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  1. Try this mate 😁 Hope it Will help. https://www.google.com/amp/s/windowsreport.com/access-denied-error-code-16/%3famp
  2. darkstar73

    Massachocho or Georgia?

    Hello mate. I really like the USS Georgia. Those guns are hilarious. Massa is also good. But in a different way. Since Georg have better precision I would pick it.
  3. darkstar73

    Where is Zara's airplane?

    Read the history of the battle between Hmas Sydney and Kms Kormoran. 1 hit from the Kormoran on the fully loaded Walrus spotter on the catapult. Pretty much caused the loss of the Sydney. Or at least contributed. Interesting reading 👍
  4. darkstar73

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    What do you mean mate? The sloaps on the turretsides?
  5. The Italian Navy had landbased fighters on their capital ships in many cases. Launched them and after the mission was completed they landed on the nearest base
  6. darkstar73

    Ark Royal is sighted in the Pacific

    Hello all :) Ark Royal is put up for sale on the Asia server(russia too) 230SEK Around 21.60Euro
  7. 121 incl ARP ships. :)
  8. darkstar73

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    @mtm78 Hello mate. Nice to see you here again
  9. Georgia is a truly awesome ship. Accurate guns that hit hard. Love playing with her
  10. darkstar73

    Drydock: Kremlin

    Oh yes. Many whiners ?
  11. darkstar73

    Drydock: Kremlin

    Why am i crazy? No need to be rude mate. Most of the paperships actually existed in different project or draft stages. If you look in the archives so will you find most of them there. If you hate paperships so much start play war thunder instead ? There they are historical. Now i will jump into bed and dream about Uss Ohio. Yes am crazy ?
  12. darkstar73

    Drydock: Kremlin

    Why is it so bad with paperships? Personally so do I love them. A chance to see how different projects actually would look like. Great job wg ?