with Armored Warfare or Defiant 2050.
  15. darkstar73

    Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    You just cant rhink for ONE sec that he acctually might be right? I understand him. What would you say if you were banned due to similar reasons? Would you be happy? If you knew that you hadn´t done anything wrong.